WATCH: U Florida renames Karl Marx study room due to the invasion of Ukraine

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Abigail Streetman speaks about the University of Florida’s decision to remove 'Karl Marx' from the name of a study room on campus.

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Abigail Streetman speaks about the University of Florida’s decision to take down “Karl Marx” from a library study room on campus.

Following a Mar. 7 report from Campus Reform, the University of Florida reverted the name of its “Karl Marx Group Study Room” to “Group Study Room 229.”

”Given current events in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, we determined it was appropriate to remove the name of Karl Marx that was placed on a group study room at the University of Florida in 2014,” a university spokesperson told Campus Reform. 

The Karl Marx Group Study Room was located in Library West and included a plaque describing the author of The Communist Manifesto as a “philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic.” The plaque has now been removed.

Additionally, Campus Reform Correspondent Alyssa Jones joins the Campus Countdown to discuss a protest against Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s speech about Lia Thomas ahead of the NCAA women’s swimming national championships. 

Streetman also discusses Loyola Marymount University’s decision to place free tampons in a men’s restroom on campus, as well as a professor who tweeted that “white conservatives” don’t believe in equal rights. 

Watch the episode above for full coverage of all of these stories. 

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