Security guards fiddle while @Nero event burns

Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance at DePaul University was cut short Tuesday after several Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the stage, stealing the microphone from a moderator and blowing a safety whistle in the conservative firebrand’s face until he was forced to leave the event.

Breitbart News was there to cover the event, capturing video of the riotous BLM protesters who took over the stage during a question-and-answer portion of Yiannopoulos’ talk.

“Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” they cried, followed by chants of “Dump the Trump!”

The student leading the disruption was later identified by DePaulia as Edward Ward, a local church minister.

Yiannopoulos, an avid Trump supporter, attempted to carry on the discussion over shouts of “he’s an idiot,” but was eventually compelled to leave the building after DePaul’s security guards did little to settle the protest.

In fact, video shows several officers standing off to the side of the stage while protesters shouted in Yiannopoulos’ face, visibly doing nothing at all at any point throughout the event to ensure it would continue peacefully, even though the school’s College Republicans (CR) chapter was required to hire additional security for the event.

The College Fix reports that DePaul demanded that the CRs hire 12 more additional security guards than had originally been agreed upon, totaling an extra $1,440 in fees. The Fix notes that about 16 security guards were monitoring the event, but not a single one intervened.

In one instance, a protester is even seen swinging her fist at Yiannopoulos, stopping just short of his face, while she yells at him through the microphone she stole from the event’s moderator.

Chicago police were later called to the scene, but they too did nothing to remove the protesters from the stage. Eventually, Yiannopoulos and his supporters left the auditorium to march to the office of DePaul’s president, where they protested for several minutes, intentionally mocking the tactics of their political counterparts.

Later, Yiannopoulos attempted to return to the building where his event was being held, only to be denied re-entry by the very security guards he helped pay for, as seen in a video clip posted to Twitter.

“You know the funny thing is, we actually may have a shortfall. Breitbart paid $1,000 of their money for extra security for them to do absolutely nothing,” Yiannopoulos told reporters outside the event.

Ward also spoke with reporters about his actions, though he adamantly refused to issue an apology.

“Let me be perfectly clear, I do not apologize for my actions on DePaul’s campus,” he said. “I don’t apologize for refusing to allow a racist bigot to spew his hatred on DePaul’s campus. I don’t apologize for shutting the event down. I don’t apologize.”

Yiannopoulos is skeptical that the university will discipline Ward for shutting down his event, saying progressive administrators regularly allow this behavior to unfold during his lectures.

“Will DePaul have the courage to discipline Edward Ward for his behavior?” he asked. “In a normal world they would, but there’s a nasty institutionalized habit of letting left-wing activists get away with the worst offenses. After all, despite forking out nearly a grand in security costs, they wouldn’t even stop the activists from storming the stage.”

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