GOP lawmaker accuses university of caving to BLM protesters

Campus police briefly removed the protesters from the venue, but State Rep. Briscoe Cain was then interrupted again by the school's president, who declared the event "unapproved" and instructed officers to let the protesters return.

A Republican state representative was prevented from speaking Monday by aggressive student protesters at Texas Southern University.

A Republican state representative was prevented from speaking Monday by aggressive student protesters at Texas Southern University.

The Federalist Society at TSU had invited State Rep. Briscoe Cain to speak at a chapter meeting, but the event had to be cancelled before it had even begun after protesters descended upon the venue and shouted over Cain as he attempted to speak, according to KHOU.

In a video posted by KHOU reporter Janelle Bludau, the protesters interrupt Cain, shouting, “When a racist comes to town, shut it down!” and “No hate anywhere, you don’t get a platform here!”

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Although the protesters were briefly removed from the room, allowing Cain to begin speaking, he was subsequently interrupted by TSU President Austin Lane, who signaled to the police officers in the room to allow the protesters to return.

“What you’re seeing today is an unapproved event," Lane explained, alleging that the student organization did not go through the “appropriate channels” to host the event.

TSU Federalist Society President Daniel Caldwell, however, objected to Lane’s claims, telling The Dallas Morning News that the event was cleared with the Thurgood Marshall School of Law where it was hosted.

"I was greeted by campus officials, given a guest parking voucher, and brought into a room in which the administration had specifically requested the talk occur," Cain elaborated.

His spokesperson later reiterated to Campus Reform that the event was booked properly, declaring that Lane “absolutely” gave in to the protesters by cancelling the event.

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“Representative Briscoe Cain made it clear that he and his office would be ensuring that the one-sided story being told by Texas Southern University were clarified,” the statement provided to Campus Reform continued. “The law school signed off on the event, even producing a flyer and moving the event to the room of their choice.  Now they come out and attempt to say that this whole thing was simply not scheduled properly.”

The statement went on to note that Cain intends to ask the Texas House Speaker and Lt. Governor “to consider interim studies on the anti-free speech actions of TSU and any other public universities” in the state.

“Black Lives Matter was not protesting the paperwork not being filed properly, they wanted to silence speech they disagreed with, and the university allowed it. It's disgraceful,” the statement concluded. “The cover up is worse than the crime and it's time TSU officials come clean."

TSU, though, insisted that it “welcomes free speech and all viewpoints on campus as part of our collegiate experience.”

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“Today’s event, which was scheduled at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, ended early because it was not a registered university student organization event,” TSU told Campus Reform. “Our campus is open and welcoming to all state and elected officials.”

TSU concluded by noting that it would “welcome the return of any guest speaker,” an offer Cain intends to pursue.

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