Boston College

Boston College is a private research university located in Chestnut Hill, MA, which is colloquially referred to as “The Heights” and is approximately six miles from Boston, MA. There are 14,100 students enrolled at Boston College, 9,100 of those students in the undergraduate school and 4,400 in the graduate school.

Boston College students have recently attempted to infuse more liberal policies into their curriculum, but BC administration has hindered their attempts to bring most of their objectives to fruition, such as changing history curriculum to be less “Eurocentric” despite the school’s cultural diversity requirement.

Facts and Figures

Tuition: $62,820

Undergraduate population: 9,100

Graduate population: 4,400

Total student population: 14,100

Four-year Graduation Rate: 88%

Campus Rating

    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Red Light

    American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) Grade: B; No required courses in U.S. Government/History, Economics, or  Mathematics.

Campus Spotlight

  • Conservative Student Groups: 5

    The Federalist Society, Hillel, Pro-Life Club, Relay for Life, College Republicans

    Liberal Student Groups: 3

    Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, College Democrats

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    BC students demand change to ‘Eurocentric’ core curriculum
  • Students at Boston College (BC) are petitioning administrators to change the school’s core history requirement because it is too “Eurocentric.” “After careful analysis of the core curriculum at Boston College, we, the students, have come to acknowledge the lack of core courses that expand beyond a Eurocentric focus, which is particularly evident with the history...

  • Boston College ignores student demands, threatens protesters with suspension
  • Leaders of the student group “Eradicate Boston College Racism” (EBCR) were summoned to the Dean of Students office and cited for organizing an unregistered protest after the group interrupted a Board of Trustees meeting in December. Late last year, student activists protested outside the doors of a Board of Trustees meeting and sang a collection of parody Christmas carols, including a...

  • Boston College students protest whiteness with ‘White Man’s Wonderland’ parody
  • A student activist group at Boston College known as “Eradicate BC Racism” interrupted a Dec. 4 Board of Trustees meeting to deliver a list of demands and sing a collection of parody Christmas carols, including a spoof of the popular carol “Winter Wonderland.” The song, called “Walking through a White Man’s Wonderland,” urged the Board of Trustees to...

  • Boston College student government looks to make free speech easier
  • Undeterred by the rejection of its recommended free expression policies, the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) is promising to help students circumvent the restrictions. In an open letter published in The Heights, BC’s student newspaper, the UGBC Executive Council announced three concrete steps that it will take to “help students navigate existing policies” while...

  • Anonymous Boston College 'poster dump' challenges campus free speech policies
  • A group of anonymous Boston College students papered the campus with posters October 13 to protest speech policies which they believe limit free expression. The posters say “This poster is still illegal. Support Free Speech @ BC.” The “poster dump” was organized in response to a failed attempt by undergraduate student government to convince the university to update its...

  • Boston College establishes Bias Incident Response Team
  • Following complaints of inadequacy in the former reporting system, Boston College Dean of Students has announced the establishment of a Bias Incident Response Team. The team is comprised of the associate dean of students, student government, student representatives, and three faculty members. In conjunction with the team’s efforts, the school now offers a Google Docs form that allows...

  • Man at Boston College sneaking into off-campus houses to tickle sleeping students
  • He may be remarkably less lethal than the Boston Strangler, but a new criminal who invades the off-campus homes of Boston College (BC) students to tickle them or watch them slumber has authorities warning students to lock their doors. Police have confirmed that the figure, who has been sporadically reported over the last two years, has been sighted at least ten times. Three students report seeing...

  • PETA: Investigate college’s use of live eagle mascot, school cannot ‘molest’ birds for entertainment
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has urged the federal government to launch an investigation into Boston College’s (BC) use of live eagle mascots at home football games, citing a federal law which does not allow any entity to "molest" the birds for entertainment. PETA claims Boston College’s use of live eagle mascots at football games violates federal law. ...

  • BC faculty want to ban Trump-inspired speech
  • After suggesting that Donald Trump has “pitted Americans against one another,” Boston College faculty members are demanding a “zero-tolerance policy against hate speech” as well as policies to counter “hatred” that they say was emboldened by Trump’s campaign rhetoric. In a letter signed by nearly 50 faculty members, signatories accused President-elect...

  • BC prof blames 'white heterosexual male privilege' for Trump win
  • A Boston College professor contends that Donald Trump’s election victory was predetermined by an electoral system designed to perpetuate “white heterosexual male privilege.” “White heterosexual male privilege (WHMP) fought for and won the election of 2016,” professor Janet Helms of BC’s Lynch School of Education argues in an article posted on the school’s...

  • BC tries again after students ignore 'bias and isms' panel
  • Boston College will take another stab at hosting a panel discussion on the “impact of bias and isms,” even though very few students attended the event when it was first put on last year. According to The Heights (BC’s student newspaper), turnout was low at the initial panel discussion last December, apparently because it competed with the school’s annual Christmas Tree...

  • The Weekly Roundup: why so many neo-Nazis?
  • Monday 23 January Prof warns pro-Israel people will ‘infest’ Trump admin Oh, the horror. Have to keep the Jews out, huh? BC tries again after students ignore ‘bias and isms’ panel No wonder colleges are trying to do away with Christmas; it interferes with their social justice activism. Prof: ‘safe space’ for students creates ‘unsafe space for...

  • NLRB takes on Catholic college's religious freedom
  • A fight over graduate student unionization is looming at Boston College (BC). As partisan control over the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has alternated with presidential administrations, it has shifted its stance on whether graduate students who serve as research or teaching assistants are students or employees of their institution. Last year, the NLRB ruled that Columbia...