​Prof accuses UNH of 'gender apartheid’

The school has a separate swim time for women, but no such time for men.

A professor familiar with Title IX complaints says he will file one against the University of New Hampshire should the school refuse to change its gender exclusive policy around its recreational facilities.

A professor says he will be filing a Title IX complaint against the University of New Hampshire for discriminating against men with its pool time schedule, which advertises a time during which women can swim but men cannot.

On the University of New Hampshire’s Campus Recreation webpage, the description of the weekly Women Only Swim time says that Women Only Swim is every Wednesday throughout the spring semester of 2020. There is not a description of a Men Only Swim on the university website or a time slot for a Men Only Swim on the university pool schedule. 

Campus Reform reached out to the University of New Hampshire’s Campus Recreation department to ask if there was a Men Only Swim but did not receive a reply in time for publication. 

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Dr. Mark Perry, a professor at the University of Michigan-Flint who has filed other Title IX complaints, explained in an interview with Campus Reform that he calls this situation a “gender apartheid.” He explained that the University of New Hampshire example was a “clear violation” because “the Campus Recreation office is not accommodating men, as well.” 

He explained further that this sort of violation has happened before, saying that “sometimes Campus Recreation offices will introduce this kind of program and won’t realize that it’s illegal...the offices might be pressured into these programs by women’s centers, they might think it’s a good idea, or they might be virtue-signaling.” 

In any case, Perry says that the recreational offices often do not ask their Title IX offices or legal offices and end up having illegal programs. 

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Perry went on to state that “these illegal programs are a growing trend across the United States, where campus facilities are taken over and used for illegal discrimination” and that the only way to fix the discrimination problem at the University of New Hampshire would be for the pool to also have the same amount of male-specific pool hours a week. 

Perry has helped to fight other violations of Title IX and said that it irritated him that “when a university is found guilty of violating the civil rights of half of campus, they just change their policies and never admit they were wrong or apologize.” 

“Although they preach diversity, equity, and inclusion, universities practice uniformity, inequity, and exclusion,” Perry added.

Perry told Campus Reform that if the violation is not solved internally at the University of New Hampshire, he will be filing a Title IX complaint against the institution. 

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