WATCH: Rep. Omar says student loan forgiveness is 'racial justice'

Campus Reform was live at the Supreme Court, capturing footage of Rep. Ilhan Omar calling for cancellation of student debt to solve racial justice.

Yesterday Rep. Ilhan Omar addressed a crowd outside of the Supreme Court while it heard oral arguments on the two cases regarding the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan.

Campus Reform obtained live footage of the speech.  

The Minnesota Rep. called for the cancellation and forgiveness of student loans, alluding that forgiving student debt is a step towards racial justice. 

“Is it just for student debt to be canceled for the millions of people that are shackled with student debt?” The crow replied, shouting “Yes!”

“Is it just for us to look at the problem of student debt through a racial justice lens?” Again, the crowd shouted “Yes!” 

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Watch the full video above or on Youtube.