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AZ sides with citizens, ends in-state tuition for DACA students

The Arizona Supreme Court has ended in-state tuition for DACA students, freeing up resources for residents and international students.

Shanna Nelson Apr 30, 2018 at
1:51 PM EDT

TA asks students to show up at unionization sit-in for class

George Washington University graduate students are seeking to unionize, and at least one TA asked students show up at their sit-in for class.

Aimee Triana Apr 30, 2018 at
12:51 PM EDT

TA tweets about giving white students 'a runnnnn for their grade'

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is investigating a grad student’s tweet implying that she planned on giving white students bad grades.

Sandor Farkas Apr 30, 2018 at
12:16 PM EDT

Cal Poly tries to upstage conservative event with magic show

Cal Poly invited students to a magic show last week in hopes that they would avoid a “fake news” panel hosted by two conservative student groups.

Celine Ryan Apr 30, 2018 at
11:27 AM EDT

Liberal students admit to defacing Jefferson statue at Hofstra

Several Hofstra University students have openly confessed to defacing a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus with a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

Mitchell Gunter Apr 30, 2018 at
10:13 AM EDT

Prof foretells dire consequences from PC academic culture

A former Syracuse University professor issued a scathing condemnation of academia after leaving his post due to a run-in with PC orthodoxy.

Sandor Farkas Apr 28, 2018 at
1:49 PM EDT

Student gov threatens to give CR funds to Black Student Union

A UC-Berkeley Student Senator proposed that all student government funding for the College Republicans be reallocated to the Black Student Union.

Adam Sabes Apr 28, 2018 at
9:47 AM EDT

Kansas State offers $140k salary for Women's Studies chair

Kansas State University is offering a salary of up to $140,000 for an academic to chair its Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 27, 2018 at
3:52 PM EDT

Profs fast to demand use of endowment for 'social objectives'

Three professors are taking turns fasting for one week to pressure Swarthmore College to reverse a ban on using its endowment for “social objectives.”

Matthew Stein Apr 27, 2018 at
2:33 PM EDT

College Republicans email list used to 'identify the racists'

A former employee and recent graduate of UW-Stevens Point publicized a College Republicans email list on social media to "identify the racists."

Zachary Petrizzo Apr 27, 2018 at
12:31 PM EDT

Students demand ‘space for healing’ over drag show photo

Following criticism of the Seattle University student paper over a risqué drag show photo, students are demanding a “physical space for healing.”

Mitchell Gunter Apr 27, 2018 at
11:05 AM EDT
Student protesters disrupt a speech by Tommy Robinson last October.

Students storm library to denounce conservative 'hate speech'

About 20 students stormed the Columbia University library Wednesday to protest the College Republicans for bringing conservative speakers to campus.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 27, 2018 at
9:39 AM EDT

Students target frats for ‘cultural appropriation’

Student senators at the University of Washington-Seattle have introduced a bill that would require frats to prevent “cultural appropriation.”

Toni Airaksinen Apr 26, 2018 at
3:40 PM EDT

VIDEO: Student blasts ‘pale faces’ in pro-life movement

A member of the pro-abortion club at the University of Minnesota-Duluth compared pro-life students to white supremacists during an open mic event. 

Toni Airaksinen Apr 26, 2018 at
12:34 PM EDT
Students held a sit-in after the BDS vote was postponed, and now GW has officially rejected the proposal.

GW refuses to implement BDS resolution passed by secret vote

George Washington University has flatly refused to implement a divestment resolution passed by the student government in a secret vote.

Abigail Marone Apr 26, 2018 at
9:48 AM EDT

Workshop trains students to 'support' women during abortions

UMass-Amherst recently hosted a “Spring Abortion Doula Training” to teach strategies for providing emotional support to women having abortions.

Celine Ryan Apr 25, 2018 at
3:01 PM EDT

Georgetown student confronts Pelosi over 'crumbs' remark

Conservative Georgetown students confronted Nancy Pelosi over her derisive comments about ordinary people getting “crumbs” from the GOP tax cuts.

Sandor Farkas Apr 25, 2018 at
12:07 PM EDT

Prof avoids punishment for mocking death of Barbara Bush

Fresno State has announced that it will not punish professor Randa Jarrar for cheering the death of Barbara Bush on Twitter.

Nikita Vladimirov Apr 25, 2018 at
10:43 AM EDT

Prof says individual rights fuel ‘capitalist violence’

A Marquette University professor told students at a recent lecture that individual liberties like free speech merely “reproduce capitalist violence.”

Kyle Hooten Apr 25, 2018 at
9:38 AM EDT

DePauw offers guide on moving past ‘privilege guilt’

DePauw has published a guide designed to teach students how to handle “white fragility” and how to move past “privilege guilt.”

Marissa Gentry Apr 24, 2018 at
2:37 PM EDT

Petition accuses TPUSA of creating 'unsafe space' at CSU

Colorado State University students are demanding the removal of their TPUSA chapter, saying its actions “directly encourage White Supremacy on campus.”

Adam Sabes Apr 24, 2018 at
12:20 PM EDT

Barnard student petitions against ‘Eurocentric literature’

More than 200 students at Barnard College have signed onto a petition demanding that the school's English department reform its “Eurocentric” focus.

Toni Airaksinen Apr 24, 2018 at
10:24 AM EDT

Barnard prez shoots down anti-Israel divestment referendum

Barnard College says it will not divest from companies that do business in Israel despite a student referendum in favor of the idea.

Matthew Stein Apr 24, 2018 at
9:32 AM EDT

Liberal groups refuse to join bipartisan event with conservatives

The GW College Dems declined to participate in a recent Bipartisan Discussion Summit, citing “hesitations” about working with conservative students.

Abigail Marone Apr 23, 2018 at
3:17 PM EDT

Conservative prof labeled 'Nazi' on free speech wall

The two statements— “Charles Kesler is a Nazi” and “The YT [white] mind is weak”—were painted next to each other on the free speech wall.

Alec Sweet and Will Gu Apr 23, 2018 at
1:18 PM EDT

Activists interrupt Jenna Fischer talk, demand black housing

Protesters at DePauw interrupted a lecture by actress Jenna Fischer last week, occupying the venue for 20 minutes while demanding changes on campus.

Marissa Gentry Apr 23, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT

Jefferson statue vandalized at Hofstra University

Rather than attend a meeting to discuss removal of a Jefferson statue from campus, Hofstra University students have instead resorted to vandalism.

Mitchell Gunter Apr 23, 2018 at
10:08 AM EDT

Conservative student assaulted during ‘change my mind’ event

"Gun control advocates preach about non-violence, but it is far too common to see them either making threats...or actually physically harming someone."

Ezry Bennett Apr 23, 2018 at
9:37 AM EDT

Socialist students demand elimination of ROTC program

The Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at The City College of New York is demanding that the school remove ROTC from campus.

Mitchell Gunter Apr 23, 2018 at
7:29 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students shocked that Obama also sent troops to border

"It’s not’s a totally uncalled for act of power."

Cabot Phillips Apr 21, 2018 at
7:51 AM EDT
Photo credit: Alex Guerrero

Student arrested after dousing College Republicans with paint

A University of Washington student was arrested Wednesday for throwing paint on College Republicans members while they tabled on campus.

Hannah Scherlacher Apr 20, 2018 at
4:01 PM EDT

Poster campaign tells students to 'Check Your Privilege'

The University of San Francisco is running a “Check Your Privilege” campaign to educate students about the “social inequalities of privilege.”

Matthew Adimando Apr 20, 2018 at
3:35 PM EDT

University posts trigger warning outside free speech zone

University of New Mexico students who are entering a free speech zone on campus are now being cautioned by a large trigger warning billboard.

Nikita Vladimirov Apr 20, 2018 at
12:24 PM EDT

Profs blast Purdue for taking control of writing guide

Faculty members are blasting Purdue for “yielding to pressure from...outside media groups” by imposing oversight on its embattled Online Writing Lab.

Adam Sabes Apr 20, 2018 at
11:51 AM EDT

Cal Poly shuts down Greek life after offensive online photos

Cal Poly has indefinitely suspended all Greek life due to concerns surrounding two recent racially charged incidents.

Celine Ryan Apr 20, 2018 at
10:07 AM EDT

Prof called racist for trying not to be racist

An anonymous student is accusing a professor of racism for asking students not to use songs with the word "n***a" for an upcoming theater production.

Will Gu Apr 19, 2018 at
6:28 PM EDT

College vows to hold defiant pro-abortion vandals accountable

The College of New Jersey says it will launch a full investigation into the students responsible for destroying a pro-life display on campus.

Sandor Farkas Apr 19, 2018 at
4:11 PM EDT

Prof cheers death of Barbara Bush, then hides behind tenure

A Fresno State professor is under fire for cheering the death of Barbara Bush and claiming that she will “never be fired” due to her tenure status.

Nikita Vladimirov Apr 19, 2018 at
1:36 PM EDT
Like the USSR before it, socialist student group SASV is dissolving itself.

Socialist group admits aiding bourgeois university, disbands

A radical socialist group at Indiana University-Bloomington is disbanding itself after realizing that its efforts only reinforced the “bourgeois” nature of the institution.

Marissa Gentry Apr 19, 2018 at
12:09 PM EDT

Students criticize 'Mikado' play for 'cultural appropriation'

Some students at Fort Hays State University are complaining that a school play is not only “racist,” but also rife with “cultural appropriation.”

Mitchell Gunter Apr 19, 2018 at
10:32 AM EDT

UMN tells students that 'privilege' helps them 'level up'

The University of Minnesota posted flyers in dorm bathrooms that use video game terminology to help students understand the concept of “privilege.”

Kyle Hooten Apr 19, 2018 at
9:46 AM EDT

College defends decision to host Venezuelan officials

Scripps College is standing by its decision to host two Venezuelan diplomats for a speech about the communist country's "grassroots initiatives."

Will Gu Apr 18, 2018 at
4:50 PM EDT

Duke students storm stage during alumni weekend speech

Duke University students interrupted their president’s alumni weekend speech to demand that he leave the stage and address their list of grievances.

Adam Sabes Apr 18, 2018 at
2:19 PM EDT

Michigan State student gov shoots down American flag proposal

Michigan State University's student government recently rejected a proposal to install U.S. flags on campus, arguing that Old Glory lacks inclusivity.

Chrissy Clark Apr 18, 2018 at
1:26 PM EDT

VIDEO: Antifa group crashes TPUSA conference

A mob of Antifa demonstrators crashed TPUSA's Midwest Regional Conference on Saturday, attempting to ruin the event for more than 300 attendees.

Ema Gavrilovic Apr 18, 2018 at
12:56 PM EDT

Kent State asks, 'Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?'

Kent State University hosted an event Tuesday titled “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?”

Teddy Hertz Apr 18, 2018 at
11:13 AM EDT

Student op-ed calls black conservative example of 'tokenism'

Texas State University's student paper published yet another racially provocative piece calling a prominent conservative activist a "token black woman."

Genesis Sanchez Apr 18, 2018 at
9:19 AM EDT

Sociology prof swears at conservative student during class

Brookdale Community College is investigating a classroom exchange in which a sociology professor shouted “f--- your life” at a conservative student.

Matthew Adimando Apr 17, 2018 at
2:28 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Divest This Time at GW

Pro-Palestine students hold sit-in after BDS vote cancelled

George Washington University students launched a sit-in Monday night to protest the cancellation of a student government vote on a BDS resolution.

Abigail Marone Apr 17, 2018 at
1:15 PM EDT

Vandal smashes glass display case to get at Republican flyer

A vandal recently smashed a glass display case at Cabrillo College in order to deface a flyer for the College Republicans and Libertarians group.

Nikita Vladimirov Apr 17, 2018 at
11:13 AM EDT
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