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Cabot Phillips Oct 19, 2018 at
8:11 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: SD lawmakers mount free speech pressure campaign

"[T]he past legislative session witnessed an extensive debate..."

Adam Sabes Oct 19, 2018 at
2:21 PM EDT

Gonzaga hosts conference only for 'marginalized' students

"[I]t is also about reclaiming our physical space..."

Ben McDonald Oct 19, 2018 at
4:22 PM EDT

Brown University flaunts 'Unlearning Toxic Masculinity' guide

"[I]t's easy to fall back into what you're used to..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 19, 2018 at
4:57 PM EDT

NYU hosts Marx birthday bash...during the wrong month

"[T]here will be “readings from the masterworks Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto..."

Andrew Lawrence Oct 18, 2018 at
4:27 PM EDT

Ole Miss prof: Senators 'don't deserve your civility'

"Don't just interrupt a senator's meal..."

Adam Sabes Oct 16, 2018 at
1:49 PM EDT

Former sec of state heckled at NYU, told to 'rot in hell'

"Hey, Kissinger, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?"

Grace Gottschling Oct 17, 2018 at
6:16 PM EDT

Profs develop tool for flagging 'social media prejudice'

"[U]sers often express prejudice..."

Celine Ryan Oct 18, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT

Calif. Christian school brings back gay relationship ban, students protest

“The changes got out in front of the process.”

Kenneth Nelson Oct 17, 2018 at
3:06 PM EDT

GWU progressive student group demands 'fair jobs'

"These ten demands range from pay to healthcare and concern employees at all levels of GW’s working community."

Abigail Marone Oct 17, 2018 at
12:50 PM EDT

Students ‘queer’ the Bible for credit

"[T]here is a high demand..."

Celine Ryan Oct 16, 2018 at
4:23 PM EDT

University of Chicago pres. slams 'privileging of feelings'

“Some people are trying to keep certain views unexpressed..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 16, 2018 at
3:58 PM EDT
Grace Gottschling Oct 16, 2018 at
10:30 AM EDT
Adam Sabes Oct 15, 2018 at
6:17 PM EDT

University of Colorado plans "geek" masculinity panel

"Diversity for the sake of diversity is foolish."

Celine Ryan Oct 15, 2018 at
4:47 PM EDT
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the U.S. Senate committee. (Photo Credit: YouTube/CBC News)

UNC prof nominates Christine Blasey Ford for award

"This not about partisan politics."

Adam Sabes Oct 15, 2018 at
1:30 PM EDT

Prof offers extra credit for attending Democrat campaign event

"They would like a really big turnout."

Erin Cooke Oct 15, 2018 at
12:29 PM EDT

Judge dismisses claims in UNM due process case

“This result, while disappointing, is not altogether surprising."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 14, 2018 at
4:07 PM EDT
Zachary Petrizzo Oct 14, 2018 at
2:57 PM EDT

Ky. faculty, students try and fail to shut down Trump rally

"[T]hese professors and students feel entitled enough to try and shut down the President's speech..."

Zachary Petrizzo Oct 13, 2018 at
9:44 PM EDT

Students use cupcakes, tie-dye in diversity talk

“[D]ecorating cupcakes likely does not have any effect."

Celine Ryan Oct 12, 2018 at
5:40 PM EDT

College speaker suggests American colonization was 'illegal'

“We project a facade of freedom, truth, and opportunity."

Katelyn Anderson Oct 12, 2018 at
1:30 PM EDT
Kyle Hooten Oct 12, 2018 at
10:56 AM EDT

UMich punishes prof who denied Israel recommendation

"Your behavior…will not be tolerated.”

Sergei Kelley Oct 11, 2018 at
3:20 PM EDT

USC admin questions why school can't just ban Shapiro

"[S]tudents have pointed out that this rhetoric has no place in an educational environment..."

Adam Sabes Oct 10, 2018 at
4:50 PM EDT

Student government pushes anti-Kavanaugh resolution

"[A]nother blatant example of their disregard for the voice[s] of conservative students.”

Zachary Petrizzo Oct 10, 2018 at
1:09 PM EDT

University of Illinois defends new 'Trumpaganda' course

“This particular course is the first of what we hope will be a series..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 10, 2018 at
10:51 AM EDT

Student charged for allegedly making false anti-LGBT threats against herself

“Making ‘false alarms’ is a first-degree misdemeanor."

Zachary Petrizzo Oct 10, 2018 at
8:39 AM EDT

Kent State asks student not to give interviews amid scrutiny

“Why would they want that? For no good reason."

Celine Ryan Oct 09, 2018 at
5:28 PM EDT

College admin warns students of 'disturbing' pro-life display

"[T]hese activities will be taking place, should you desire to avoid the area.”

Carmen Diaz Oct 09, 2018 at
4:16 PM EDT

Law prof tackles Tea Party and Trump in Islamophobia lecture

“It seems to me that this new wave of Islamophobia that’s been emboldened by Trump..."

Matthew Penza Oct 09, 2018 at
12:42 PM EDT

Kavanaugh flyers torn down, students threatened with violence

"[W]here intellectual diversity should be cherished, it is being suppressed."

The Cincinnati Republic Oct 08, 2018 at
12:44 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Oct 07, 2018 at
3:40 PM EDT

College dean condemns student clubs blacklisting students

"[A]ny future use of such lists may result in organizational and individual disciplinary sanctions.”

The Claremont Independent Oct 05, 2018 at
5:22 PM EDT

Georgetown prof on 'research leave' after incendiary tweets

Georgetown University Associate Professor Christine Fair is now on “research leave” after making incendiary statements about Republican politicians on her blog as well as on social media. 

Grace Gottschling Oct 05, 2018 at
4:21 PM EDT
Zachary Petrizzo and Ema Gavrilovic Oct 05, 2018 at
12:09 PM EDT

Columbia pro-Israel groups protest 'hostile' campus environment

"We commend the bravery of these students..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 04, 2018 at
4:18 PM EDT

SDSU changes policy on suspect race descriptions

"This is completely hypocritical and discriminatory..."

Zachary Petrizzo Oct 04, 2018 at
1:28 PM EDT
Adam Sabes Oct 04, 2018 at
11:00 AM EDT

University of Colorado adopts new 'expression policies'

"[F]or the benefit of our students, faculty and staff."

Grace Gottschling Oct 03, 2018 at
12:08 PM EDT
Adam Sabes Oct 02, 2018 at
12:02 PM EDT
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