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Profs puzzled that conservatives resist social justice courses

Two education professors recently argued that conservative teachers who resist social justice theories may not be qualified to work with children.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 20, 2018 at
10:30 AM EDT

All-women's college asks profs not to call students 'women'

Mount Holyoke College, an all-women’s school, is asking professors to avoid calling students “women” or otherwise referring to “the two genders.”

Toni Airaksinen Mar 19, 2018 at
4:00 PM EDT

Profs claim scientific objectivity reinforces 'whiteness'

A newly published academic journal article argues that science educators must do more to combat “whiteness” and “White ideology” in the classroom.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 19, 2018 at
2:29 PM EDT

Vandals dismantle pro-life display at Clemson

Yet another pro-life display set up by a conservative student group was destroyed by vandals last week, this time at Clemson University.

Mitchell Gunter and Bradley Devlin Mar 19, 2018 at
1:46 PM EDT

Prof calls conservative students a 'racist mob'

A controversial professor who drew national attention for his “white racism” course recently gave a lecture equating conservative students to Nazis.

Kyle Hooten Mar 19, 2018 at
11:57 AM EDT

MAP: 24 states have now proposed campus free speech bills

At least 24 states have now either introduced or passed legislation defending freedom of speech on public college campuses.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 19, 2018 at
11:16 AM EDT

Pro-life group defamed with fake anti-feminist flyers

The only pro-life club at the University of Minnesota-Duluth has been targeted with fake flyers that frame the pro-life movement as misogynistic.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 19, 2018 at
10:17 AM EDT

Prof blasts 'toxic meritocracy' of 'competitive' video games

A Seattle University professor contends in a new book that “toxic meritocracy” in video games helps fuel the “dark sides” of gaming culture.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 19, 2018 at
9:23 AM EDT

'Crusaders' mascot succumbs to 'Islamophobia' concerns

The College of the Holy Cross has decided to cease using "knight imagery" despite a Board of Trustees decision to retain the “Crusader” nickname.

Sandor Farkas Mar 16, 2018 at
4:18 PM EDT

Prof stops teaching after backlash to anti-Trump test question

A California State University-Northridge professor stopped teaching classes in January after receiving backlash over an anti-Trump question on an exam.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 16, 2018 at
2:57 PM EDT
A Cemetery of the Innocents display at Northern Kentucky University (sans trigger warning).

University scraps 'trigger warnings' for pro-life displays

Miami University (Ohio) has settled a lawsuit with Students for Life by agreeing to eliminate mandatory “trigger warnings” for pro-life speech.

Autumn Price Mar 16, 2018 at
1:24 PM EDT

VIDEO: Cultural appropriation worries ruin St. Patrick's Day

College students traditionally love St. Patrick's Day, but how do they feel after realizing that it's a form of cultural appropriation?

Cabot Phillips Mar 16, 2018 at
12:22 PM EDT

University offers guide on 'talking to kids about whiteness'

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has created a new “resource for parents” to help them with “talking to kids about whiteness.”

Adam Sabes Mar 16, 2018 at
11:44 AM EDT

Colleges offer certificate focused on abortion rights

Five Massachusetts colleges offer students the ability to earn a certificate in “reproductive justice,” the progressive euphemism for abortion rights.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 16, 2018 at
10:13 AM EDT
This is one of the incidents cited as evidence of

Fordham protesters accuse conservatives of 'white supremacy'

Fordham students protested against “white supremacy” Monday, citing an attempt by conservative students to buy coffee while wearing MAGA gear.

Sandor Farkas Mar 15, 2018 at
4:22 PM EDT
One professor's reaction to the news that Republicans are becoming increasingly skeptical of higher education.

POLL: Perception of liberal bias hurting support for higher ed

A vast majority of college presidents believe that “the perception of liberal political bias” is behind declining public support for higher education.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 15, 2018 at
3:30 PM EDT
It's official: Charles Murray will be able to speak at the University of Miami.

Students find sponsors for Murray event, but protest fears loom

Three University of Miami departments have agreed to cover the security fees for an upcoming Charles Murray event.

Adam Sabes Mar 15, 2018 at
2:17 PM EDT

Diversity committee urges school to build 'multicultural' space

Worcester State University is considering a long list of diversity-related initiatives, including the creation of a "multicultural common space."

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 15, 2018 at
11:52 AM EDT

Poli-Sci exam blames capitalism for 'sweatshop conditions'

A poli-sci exam at San Diego Miramar College featured questions equating capitalism to "exploitation" and calling the War on Terror "propaganda."

Michael Huling Mar 15, 2018 at
11:04 AM EDT

UCLA student gov hosts phone bank to demand free abortions

The UCLA student government has come under fire for hosting a phone-banking session encouraging students to lobby for abortion on demand.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 15, 2018 at
10:08 AM EDT

Prof smears conservative comedian as 'alt-right Neo-Nazi'

A lecturer at UT-Arlington reportedly shared several false claims about conservative comedian Steven Crowder, even accusing him of advocating murder.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 14, 2018 at
3:27 PM EDT

Scholar traces current 'campus intolerance' to 60's radicals

A new report traces the current climate of intolerance for free speech on college campuses to the "New Left" philosophies of the 1960s.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 14, 2018 at
1:50 PM EDT

University admin forced out over affiliation with gun-maker

A university administrator was recently pressured into resigning because she would not relinquish her spot on the board of a top gun manufacturer.

Anthony Gockowski Mar 14, 2018 at
12:29 PM EDT
Commencement at Harvard University.

Harvard adds sanctions on single-gender clubs to handbook

Harvard University has now fully implemented a controversial policy imposing sanctions on members of “unrecognized single-gender organizations."

Celine Ryan Mar 14, 2018 at
10:19 AM EDT

DePaul reverses decision to reject Steven Crowder

DePaul University has overturned its decision to prevent its YAF chapter from hosting conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder.

Ema Gavrilovic Mar 13, 2018 at
3:28 PM EDT

UMN president condemns ‘harmful’ BDS referendum

UMN President Eric Kaler roundly condemned the BDS movement after the student body passed a referendum calling for divestment from Israel.

Anthony Gockowski Mar 13, 2018 at
2:41 PM EDT

College Republicans cause panic with immigration event

The UC-Merced College Republicans provoked outrage throughout their "sanctuary campus" recently by holding an event promoting immigration enforcement.

Mitchell Gunter Mar 13, 2018 at
1:09 PM EDT

'Feminist Health' course suggests disease is 'subjective'

UMass-Amherst is offering a feminist-themed health class exploring whether diseases are "subjective states" determined by societal biases.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 13, 2018 at
11:10 AM EDT

Michigan lawmakers fed up with inaction on campus free speech

Michigan lawmakers want to amend the state's Constitution to give the Legislature control over protecting free speech on college campuses.

Adam Sabes Mar 13, 2018 at
10:06 AM EDT

UMN hosting prof to lecture on ‘the violence of whiteness’

The University of Minnesota is hosting a professor dedicated to “dismantling whiteness” to discuss how whiteness is an “existential threat” to the U.S.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 13, 2018 at
7:51 AM EDT

POLL: 3-in-5 students say campus climate 'deters speech'

A growing number of college students are concerned about hostility to free speech on campus, especially for those expressing conservative viewpoints.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 12, 2018 at
1:44 PM EDT

Swarthmore students removed by cops for blockading Trump Hotel

Three Swarthmore College students were removed by police last week for blockading the entrance to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Matthew Stein Mar 12, 2018 at
12:32 PM EDT

Stanford reverses decision to block CR logo featuring US flag

Stanford University has reversed its decision to reject a College Republicans T-shirt logo design because it featured parts of the American flag.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 12, 2018 at
11:12 AM EDT

Student gov spends $5,000 to attend diversity conference

The SUNY Albany student government spent $5,000 to send six members to a diversity conference in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Matthew Noyes Mar 12, 2018 at
10:45 AM EDT

Lawmakers push bill to limit Chinese influence in higher ed

Lawmakers are sounding the alarm about "Confucius Institutes" set up at American universities with funding from the Chinese Communist Party.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 12, 2018 at
8:17 AM EDT

Florida outlaws free speech zones in higher ed bill

Florida passed a massive higher education bill which eliminates so-called “free speech zones,” pending Governor Rick Scott’s signature.

Adam Sabes Mar 09, 2018 at
1:57 PM EDT

Student barred from class for claiming there are two genders

A student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was barred from attending a religious studies class after pointing out that there are only two genders.

Mitchell Gunter and Bradley Devlin Mar 09, 2018 at
1:30 PM EDT
A BDS supporter at a protest.

Texas A&M student gov passes resolution condemning BDS

The Texas A&M University Student Senate has passed a resolution in support of Jewish students on campus and condemning the BDS movement.

Sandor Farkas Mar 09, 2018 at
11:49 AM EDT

University restores status of Christian group following lawsuit

Wayne State University has restored the status of a Christian student group just two days after being hit with a lawsuit for decertifying it.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 09, 2018 at
10:32 AM EDT

University cancels leadership conference over lack of diversity

A Catholic university in Minnesota cancelled a leadership conference it had planned to host in January after determining that it had selected an insufficiently diverse pool of speakers.

Mitchell Rolling Mar 08, 2018 at
3:50 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @RSF_Austin

Communist students vandalize WWI memorial at UT-Austin

A UT-Austin student group that advocates armed revolution against “the capitalist state” vandalized a fountain on campus for International Women’s Day.

Kassy Dillon Mar 08, 2018 at
2:43 PM EDT

Iowa Dems claim free speech bill would 'legalize' discrimination

Democrats in the Iowa Senate argue that a proposed free speech bill would create “legalized” discrimination.

Adam Sabes Mar 08, 2018 at
2:01 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @charlesmurray

Student paper apologizes for printing photo of Charles Murray

The editor-in-chief of the Middlebury College student newspaper has personally apologized for running a photo of conservative scholar Charles Murray.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 08, 2018 at
1:37 PM EDT
Women's March participants in Orange County, California

Prof to discuss 'reproductive justice in the age of Trump’ at USM

USM is hosting a lecture next month on "reproductive justice in the age of Trump" and how it counters “white supremacy and male supremacy.”

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 08, 2018 at
12:42 PM EDT

UCSB students demand more resources for illegal immigrants

A student group at UC-Santa Barbara staged a walkout Monday to demand immigration reform and various resources for illegal immigrant students.

Sandor Farkas Mar 08, 2018 at
11:28 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: UCLA Social Justice Advocates

UCLA 'Social Justice Advocates' resume fight against 'privilege'

UCLA's "Social Justice Advocates" program is once again paying students to fight “whiteness, privilege, and heteronormativity” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen Mar 08, 2018 at
9:54 AM EDT

Liberals have 20:1 edge in student fee funding at UW-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison students pay an estimated $7.60 to fund liberal causes each fiscal year, but just $0.36 towards conservative groups.

Sandor Farkas Mar 07, 2018 at
3:48 PM EDT

Christian students sue university for revoking club status

A Christian student group is accusing Wayne State University of revoking its status for requiring its leaders to affirm Christian beliefs.

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 07, 2018 at
2:50 PM EDT

Popular academic org continues to call for gun control

The AAUP is publicly calling for what it deems “sensible gun control measures,” such as prohibiting all firearms on college campuses. 

Nikita Vladimirov Mar 07, 2018 at
2:32 PM EDT

Prof compares conservatives to white supremacists

A professor recently compared conservative students to white supremacists, suggesting that there is “so much overlap between their beliefs.” 

Celine Ryan Mar 07, 2018 at
1:22 PM EDT
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