Student gov denies conservative group funding, citing 'values' difference

The Trinity University Student Government Association has again denied funding for a Young Conservatives of Texas speaker event. 

The Trinity YCT requested $1,500 to bring conservative commentator Elisha Krauss to campus. 

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, which was sent from the SGA Finance Committee to TU YCT chairwoman, Julia Westwick, the speaker was not approved due to the speaker not being in line with the school’s “values,” specifically when it comes to “honoring the dignity and worth of every person.”

This is not the first time TU YCT has been denied funding for a speaker. The SGA has also denied funds for Heather Mac Donald.

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The email also stated that Student Involvement still needs to approve the event. 

The denial of funds can be appealed to the Senate, which Westwick plans to do, according to Young America’s Foundation. 

Westwick said that Krauss would be speaking on gender. 

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“Trinity’s student government thinks the mainstream view of gender, held by Elisha Krauss and the majority of Americans, is dishonorable and not worthy of being given the same platform they repeatedly give to other student groups,” Westwick said in a statement to YAF. 

Trinity University’s Vice President for Strategic Communications and Marketing Tess Coody-Anders told Campus Reform, “this decision by student government relates only to SGA as a source of funding. Student groups who receive a denial of funding from SGA are free to continue the process to pursue speakers of interest to them. In some cases, I understand SGA’s decisions are based on the amount of funding requested, and in other instances they make their decision consistent with student rights and responsibilities, including respect for community.”

Coody-Anders said that Trinity “hosts speakers across the political spectrum, some funded by student groups and others by the University or its departments,” noting that the student government recently agreed to fund an event by Tigers for Life with “right-to-life advocate” Alveda King, who is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece. 

Westwick reacted to the student government denying the group’s request for funding in a statement to Campus Reform.

”This is a clear case of viewpoint discrimination against those who believe that there are only two genders and that men and women have inherent and biological differences. Trinity’s student government should not disadvantage any student group based on a speaker’s opinions. In doing so, they are not representing a significant portion of the student body, they are not supporting a culture of free speech, and they are discriminating against students with whom they disagree,” Westwick said.

Campus Reform reached out to Elisha Krauss for comment but did not respond in time. 

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