[VIDEO] ‘Guns should just be illegal’: College students advocate strict gun control

Campus Reform asked students at American University for their opinions on concealed carry on Tuesday and elicited responses ranging from students who wanted to ban guns completely, to a student asking what "concealed carry" means, to another admitting that his friends purchase guns illegally.

One student who identified herself as having a "very liberal background" said she thought it was "not highly likely" that anyone near campus had a gun illegally.

"This place is completely safe," she said.

But another student described a very different experience, admitting he himself had friends who bought guns in underground markets in other states and brought them back to D.C.

"I know people that do it illegally, and I don't always feel safe all the time with them because they're carrying it for certain reasons, for protection, in that whole sense," he said.

VIDEO: Watch students advocate in favor of strict gun control

Another student said she was "not a fan of guns in general" and had a particular problem with those who concealed them.

"At least be upfront about it," she said. "Don't be sketchy and hiding your gun away."

Many students said they did not feel that concealed carry bans encouraged criminals, but froze up when asked to explain why.

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