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University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is a public institution in Tucson, Arizona and is one of the largest public institutions in the state. The school is well known for its athletics and the largest student-run carnival in the country, Spring Fling.

Recently, UA has demonstrated a liberal bias to match that of some of their students’ by offering a master’s degree in “Transgender Studies”. Students have also protested against free speech.

Facts and Figures:

Tuition: $30,025

Undergraduate Population: 32,987

Total student population: 32,987

Six-Year Graduation Rate: 61%

Campus Rating

    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Yellow Light

    American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) - Grade: D; No required courses in Literature, Foreign Language, U.S. Government/History, Economics, or Mathematics.

Campus Spotlight

  • Conservative Groups: 9

    CatPac Wildcats for Israel, Christians United for Israel, College Republicans, J Street U, Jewish Voice for Peace, STRIVE, The Federalist Society, Wildcats for Israel, The Federalist Society

    Liberal Groups: 8

    Young Democrats at the University of Arizona, Voices for Planned Parenthood, Students for Justice in Palestine, Students for Affordable Tuition, Progressive Minds of America, African Students’ Association, Campus Greens, STAND

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    U. of Arizona students protest word 'illegal' in local restaurant name
  • Students at the University of Arizona are protesting the term “illegal” and calling for its removal from the name of a local restaurant because they deem the term a racial slur against Mexican immigrants. “Illegal Pete’s,” a Mexican food chain based out of Boulder, Colo., opened a new location on Thursday night in Tucson, Ariz. across the street from the university...

  • University of Arizona class requires students to participate in 'Condom Olympics'
  • Students at the University of Arizona (UA) were assigned to plan a school-wide “Condom Olympics” for their three-credit “Sex, Health, and AIDS” class. The students planned “athletic events such as a condom-wrapped egg toss,” according to The Daily Wildcat, the official student newspaper. “Students can also see and make condom art and join a condom...

  • UA to offer master's degree in 'Transgender Studies'
  • The University of Arizona hopes to kick off the fall 2017 semester by offering a master’s degree in transgender studies. According to Inside Higher Ed, 2013 marked the launch of UA’s Transgender Studies Initiative, in which the school “cluster-hired” transgender studies faculty, and 2014 saw the creation of a peer-reviewed journal discussing interdisciplinary transgender...

  • Students outraged after two Arizona schools hike student fees
  • Extra fees have sparked outrage at two of Arizona’s largest public universities, with some students saying they are fed up with putting more money into an already expensive education. The University of Arizona (UA) announced in an email earlier this year that a new 2.5 percent “convenience fee” for those who chose to pay their bills via debit or credit card. With standard...

  • University event says men can prevent rape through taco runs
  • A student event at Arizona State University suggested that intoxicated men just grab tacos with friends in order to prevent rape. The event, sponsored by the student group I Always Get Consent, made the claim that teaching women self-defense techniques perpetuates “rape culture” and advised men to tell their drunken buddies at the bar that a woman is ugly to prevent him from going...

  • Ariz. prof. says U.S. soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists, greater threat to world peace than ISIS
  • A University of Arizona (UA) professor claims that American soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists who pose a greater threat to world peace than ISIS. Musa al-Gharbi, a UA instructor and affiliate to the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC), asserts that the U.S. military is “heavily infiltrated by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups,” in an...

  • Prof calls Trump presidency 'the definition of rape'
  • A University of Arizona professor compared the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency to rape, saying he is “plundering our country” and “forc[ing] his half-flaccid agenda on it.” Jess Kapp, a senior lecturer in the University of Arizona department of geosciences, published “The Rape of America” on her blog on November 15, asserting that a Trump presidency...

  • UA faculty urged to 'repurpose' class for anti-Trump event
  • The University of Arizona’s Faculty Senate Chair cajoled professors to participate in an Inauguration Day “teach-in” on illegal immigration, hate speech, fake news, and other topics. Dr. Lynn Nadel, Chair of the Faculty at UA, announced the event on UA’s faculty governance website in December, inviting faculty members to “repurpose” their classes so that both...

  • University department calls Trump, Sessions 'criminals'
  • The University of Arizona’s Immigrant Student Resource Center (ISRC) recently hosted a rally in support of illegal immigrant students and refugees, and also asserted on Facebook that "Trump & Sessions are the criminals." The “No Hate, No Fear, Make Immigrants and Refugees Welcome Here” Open House and Rally was hosted on the campus Mall, and featured several speakers who...

  • UA cuts 'Social Justice Advocates' program after backlash
  • The University of Arizona has indefinitely cancelled its plan to pay students $10 per hour to become Social Justice Advocates.  In May, Campus Reform reported that the university had solicited students to become “Social Justice Advocates,” who would be trained to “report any bias incidents” that occurred in dorms while hosting educational events on “social...