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VIDEO: Calif College Republicans' signs stolen

"We're taking them because they're inaccurate."

Rob Shimshock and Jon Street Today at
5:09 PM EDT
Jon Street Today at
4:44 PM EDT
Megan Olson Today at
2:15 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/Fox Business

Cornell lecture to focus on 'racism' and 'sexism' in Trump era

An Ivy League university is hosting a lecture on “racism” and “sexism” in the Trump era.

Kenneth Nelson Today at
11:50 AM EDT
Sophie Czerniecki Nov 11, 2018 at
12:52 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: UMN French class devolves into liberal GOTV effort

“Distributing published materials prohibited.”

Megan Olson Nov 09, 2018 at
5:52 PM EDT

UCLA hosts Palestinian conference amid 'anti-Semitism' claims

"Some may interpret as an intention to endorse violence."

Arik Schneider Today at
10:46 AM EDT
Kenneth Nelson Nov 09, 2018 at
5:23 PM EDT

Prof sues over gender pronoun usage

"Tolerance is a two-way street."

Adam Sabes and Genesis Sanchez Nov 09, 2018 at
11:55 AM EDT

Stanford hosts lecture on Trump admin's 'racist agenda'

"[T]he racist agenda unfolded in a far more chaotic and ‘noisy’ manner."

Grace Gottschling Nov 09, 2018 at
5:10 AM EDT

Ga. TA: Dems should 'wage war' on 'crappy' white electorate

"If races were reversed in this situation, he would have been suspended or fired.”

Andrew Lawrence Nov 08, 2018 at
5:26 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 08, 2018 at
5:07 PM EDT

Univ of Utah offers 'Adolescent Gender Management' clinic

"[F]or transgender, non-binary, intersex, and non-conforming youth..."

Frances Floresca Nov 08, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
8:24 PM EDT

Georgetown class has students produce 'social justice' documentaries 'for social action'

"[D]emonstrate ways through which documentary video can be used to meet social justice ends."

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
7:24 PM EDT

Calif college wants 'progressive thought leaders at every level of gov't'

To "influence public policy and grassroots organizing."

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
5:12 PM EDT

U Wyoming sponsors 'alternative spring break' to US-Mexico border

"[T]his just seems very pro-’get rid of borders.'"

Celine Ryan Nov 07, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT

Prayers during graduation land Mich. colleges in hot water

A civil rights group filed a complaint against two Michigan colleges after commencement speakers gave prayers during their commencement speeches.

Kenneth Nelson Nov 07, 2018 at
10:32 AM EDT
Photo credit: Jacob Cone/Used with permission

UGA ETHICS employee caught taking GOP signs

"[F]eel free to rip them up yourself."

Andrew Lawrence Nov 07, 2018 at
9:01 AM EDT

Did college admins, faculty help swing midterm results?

Polls show that young voter turnout was unprecedented...


SUNY lecturer charged for stealing GOP lawn signs

“I did it in a moment of weakness..."

Kenneth Nelson Nov 06, 2018 at
2:15 PM EDT
Genesis Sanchez Nov 06, 2018 at
11:14 AM EDT
Sophie Czerniecki Nov 06, 2018 at
10:47 AM EDT

Mich college accused of using public resources to promote tax hike

"...please consider voting ‘Yes’ for the Ballot Proposal"

Kenneth Nelson Nov 06, 2018 at
4:30 AM EDT
Jon Street Nov 05, 2018 at
3:48 PM EDT

Mich State student gov denies, then approves, 'Israel Week' funding

"Members of the board did not feel comfortable..."

Sergei Kelley Nov 05, 2018 at
1:12 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 05, 2018 at
10:10 AM EDT

UC Berkeley group disavows own student senator over conservative Christian views

“I cannot vote for these bills without compromising my values..."

Jon Street Nov 03, 2018 at
12:47 PM EDT
Grace Gottschling Nov 02, 2018 at
4:35 PM EDT
Screengrab: FSU College Republicans
Genesis Sanchez Nov 02, 2018 at
2:58 PM EDT
Photo Credit: YouTube/USA Today
Rob Shimshock and Grace Gottschling Nov 01, 2018 at
7:10 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/CBS News

Admin 'regrets' urging students to 'speak against' Trump caravan response (UPDATED)

"[T]he email...may have suggested that UofL was taking sides on political issues.”

Adam Sabes Nov 01, 2018 at
5:44 PM EDT

Prof asks students to compare Trump, Nazi policies

"[E]xamine and analyze more current anti-immigrant laws in the United States..."

Celine Ryan Nov 01, 2018 at
5:20 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Nov 01, 2018 at
1:52 PM EDT
Photo Credit: YouTube/petey pablo

Dartmouth prof: 'If we don't abolish capitalism, capitalism will abolish us'

A Dartmouth professor argued on Tuesday that "if we don't abolish capitalism, capitalism will abolish us."

Rob Shimshock Nov 01, 2018 at
11:47 AM EDT

Calif. students learn ‘construction of whiteness’

“This class has opened my eyes to seeing racism..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 31, 2018 at
4:32 PM EDT

University of Denver hosts ‘White Privilege Symposium’

"[C]hallenging white check their own white [privilege]..."

Adam Sabes Oct 31, 2018 at
4:21 PM EDT
Screengrab: YouTube/KDKA-TV

UMich hosts anti-Israel activists two days after synagogue massacre

"The university should apologize for holding this event.”

Autumn Price Oct 31, 2018 at
2:35 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: 100 percent of Univ. of Oregon admin, 99.95 percent of faculty donate to Dems

Just $35.17...percent of donations, went to Republican causes or politicians.

Grace Gottschling Oct 31, 2018 at
12:14 PM EDT
Frances Floresca Oct 31, 2018 at
9:50 AM EDT

U. of Utah tackles cultural appropriation and co-optation

"Check your privilege. And, have fun."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 30, 2018 at
6:37 PM EDT

MSU FLOWCHART helps students decide if costumes are 'racist'

"[T]ensions arise when certain things happen through costumes..."

Sergei Kelley Oct 30, 2018 at
2:12 PM EDT

Princeton student gov issues checklist for 'inclusive' Halloween

"Take some time out and ask yourself these questions..."

Matthew Penza Oct 30, 2018 at
12:11 PM EDT

UDenver polices Halloween with 'We're a Culture, Not a Costume' campaign

"[To] better create a respectful and inclusive campus for all..."

Adam Sabes Oct 30, 2018 at
10:07 AM EDT
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