Pro-abortion endeavor perpetuates liberal bias on campus, student claims

NYU’s Brennan Center and Ms. Magazine are jointly publishing 11 pro-abortion essays.

One student tells Campus Reform that her non-liberal views are not equally represented on the NYU campus.

The NYU Brennan Center and Ms. Magazine recently announced an essay series titled “Abortion Is Essential to Democracy,” where Brennan Center staff will give their opinions and experiences relating to abortion in the United States.

The Brennan Center for Justice is a law and policy institute affiliated with the NYU School of Law. The Board of Directors includes seven NYU professors, and two deans of the NYU School of Law. 

The series will include 11 essays with topics ranging from the role of the courts in abortion rights, to the effect that criminalizing abortion has on communities of color.

The essays will also examine “myriad attacks on democracy, from vote suppression to the outsized role of big money in politics,” according to the announcement by Ms. Magazine.

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“Among the contributions are an analysis of adherence to pseudoscience, an inquiry into the role of state courts for protecting reproductive rights, consideration of the outsize role of big money in politics and the anti-abortion agenda, and a look at the legal and societal impact of criminalizing pregnancy and abortion, especially on communities of color,” the Brennan Center’s announcement reads. 

A senior public policy major at NYU told Campus Reform she is frustrated that her university has chosen to participate in this essay series since the topics do not accurately represent the views of all students.

“It is frustrating that the place I will have my degree from has such public beliefs about something that I, and so many other students, do not believe in in the slightest, that I believe is detrimental to the American people,” the student said on condition of anonymity, fearing backlash from her professors and fellow students, which she said she has experienced in the past.

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Although the announcement also boasts that the purpose of the essays is “the fight for equality,” the NYU student told Campus Reform that NYU’s campus is far from equal.

“My views are absolutely not equally represented. They never have been,” she said. 

The student also told Campus Reform that the liberal abuse at NYU was so bad that she was forced to develop her own political identity. 

“My political beliefs were not as strong until I got to NYU,” she said. “After my first year, I started to develop a political identity and really understand the consequences of what liberalism in higher education actually does to college kids, how it indoctrinates us and creates an unhappy environment.”

The essay series was also covered in a short video the national news organization Now This.

Campus Reform reached out to the NYU School of Law, The Brennan Center, and Ms. Magazine for a comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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