Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private research university and the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution in the United States. Founded in 1789, Georgetown originally encompassed 60 acres of land in the village of Georgetown that was purchased by John Carroll. After the Civil War, the university changed its colors to blue (Union) and gray (Confederate) in 1876.

During the 1800s and 1900s, Georgetown quickly expanded to introduce several new colleges, including the School of Medicine, the Law School, and the School of Business Administration. From 1873 to 1882, Patrick F. Healy, the first African American to earn a Ph.D., was the president of Georgetown and emphasized history and natural science courses.

Today, Georgetown University has eight schools in five locations and has grown to more than 17,500 students.

Facts and Figures:

Tuition: $48,048

Undergraduate Population: 7,595

Graduate population: 10,263

Total student population: 17,858

Six-Year Graduation Rate: 94.9%

Campus Rating

    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE): Red Light

    American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) - C: No required courses in Literature, U.S. Government or History, and Economics. Also, only partial course requirements in Mathematics and Science. 

Campus Spotlight

  • Political Student Organizations: 

    Liberal (8): Amnesty International, College Democrats, Georgetown University Pride, Queer People of Color, Hoyas for Immigrant Rights, NAACP, Students for Justice in Palestine, United Feminists 

    Conservative (5): College Republicans, Georgetown Israel Allience, Georgetown University Right to Life, Tocqueville Forum Student Fellows, Young Americans for Liberty 

    Employee Political Contributions (2012-2016): 

    Democrats: $829,348 (77%)

    Republicans: $249,788 (23%) 


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    Mugged student refuses to condemn attackers because of his 'privilege'
  • A Georgetown University (GU) student who says he was mugged at gunpoint says he “can hardly blame" his assailants.  Senior Oliver Friedfeld and his roommate were held at gunpoint and mugged recently. However, the GU student isn’t upset. In fact he says he “can hardly blame [his muggers].” “Not once did I consider our attackers to be ‘bad people.’ I...

  • Georgetown basketball team sports 'I can’t breathe' shirts
  • Georgetown University’s (GU) men’s basketball team became the first college team to sport “I can’t breathe” t-shirts at Wednesday night’s game, referencing the death of Eric Garner. The team’s players and coaches made a collaborative decision to wear the t-shirts, black with white lettering, during yesterday’s nationally televised game at the...

  • Georgetown students furious with DHS secretary's graduation talk
  • Students at Georgetown University are furious with their school’s decision to invite Jeh Johnson as this year’s commencement speaker because his work as Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security makes undocumented students feel unsafe. Monday, students presented a letter to the administration, saying their peers “cannot celebrate their academic accomplishments and...

  • Calling Hillary ‘Mrs. Clinton’ is sexist, say Georgetown Dems
  • A recent post in the Georgetown University College Democrats' blog asserts that referring to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as "Mrs. Clinton" is sexist. "Please Don’t Call Her 'Mrs. Clinton'" appeals Julie Antonellis, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive, asserting that using the gender-specific honorific, as opposed to her official titles of “Secretary” or...

  • University upset that liberal protesters were filmed at public event
  • Georgetown University officials are demanding that conservative students force an outside organization to either edit or remove a video of a public event that featured Christina Hoff Sommers speaking on campus. The video from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI), a conservative nonprofit that brought Sommers to campus, caught feminist students’ protests on camera and has more than...

  • Georgetown prof calls for gender-neutral 'Parent's Day'
  • Forget gender-neutral bathrooms. One professor revealed his new goal this weekend: gender-neutral holidays. On the eve of Father’s Day, Preston Mitchum, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, took to Twitter to condemn the gendered holiday. With all the debate about single mothers and fatherhood, this is why I wish we would have a PARENT'S DAY and stop gendering everything. ...

  • Georgetown students blast 'laughable’ commencement speaker protest
  • Students at Georgetown University are petitioning in favor of keeping Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson as one of this year’s commencement speakers despite claims that he will make undocumented students feel unsafe. “The modern university should be a rich marketplace of ideas that fosters a diversity of viewpoints and a free exchange of beliefs. Students should encounter...

  • Georgetown prez: No apology, reparations for slavery ties
  • Georgetown University’s president appeared to backhandedly reject recommendations Thursday night that his school prioritize the descendants of slaves in the admissions process. Speaking at Georgetown’s colloquium on racial justice, university president John DeGioia addressed news that his school would provide special accommodations for the ancestors of slaves who were owned by former...

  • VIDEO: Georgetown students say Constitution outdated, overrated
  • Friday is Constitution Day, so Campus Reform stopped by Georgetown University to speak with students about their opinions of the document upon which our nation was founded. When asked about the modern relevance of the Constitution, most students made their opinion clear: the Constitution isn’t something to take too seriously. “People definitely take it too seriously,...

  • Georgetown students protest Israel, Nike
  • Georgetown students are urging the administration to make an “ethical endowment,” which they contend means pulling all investments from Israel, Nike, and private prisons. On Wednesday, December 7, members of GU Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment (GU F.R.E.E.) held a rally on campus and marched to the President’s Office demanding the school cease investment in Israel and...

  • Islamic Studies prof: slavery, rape OK under Islam
  • Georgetown University professor of Islamic Studies Jonathan Brown is under fire following a lecture he gave defending slavery and rape under Islamic law, arguing that slavery is not an absolute “moral evil.” In his February 7 remarks at the International Institute of Islamic Thought entitled “Islam and the Problem of Slavery”, Brown said, “The Prophet of God had...

  • Georgetown prof recruits students to protest Trump EPA pick
  • A professor at Georgetown University organized his students to sign a petition and participate in a protest against Myron Ebell, Donald Trump’s expected pick to lead the EPA. Georgetown students gathered on campus Friday afternoon to march to Ebell’s office in downtown Washington, D.C. at the direction of a student group called Students for Climate Security and GU professor Andrew...

  • Muslim prof berated as less than human for voting Trump
  • A former Georgetown professor and Muslim-American woman was verbally berated and told to “fuck off” by an old colleague for publicly expressing her support for President-elect Donald Trump. Asra Q. Nomani, who previously reported for The Wall Street Journal, recently wrote a now-viral op-ed in The Washington Post in which she exclaims that she is “a 51-year-old, a Muslim, and...

  • Students get credit for attending anti-Trump teach-in
  • Georgetown students in a course on the AIDs epidemic were given class credit for attending and submitting a reflection on a self-proclaimed “radical teach-in” that discussed ways to “resist hatred and violence” stemming from Donald Trump’s electoral victory. According to a course syllabus for “The Cultural Politics of HIV in the US and South Africa,” a...

  • Georgetown academic depts. cosponsor anti-Trump event
  • The Philosophy and Anthropology Departments at Georgetown University will be cosponsoring an event dedicated to organizing against the “racism, bigotry, and oppression” they see in Trump’s presidency. “Resisting, Organizing, and Building in the Age of Trump,” an eight-hour doctoral and law student teach-in taking place on January 14, says it will be “bringing...