There's no escape from 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' at Furman University

Furman University's new hiring initiative is 'aimed at supporting and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion among students, faculty and staff.'

Furman University has a broader Strategic Diversity Plan that seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across the university.

Furman University (FU), located in South Carolina, has a new hiring initiative “aimed at supporting and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) among students, faculty and staff.”

Promoting the initiative, FU president Elizabeth Davis stated in August that “DEI is everyone’s responsibility,” and that the new DEI-focused hires will help “make Furman the most equitable and inclusive university we can be.”

One new hire is Cynthia King, who will serve as Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence. King’s new role will include working “with individuals and groups on campus…to name, acknowledge and challenge the legacies of systemic inequities and other biases.”

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Franklin Ellis, Jocelyn Boulware, and Alex Akulli were all hired to serve in various roles at Furman’s Center for Inclusive Communities, a university organization whose mission is to “facilitate equity, access, social justice and inclusion” and “empower students to build a diverse and inclusive campus community.”

Along with the push for DEI among faculty, FU also has a broader Strategic Diversity Plan that seeks to promote DEI ideals across the university. 

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The goal of the plan is to improve the recruitment of students and staff “from underrepresented communities,” and promote “inclusive excellence” in Furman’s “formal curriculum and…co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences.”

Furman also has a “Diversity Vision” statement, in which the school dedicates itself to integrating “the value of diversity into the fabric of campus life.”

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