University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private, Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. UPenn is one of fourteen members of the Association of American Universities and is also one of nine original colonial colleges. As of late, UPenn has been known for liberal bias regarding its professor, Anthea Butler, whose tweet implied that Ben Carson is a ‘coon.’

Facts and Figures:

Tuition: $47,448

Undergraduate Population: 10,406

Graduate population: 11,157

Total student population: 24,876

Four-Year Graduation Rate: 87%

Campus Rating

    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE): Yellow Light

    American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) - Grade: C No required courses Literature, U.S. Government or History, Economics, or Mathematics  



Campus Spotlight

  • Political Student Groups: 

    Liberal (9): Diversity and Inclusivity in Physics, Fossil Free Penn, NAACP, Penn Democrats, Penn for Immigrant Rights, Penn Law Feminists, Penn Non-Cis, Penn Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Confronting Racism and White Privilege

    Conservative (2): College Republicans, Penn YAF

    Employee Political Contributions (2012-2016): 

    Democrats: $1,271,539 (92.5%)

    Republicans: $101,799 (7.5%)


    All Stories

    UPenn health prof: DNC fart-in should take about 6 hours to begin
  • A professor at the University of Pennsylvania is participating in a “fart-in” to protest for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28. Dr. Walter H. Tsou, who teaches public health policy at UPenn, plans to eat beans with some Democratic delegates who support Sen. Bernie Sanders and pass gas at the DNC convention to protest the democratic primary...

  • UPenn prof: ‘I sometimes don’t want to be white either’
  • Rachel Dolezal is not alone. The former NAACP chapter president who—although Caucasian biologically—‘identifies as black’ has inspired others to reveal their desire to abandon their race, including one professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Ali Michael, an adjunct professor and director of P-12 consulting and professional development at UPenn’s Graduate School...

  • 'VietPong' beer pong team too 'insensitive' for UPenn frats
  • The University of Pennsylvania’s Interfraternity Council is adding a “diversity chair” to its executive committee in response to a fraternity member naming his beer pong team “VietPong.” At a date night in February, a member of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and his date named their beer pong team “VietPong” and wore camouflage with war paint on their faces,...

  • UPenn TA boasts of calling on white male students last
  • A graduate student teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania admitted to intentionally calling on white men last, and only if she has to, during class discussions. “I will always call on Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. WW [white women] come next. And, if I have to, white men,” Stephanie McKellop wrote in a recent tweet, prompting an...

  • Penn students educate on 'environmental racism'
  • The student group Fossil Free Penn held a discussion on environmental racism as part of its weeklong engagement project called “Divestfest” Wednesday afternoon. About a dozen students participated in the event, detailing how the negative impacts of industries disproportionately affect minorities. The speakers at the event, who will remain anonymous, hailed from two student groups on...

  • UPenn urges students to lobby against GOP tax plan
  • The University of Pennsylvania recently emailed all students to encourage them to lobby Congress against the proposed Republican tax plan. The proposed tax plan, released by House Republicans earlier this month, would make major changes to the tax code if passed, according to The New York Times. [RELATED: VIDEO: Students love Trump’s tax plan...when told it’s Bernie’s] UPenn...

  • 'Write On!' mandates yearly anti-oppression training
  • A club at UPenn has held mandatory anti-oppression training for the last two years. These sessions have included “Power Flowers,” a “Privilege Circle,” and discussions about identity. Write On! is a group of UPenn students that tutor children at Lea Elementary School in creative writing. At the start of each school year, the club hosts its training with Sonny Singh, a...

  • Bernie backer blasted for Black Lives Matter meme
  • A joke about pollen allergies is racist if it plays off the Black Lives Matter mantra, “I can’t breathe.”At least, that’s what University of Pennsylvania sophomore Noah Baron learned on May 2 when he pulled up the Penn meme page on Facebook and decided to post a meme featuring Black Lives Matter protesters. The response “was super rapid, I just got...

  • UPenn club will examine 'gender jaws' of other groups
  • A new student organization at the University of Pennsylvania will audit gender ratios, or "gender jaws," of other groups and local businesses.The Gender Balance Consulting club, founded by UPenn students Becca Bean and Sarina Divan, will look at gender makeup of organizations on and off campus and encourage those groups to balance their gender diversity, The Daily...

  • UPenn students mark Thanksgiving with talk on 'racism,' 'strained' US history
  • The University of Pennsylvania invited freshmen living in its Stouffer College House to attend a Saturday event discussing the “strained” roots of Thanksgiving. Stouffer graduate associate Jax Lastinger is organizing "A Conversation on Racism - Considerations on Thanksgiving and ‘American’ Politics,” which will consist of a “facilitated conversation...