CSU-Chico 'antiracism resource' list includes 'Why You Need to Stop Saying All Lives Matter'

The list included readings such as “Why You Need to Stop Saying ‘All Lives Matter."

California State University, Chico recently uploaded a list of “antiracism resources."

California State University-Chico recently uploaded a list of articles, books, documentaries, movies, and videos as “antiracism resources.”

Among the content featured in the list is an article titled “Why You Need to Stop Saying ‘All Lives Matter.'" The article claims that the emergence of the phrase “all lives matter” is proof that “nothing can center the wellbeing and livelihoods of black bodies without white people assuming it is to their demise.” The article additionally attempts to justify the use of the phrase “Black lives matter” over “all lives matter” by using statistics to show that the country’s Black population is ostensibly more “at risk” and must therefore be shown the greatest “urgency.”

The article also refers to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement, “I believe that all lives matter,” as an “obvious disappointment” and suggests that the systems that African-Americans live in today are “detrimental to their livelihoods, based on their skin color.”

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The list also contains a Medium article titled “103 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.”

This article suggests that the best thing White people can do is to follow their “local Black Lives Matter chapter,” despite the recent criticisms of the BLM movement for their support and instigation of rioting and looting. The article additionally suggests removing “qualified immunity” for police, “allocate[ing] resources” away from police, “decriminaliz[ing] weed,” boycotting “companies that use prison labor,” and “reducing mandatory minimum sentences.”

The university also recommends an article by Michael Harriot, titled “A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed Up’-rising.” In his article, Harriot attempts to “contextualize the anger, frustration and desperation that forced protesters to recreate the lawlessness and chaos that Black people experience on a daily basis.” 

The article contends that the issues leading modern Black people to protest, riot, and loot, are inextricably linked to “events” of the early 1600s. Among Harriot’s list of events “that led up to Black people across the country collectively saying: “Aight, den,” are a slave ship landing in Virginia in 1619, the creation of the “first police force in America” in 1636, and the “Boston Massacre” in 1770. Harriot ends the article by fully endorsing the chaos, riots, and looting that is currently plaguing the country, stating, “America reaps an infinitesimally microscopic fraction of the racist chaos, violence and lawlesness [sic] it has sown. Reap, motherf***ers. Reap.”

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California State University-Chico also recommends reading White Fragility, a book previously reviewed by Campus Reform.

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CSU-Chico also advocates for the reading of Your Black Colleagues May Look Like They’re Okay — Chances Are They’re Not, Op-Ed: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Don’t understand the protests? What you’re seeing is people pushed to the edge, The New Jim Crow, What Does it Mean to Be White?, Me and White Supremacy, and more.

When speaking to Campus Reform about this list of recommended “antiracism resources,” Executive Director of the California Federation of College Republicans and President of the California State University, Chico College Republicans Michael Curry said that the university is pushing a very liberal narrative.

“California State University-Chico is now promoting a narrative that wants to defund the police, abolish prisons, and demote one race below the others. According to the information provided by my school I am considered a racist for not believing in Marxist propaganda," Curry said. 

“The true definition of racism lies in the belief that one race is superior or inferior to another. The pseudo-academic ideas Chico State has promoted only show they have succumbed further to the radical left’s attempts to rewrite history and reality," Curry added.

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