Update: University police fire officer after video of altercation goes viral on YouTube

The University of Kentucky - Lexington Police Department on Wednesday terminated the officer involved in a raid of a student’s dorm room following a Campus Reform investigation of a viral YouTube video of the incident.

The University of Kentucky - Lexington Police Department told Campus Reform on Wednesday that the officer seen in a viral video conducting a dorm room raid has been fired.

University of Kentucky Police Chief Joe Monroe said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that his investigation of the video revealed gross misconduct by the officer in question.

“After a thorough internal investigation, the officer in question has been terminated from his employment at the University of Kentucky, effective immediately,” said Monroe in the statement.  

“The officer in question had inappropriate physical contact with a student,” he continued. “The officer, as a result, was in violation of a number of university employment policies.”

The video, which had over half a million views by Wednesday, is entitled “I hate cops,” and features a university student setting up a video camera before berating two campus police officers and refusing to allow them entry into his room.

The video depicts one of two officers shoving past the student into his dorm room in order to conduct a search for alcohol.

According to official school policy, campus police are not permitted to enter a student’s room without first obtaining consent or a warrant.

The same officer also verbally dismissed the student’s Fourth Amendment rights and threatened him with expulsions if he did give his consent for the search.

“Listen man, do you want to be kicked out of this university?” asked the still unidentified officer.  “I can pave that road. We’re going to get you kicked out.”

“We don’t have to explain anything to you son,” he added. “[T]here is no Fourth Amendment.”

The officer was almost certainly referring to the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights section of the Constitution which guarantees against “against unreasonable searches.”

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