Prof. accused of offering failing student passing grade for sex

Extracurricular activities just aren’t what they used to be.

Prairie View A&M University Professor J.D. Oliver, who allegedly tried to have sex with a failing student in a hotel, is now embroiled in a pair of lawsuits and claims he is a victim of robbery and attempted extortion.

In the winter 2013 semester, Lisa Mims, a student who was failing Oliver’s computer science class, asked her then-professor, 76, for guidance. Oliver allegedly was going to help her receive an A for the class, but in exchange for alleged sexual favors.

According to ABC13 Los Angeles, Mims had approached her teacher for help several times and he once grabbed her breast and told her to meet him in a hotel.

"He wasn't going to give me a grade unless I showed up at the hotel and had sex with him," Mims said on an interview with ABC13 reporter Angela Chen.

Oliver allegedly arranged a private, off-campus meeting with Mims at a Best Western hotel; however, he told police he was there because his carpets were being cleaned at home and needed a place to grade assignments. Oliver also claims that Mims borrowed a couple of his books and he only invited her to his hotel because it was convenient for her.

Mims arrived at the hotel with her boyfriend and two other males. Mims told ABC13 that they confronted Oliver and he begged them to leave.

However, Oliver's lawyer, Debra Jennings, told reporters that more happened afterwards. Oliver said that the four of them robbed him of his car keys, cell phone, money, and credit cards. He also told police that Mims attempted to extort $9,000.

The university has investigated the case and, after finding evidence supporting Mims's claims, fired Oliver.

Both the student and former teacher have filed a lawsuit against each other, but a grand jury has not charged Mims with robbery.

"We think that a jury will after hearing the evidence will rule in our client's favor," Jennings told ABC13,

Yolanda Bevill, Prairie View A&M's Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, told Campus Reform, the school doesn't comment on ongoing litigation.

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