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Prof walks back remarks about conservative group

Grollman bills himself as a “black queer non-binary intellectual activist."

Zachary Petrizzo Sep 11, 2018 at
12:02 PM EDT

College's 'diversity in astronomy' push is out of this world

"[t]he first of its kind, as far as we are aware."

Celine Ryan Sep 11, 2018 at
8:51 AM EDT

University lights up as culture, politics 'shift'

Stockton University in New Jersey launched a “Cannabis Studies” minor this fall, which consists of five courses that the school says will give students the education required to excel in the field of cannabis. But, as the school made clear, the new program does not constitute an endorsement of the drug.

Zachary Petrizzo Sep 10, 2018 at
5:12 PM EDT

Nike ad campaign backlash gains steam

A Tennessee state senator wants to know which publicly-funded colleges and universities currently have contracts with Nike after the apparel company unveiled its new ad campaign featuring the controversial former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. 

Jon Street Sep 10, 2018 at
3:31 PM EDT

New York students will read Marx in 'Capitalism Versus Nature' course

The New School for Social Research, a graduate school in Lower Manhattan, will offer a course next semester to explore how feminist and Marxist theory can help save the environment. 

Toni Airaksinen Sep 10, 2018 at
1:04 PM EDT

'Jihad' module in terrorism class syllabus angers students

A professor teaching a class on terrorism at The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-M) included a 20-day module on “Jihad,” which drew criticism from students at the school...

Adam Sabes Sep 10, 2018 at
8:24 AM EDT

Lawsuit accuses college of 'limiting' first amendment rights

A self-described non-partisan political student group at the College of Charleston in South Carolina recently filed a lawsuit against the college for denying them the status of a registered campus organization. While the college explained that they decided to do so because of the similarity to other clubs, the lawsuit explains otherwise.

Mason McKie Sep 08, 2018 at
3:15 PM EDT

STUDY: Conservative women are not identity politics fans

A new study finds that conservative women in college are less likely to support the use of identity politics in presidential campaigns.

Toni Airaksinen Sep 07, 2018 at
5:25 PM EDT

Harvard Prof: Merit-based admissions 'reproduce inequality'

A Harvard University professor claims in a new academic study that merit-based admission processes at elite universities “reproduce inequality.”

Toni Airaksinen Sep 07, 2018 at
3:28 PM EDT

Penn State math course covers 'imperialism' and 'cultural intolerance'

A professor teaching a general education math course at Penn State University included pages of his personal opinion on politics and social justice issues in exams.

Grace Gottschling Sep 07, 2018 at
1:09 PM EDT

No. 2 ranked U.S. law school study finds conservative profs shunned by elite schools

A study by a researcher at Stanford University , the No. 2 ranked law school in the U.S., finds that conservative or libertarian law professors are discriminated against largely at top-ranked law schools when compared with their liberal and moderate peers.

Grace Gottschling Sep 07, 2018 at
9:59 AM EDT
A photo of Michael Goldstein's father, a former KCC president, was defaced in February.

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish prof demands security amid 'coordinated harassment'

A City University of New York (CUNY) administrator is demanding that the school protect him from a “coordinated harassment and discrimination campaign” that has left him “fearing for his life.”

Grace Gottschling Sep 06, 2018 at
5:01 PM EDT

Missouri college just says no to Nike over Kaepernick ad

A Missouri college has dropped Nike an athletic apparel provider, just days after the company unveiled its new ad campaign featuring controversial former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. 

Jon Street Sep 06, 2018 at
3:58 PM EDT
(Photo Credit: YouTube/Sargon of Akkad)

WATCH: Barbara Bush-bashing prof cheered and applauded on first day back at school

The California State University, Fresno professor who bashed Barbara Bush on the day of her death returned to class on Wednesday.

Rob Shimshock Sep 06, 2018 at
2:40 PM EDT

VIDEO: UNC prof charged with assault at Confederate statue toppling

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill police charged a professor with simple assault during the toppling of a Confederate statue on campus, the school told Campus Reform on Wednesday.

Rob Shimshock and Celine Ryan Sep 06, 2018 at
12:51 PM EDT

VIDEO: Maryland students flirt with their 'ecosexual' sides on Tinder

This month, Professor Lauran Whitworth of Saint Mary’s College of Maryland turned heads with her piece on environmental conservation in the academic journal Feminist Theory. 

Cabot Phillips Sep 06, 2018 at
10:07 AM EDT

Wisconsin student labeled 'disruptive' for passing out 'Jesus loves you' valentines takes a stand

A Wisconsin student sued her school on Tuesday after the administration labeled her a “disruptive student” when she handed out Valentine’s Day cards reading “Jesus Loves You.”

Zachary Petrizzo Sep 05, 2018 at
5:16 PM EDT

University of Minnesota motions to dismiss Shapiro lawsuit

The University of Minnesota is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the school of "banishing" Ben Shapiro to "an inadequate venue."

Adam Sabes Sep 05, 2018 at
12:11 PM EDT

Psych. Professor: Conservative Beliefs 'Positively Associated With Prejudice'

A University Of Buffalo psychology professor says that students who support President Trump or his “America First” policies are “more likely” to show prejudice toward international students.

Jesse Stiller Sep 05, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT

Vox: Liberal censorship- not conservative- is the real issue published an article Friday claiming liberals are the true victims when it comes to free speech censorship on American college campuses, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Jon Street Sep 04, 2018 at
1:12 PM EDT

Prof. critical of court system suspended for use of N-word

A white Emory University law professor who wrote that the American judicial system is “plagued” by “racism” was suspended this week for allegedly using the N-word in class.

Jon Street Sep 04, 2018 at
12:30 PM EDT

Democratic socialists launch 'College for All' campaign

The Young Democratic Socialists of America plan to launch a “College for All” campaign on college campuses across the country this Labor Day. 

Abigail Marone and Zach Petrizzo Sep 04, 2018 at
6:51 AM EDT

University of Illinois makes massive free-tuition 'commitment'

Starting next year, the University of Illinois will waive all tuition and fees for new in-state students with family incomes below the state median.

Blair Nelson Aug 31, 2018 at
11:57 AM EDT
The U.S. Department of Justice.

DOJ not buying Harvard's defense in affirmative action case

The Department of Justice is siding against Harvard University in a lawsuit accusing the school of discriminating against Asian American applicants.

Nicole Sturgis Aug 31, 2018 at
11:01 AM EDT

Prof touts 'ecosexuality' as 'environmental activist strategy'

A professor recently published a scholarly article exploring how “queer environmentalism” and “ecosexuality” can make environmentalism more appealing.

Zachary Petrizzo Aug 30, 2018 at
3:27 PM EDT

Florida State implementing mandatory stress reduction training

Florida State University is requiring new students to learn about coping with stress, but will exempt those who have "experienced significant trauma."

Grace Gottschling Aug 30, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT

University of Illinois grad students declare 'sanctuary union'

The public sector union representing graduate student-employees at the University of Illinois passed a resolution declaring itself a “Sanctuary Union.”

Blair Nelson Aug 29, 2018 at
10:20 AM EDT

Task force suggests 'compulsory social justice training'

A Social Justice Task Force wants SUNY Plattsburgh to make wide-ranging and potentially costly efforts to promote “diversity and inclusion” on campus.

Celine Ryan Aug 29, 2018 at
10:00 AM EDT

Student workers union gets less than it bargained for from UC

The University of California Student Workers Union has reached a contract agreement with the UC system, but the union is not calling it a victory.

Adam Sabes Aug 28, 2018 at
3:54 PM EDT

Berkeley students teach peers about 'whiteness,' 'decolonizing'

This fall, UC Berkeley students can learn about “white comfort/coddling,” Israeli "colonialism" in Palestine, and "decolonizing" academic research.

Celine Ryan Aug 28, 2018 at
11:58 AM EDT

UPenn Women's Center targeted in federal Title IX complaint

The National Coalition for Men has filed a Title IX complaint against the University of Pennsylvania alleging that 22 programs unlawfully exclude men.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 28, 2018 at
10:47 AM EDT

Student workers attempt to unionize, claim ‘labor exploitation’

A group of Swarthmore College students are attempting to form a union to demand pay raises funded by the school's endowment.

Matthew Stein Aug 27, 2018 at
4:05 PM EDT

University facilitates ‘feminist parenting group’

The University of Kansas is facilitating a “feminist parenting group” to teach "strategies for raising intersectional feminist children.”

Celine Ryan Aug 27, 2018 at
12:43 PM EDT

Title IX complaint filed against ‘hate men’ professor

The nation’s oldest men’s group has filed a Title IX complaint against Northeastern University after a professor publicly advocated hating men.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 24, 2018 at
9:13 PM EDT

Clemson RAs freed from mandated 'commitment to social justice'

Clemson University RAs no longer have to “demonstrate commitment to social justice” to be eligible for the position.

Grace Gottschling Aug 24, 2018 at
11:48 AM EDT

Student leaders to get 'cultural humility' training at Baylor

Baylor University is implementing a new “cultural humility” training to help student leaders prevent and respond to “microaggressions.”

Grace Gottschling Aug 24, 2018 at
9:16 AM EDT

Profs get $248k grant to study ‘gender microaggressions’

The NSF has awarded three Iowa State University professors more than $248,000 to study “gender microaggressions” in engineering.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 23, 2018 at
10:50 AM EDT

YDSA urges socialists to infiltrate public education

The YDSA is urging socialists to “take jobs as teachers” in order to exploit the “political, economic, and social potential the industry holds.”

Zachary Petrizzo Aug 23, 2018 at
7:32 AM EDT
Antifa members on the march.

Profs want police to treat alt-right groups as 'street gangs'

Two professors believe that political violence would best be deterred by treating groups they define as “alt-right” as “conventional street gangs.”

Celine Ryan Aug 22, 2018 at
2:38 PM EDT

CU-Boulder offers class on ‘Whiteness Studies’

The University of Colorado-Boulder offers a course for students who wish to explore the “consequences” of whiteness.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 22, 2018 at
10:10 AM EDT

Instructor tries to quarantine gun owners in back of class

A University of Utah TA tried to create a “Second Amendment zone” in a classroom, forcing students with guns to stand in the back of the room.

Frances Floresca Aug 21, 2018 at
6:33 PM EDT

NSF hands out $45M to encourage Hispanic STEM students

The NSF is doling out $45 million to 31 “Hispanic-serving institutions” in hopes of increasing the number of Hispanic students in STEM fields.

Celine Ryan Aug 21, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT
Silent Sam after being vandalized earlier this year (Photo credit: Kirk A. Bado)

Student protesters tear down Confederate statue at UNC

Student protesters tore down a Confederate statue known as "Silent Sam" at the University of North Carolina Monday night.

Grace Gottschling Aug 21, 2018 at
9:49 AM EDT

Harvard's last sorority crumbles in face of new sanctions

Just one year ago, Harvard had four sororities. Now it has none.

Nicole Sturgis Aug 21, 2018 at
9:22 AM EDT

VIDEO: Millennials say America was ‘never that great’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's claim that America "was never that great" appears to have struck a chord with young voters.

Cabot Phillips Aug 21, 2018 at
6:55 AM EDT

Florida university cuts ties with Confucius Institute

UNF is cutting ties with its Confucius Institute, which lawmakers have criticized as a propaganda outlet for the Chinese Communist Party.

Grace Gottschling Aug 20, 2018 at
2:04 PM EDT

Judges stymie profs' efforts to overturn campus carry

Judges have handed losses to professors attempting to eliminate campus carry in both Texas and Georgia.

Adam Sabes Aug 20, 2018 at
12:22 PM EDT

Students condemn course on ‘Colonizing Palestine’ at Tufts

Pro-Israel students are condemning a course on “Colonizing Palestine,” saying it advances a “biased narrative” that could “devolve into propaganda.”

George Behrakis and Toni Airaksinen Aug 20, 2018 at
11:19 AM EDT
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