Campus Profile: Tulane University

Tulane University is a private university in Louisiana. Around 7,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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Tulane University is a private university in Louisiana. Around 7,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations:

Conservative Organizations: 

Israel Public Affairs Committee

Tulane University For Israel

Tulane University Right to Life

Turning Point USA

Liberal Organizations: 

Black Queer Collective

CACTUS Academy: A Social Justice Leadership Development Program

College Democrats

Feminist Alliance of Students at Tulane

Gender and Sexuality Advisory Council

Gender Exploration Society

Her Campus Tulane

Hers, Theirs, Ours

Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Queer Student Alliance

Solidarity Fellows

Students Demand Action

Students United for Reproductive Justice

Sunrise Movement Tulane

Tulane for UNICEF

OpenSecrets Data on Tulane University Employee Political Donations:

In the 2020 election cycle, 88.38% of Tulane University employee donations went to Democratic candidates in federal elections, while 11.62% of donations went to Republican candidates in federal elections, according to data from OpenSecrets

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

Tulane University has been given a red light speech code. According to FIRE, this is due to “at least one university policy clearly and substantially restricting freedom of speech.” FIRE also notes that a red light policy at a public institution is unconstitutional. 


Tulane University is requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students.


Stories by Campus Reform about Tulane University:

Tulane hosts anti-racism teach-in with profs divided by race

Tulane University administrators handed out 500 copies of Ibram Kendi’s book at an anti-racist “teach-in.” After a speech from Kendi, faculty joined “virtual lunches with affinity groups that are congruent with their identity.” One of these groups is a special “White Anti-Racist Learning Community.”


Hunter Biden slated as guest speaker for Tulane political science class

Hunter Biden will be a guest speaker for a political science class at Tulane University. Although the class will study “media polarization” and “fake news,” many outlets refused to cover Hunter Biden and his foreign ties during the 2020 election.


Tulane students issue COVID-19 demands...but they have nothing to do with COVID-19

A student group at Tulane University is demanding that the school provide a $15 minimum wage, offer reparations, defund police, and more, all in response to COVID-19. Non-political organizations at the university also signed onto the demands.