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Barnard rejects demand for less ‘Eurocentric’ literature

The Barnard College English Department has refused to bow to student activists who are demanding that it drop its focus on “Eurocentric” literature.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 06, 2018 at
12:52 PM EDT

Prof exposes $11 million payroll for 'diversicrats' at UMich

The University of Michigan spends more than $8 million per year on salaries for 93 full-time diversity employees, according to one of its own professors.

Grace Gottschling Jun 06, 2018 at
12:19 PM EDT

Students accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for braided hair

Two Cal Poly students are under fire for a circulating Snapchat photo in which they are allegedly “engaging in cultural appropriation.”

Celine Ryan Jun 06, 2018 at
11:05 AM EDT

UW-Madison renames ‘LGBT Center’ to avoid ‘binaries’

The University of Madison-Wisconsin is changing the name of its LGBT Center amid concerns that the former name reinforces “binaries” and “labels.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 06, 2018 at
8:49 AM EDT

Catholic university bans ‘proselytizing’ on campus

Marquette University students are free to “evangelize” on the Catholic school's campus, but may not “proselytize.”

Zachary Petrizzo Jun 06, 2018 at
7:48 AM EDT

Cal Poly faculty resolution imperils conservative events

The faculty government at Cal Poly will vote Tuesday on a resolution targeting campus conservative groups over security costs for their events.

Sandor Farkas Jun 05, 2018 at
5:48 PM EDT

Prof details 'barrage of microaggressions' from white colleagues

A Marquette University professor says she keeps a diary of “everyday microaggressions” to help her overcome her own “whiteness” in order to “recognize racism.”

Zachary Petrizzo Jun 05, 2018 at
2:06 PM EDT
The main character (left) and a

Grad student creates video game to fight ‘toxic masculinity’

A Mills College student created a “nonviolent dungeon crawler” video game to combat “toxic masculinity” as their Master's thesis in Computer Science.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 05, 2018 at
10:59 AM EDT

STUDY: Feminists more willing to ‘sacrifice’ men

Feminist women are more willing than other women to sacrifice men in a hypothetical moral dilemma task, according to a new study.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 05, 2018 at
9:25 AM EDT

VIDEO: Student explodes over anti-socialist event

A political activist at Santa Clara University attempted to derail an anti-socialist event by harassing conservative students and damaging property.

Thea Dunlevie Jun 05, 2018 at
7:53 AM EDT

Course claims ‘masculinity is problematic’ for everyone

An upcoming course at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is slated to examine how the concept of masculinity is “problematic” for men and women.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 05, 2018 at
6:39 AM EDT

University offers to pay student to promote social justice

The University of Kansas is recruiting a “Student Social Justice Educator” to help administrators create “an inclusive campus community through social justice.”

Celine Ryan Jun 04, 2018 at
12:47 PM EDT

Profs say female STEM grades don’t reflect ‘perceived effort’

Four Otterbein University professors say women may be averse to STEM fields because they feel their grades don't reflect their "perceived effort."

Toni Airaksinen Jun 04, 2018 at
11:56 AM EDT

ASU touts prospect of 'green' jobs for social justice majors

Arizona State University is offering students a chance to obtain a Bachelor’s or Masters degree in “Social Justice and Human Rights.”

Nicholas Sherman Jun 04, 2018 at
10:40 AM EDT
Pro-life demonstrators protesting Planned Parenthood.

Students launch petition to save abortionist fellowship

Students are petitioning the University of Minnesota to reinstate a controversial fellowship that would use taxpayer funds to train an abortionist.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 04, 2018 at
9:54 AM EDT

Mayim Bialik backs out of UCLA commencement to support strikers

Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik has withdrawn as commencement speaker for the UCLA class of 2018 in solidarity with a UC employee union strike.

Celine Ryan Jun 04, 2018 at
7:31 AM EDT

Students accuse Northwestern of referring students to abortion

Students are accusing Northwestern University of failing to inform pregnant students of pro-life options by only referring them to abortion clinics.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 04, 2018 at
7:03 AM EDT

Conservative prof adds felony claim to lawsuit against NMSU

A conservative professor is adding a felony claim to his lawsuit accusing New Mexico State University of politically-motivated wrongful termination.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 01, 2018 at
4:55 PM EDT

School commits to 'freedom of thought,' but not speech

A conservative student who has been repeatedly censored says his school’s commitment to “freedom of thought” is meaningless since it omits "speech."

Toni Airaksinen Jun 01, 2018 at
2:51 PM EDT

PC culture causes growing rift between colleges, comedians

A recent VICE News report suggests that the tradition of popular comedians performing on college campuses may be coming to an end.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 01, 2018 at
12:49 PM EDT

Guide trains docs to persuade 'ambivalent' women to have abortions

UC-San Francisco's think-tank for “reproductive rights” is training doctors to steer “ambivalent” pregnant women to choose abortion.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 01, 2018 at
11:09 AM EDT
Prof. Dabashi's tweets have led to calls for him to be suspended from teaching.

Alumni group calls on Columbia to discipline anti-Semitic prof

A pro-Israel group is calling on Columbia University to discipline an Iranian Studies professor for a series of anti-Semitic social media posts.

Adam Sabes Jun 01, 2018 at
9:37 AM EDT

Students slam Northwestern for ‘morally wrong’ Plan B advice

Pro-life students at Northwestern University are calling the school’s advice on emergency contraception “patently misleading” and “morally wrong.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 01, 2018 at
8:37 AM EDT

Prof writes book calling for 'Marxist Education' in K-12

A professor who trains aspiring K-12 teachers is publishing a book that advocates for “Marxist and socialist ideas” in education.

Toni Airaksinen May 31, 2018 at
2:03 PM EDT

'Transgender handouts' examine 'Gender-Normative Privilege'

The UMass-Amherst Stonewall Center offers informational "transgender handouts" to guide students through topics such as “Gender-Normative Privilege.”

Zachary Petrizzo May 31, 2018 at
1:22 PM EDT

UMich seeks ‘socially just’ admin to resolve student conflicts

The University of Michigan is hiring an administrator to promote “trust building,” facilitate “racial healing,” and fight “microaggressions” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen May 31, 2018 at
11:40 AM EDT

Prof calls for ‘toxic masculinity’ training in kindergarten

A UW-Whitewater professor is urging schools to implement “Men’s Projects” to fight “toxic masculinity” in children as early as kindergarten.

Toni Airaksinen May 31, 2018 at
10:20 AM EDT
Riot police face off against Antifa protesters at the height of the disruptions at Evergreen State.

Profs claim Evergreen State report whitewashed campus meltdown

Several professors accuse Evergreen State College of manipulating a report on last year's violent protests to deflect blame for the crisis.

Adam Sabes May 31, 2018 at
9:06 AM EDT

Race Studies conference discusses 'white rage,' 'Becky'

The University of New Mexico is hosting a social justice conference exploring issues such as "colonization," "antiblackness," and "white rage."

Grace Gottschling May 30, 2018 at
7:03 PM EDT
Hofstra's Jefferson statue as it appeared after being defaced with stickers.

Hofstra rejects calls to remove Thomas Jefferson statue

Hofstra University has announced that a statue of Thomas Jefferson will remain on campus despite left-wing protests and vandalism.

Sandor Farkas May 30, 2018 at
4:32 PM EDT

University department promotes BLM leader's anti-Israel post

A University of Cincinnati department retracted an anti-Israel post from its official Facebook page, which an employee blamed on "white tears."

Kevin Fairchild May 30, 2018 at
3:44 PM EDT

University hosting 'privilege' workshops for 'white folks'

Humboldt State University is hosting a flurry of social justice workshops for “white folks” to have “conversations about race more productively.”

Celine Ryan May 30, 2018 at
2:46 PM EDT

Conservative prof claims he was fired over political beliefs

A conservative professor is suing New Mexico State University, claiming he was fired due to his political views.

Nikita Vladimirov May 30, 2018 at
1:47 PM EDT

Marquette doubles down on campaign against the 'i-word'

Marquette has elaborated on its guidance urging students to “drop the ‘i-word,’" saying the term “illegal” violates a cherished legal principle.

Zachary Petrizzo May 30, 2018 at
12:40 PM EDT

UCSF sponsoring abortionist fellowships at 30 colleges

UC-San Francisco offers a "Fellowship in Family Planning" that funds abortionist training programs at 30 colleges across the country.

Toni Airaksinen May 30, 2018 at
11:45 AM EDT

Leftist profs co-chair UVA commission on segregation

Two professors known for social justice activism and anti-Trump sentiments will co-chair the University of Virginia's new commission on segregation.

Abigail Marone May 30, 2018 at
11:04 AM EDT

Prof files restraining order against student who 'glared' at her

A Providence College student faced a staff-led protest and graphic threats from classmates after he posted a flyer about Catholic views on marriage.

Sandor Farkas May 30, 2018 at
10:04 AM EDT
Yusra Murad

UW grad slams ‘white liberal peers’ for phony activism

A recent graduate of UW-Madison called out her “white liberal peers” for their phony activism and virtue-signalling in a recently published op-ed.

Toni Airaksinen May 29, 2018 at
1:54 PM EDT

Prof creates guide to challenging anti-male discrimination

The professor who convinced the U.S. Department of Education to investigate anti-male discrimination in academia hopes others will follow his lead.

Toni Airaksinen May 29, 2018 at
12:42 PM EDT
Rob Henderson

Yale grad credits success to conservative values

A recent Yale University grad says conservative values helped him to succeed in college, despite a childhood spent in broken homes and foster care.

Toni Airaksinen May 29, 2018 at
10:39 AM EDT

Leaked memo reveals racial hiring quota for Clemson faculty

A leaked memo allegedly reveals that Clemson University is imposing racial quotas for new faculty hires in an effort to meet a “Diversity goal.”

Mitchell Gunter May 29, 2018 at
9:59 AM EDT

Conservative lawsuit against U of I proceeds to federal court

The University of Illinois has rejected a settlement offer from three student journalists who were punished after covering an on-campus protest.

Campus Reform Staff May 29, 2018 at
7:58 AM EDT

UMich absolves itself of anti-male discrimination claims

The University of Michigan has closed an internal Title IX investigation into allegations that 11 of its educational programs exclude men.

Toni Airaksinen May 29, 2018 at
7:05 AM EDT

Prof: NFL kneeling rule example of Trump's 'authoritarianism'

A University of Kansas professor says the NFL’s new kneeling policy is an example of the “alarming trend of authoritarianism” under President Trump.

Peyton Dillberg May 28, 2018 at
10:35 AM EDT

Prof claims she was dismissed for pro-Israel, anti-BDS views

A former UMD professor is preparing for a legal battle against administrators who she claims discriminated against her over a trip to Israel.

Grace Gottschling May 25, 2018 at
2:56 PM EDT

UNH prof gloats about disrupting conservative speaker

One of the protesters who disrupted Dave Rubin's speech at the University of New Hampshire turns out to be a Women's Studies professor at the school.

Celine Ryan May 25, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT

POLL: Dartmouth Dems reluctant to date, befriend conservatives

Democrat students at Dartmouth College are much less likely to date, befriend, or even study with someone who has differing political beliefs, according to a recent survey.

Adam Sabes May 25, 2018 at
10:29 AM EDT

University hosts profs for national 'Social Justice' summit

Western Illinois University is hosting its first-ever “social justice summit” for educators to “expand their social justice competency and capacity.”

Mason McKie May 24, 2018 at
4:16 PM EDT

University awards grants for ‘LGBTQ*-focused’ research

The University of Kentucky's Office of LGBTQ* Resources handed out $19,000 in scholarships and grants to promote “LGBTQ*-focused research.”

Celine Ryan May 24, 2018 at
1:28 PM EDT

Prof gets university to investigate programs that exclude men

UM-Flint has launched an unprecedented internal Title IX probe into allegations that 11 of its programs discriminate against males.

Toni Airaksinen May 24, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT
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