WATCH: Campus COVID 'hypocrisy,' canceling' conservatives, & more

In the first episode of a new series featuring conversations among conservatives on campus, Campus Reform Arizona Campus Correspondent Andrew Covert discussed recent trending stories, as reported by Campus Reform.

The first centered on Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, where in October, students organized a Black Lives Matter protest, with help from faculty members, despite strict coronavirus restrictions. 

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”What makes this blatantly hypocritical,” Covert weighed in, “is that the campus not two weeks beforehand, had suspended 22 students for violating its guidelines.” However, he noted, this is “pretty par for the course for college campuses,” as Campus Reform has documented, including at Arizona State University

Covert spoke with Minnesota Campus Correspondent Haley Worth, who reported on a story for Campus Reform involving a conservative student senator at Loyola Marymount University in California who was impeached because of her political beliefs.

Worth also discussed a similar story out of Florida State University, as Campus Reform also reported, involving a conservative student senator who was impeached for his criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, only to later be reinstated by the school amid a lawsuit.

”So unless you hold their feet to the fire and really try to push back on these universities, they’re going to try to do what they can to silence conservative voices,” Worth opined. 

Watch the full episode above.