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Protesters rally against immigration enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border.

College trains students to ‘document immigration raids’

Sonoma State University is offering “legal observer training” so students can learn how to “document immigration raids happening in their neighborhood.”

Anthony Gockowski Nov 30, 2017 at
11:16 AM EDT

Prof calls for ‘Black Xmas’ to 'disrupt' ‘white capitalism’

A California State University professor is urging Americans to participate in a “Black Xmas” by divesting from “white corporations” and fighting “White Capitalism.”

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 29, 2017 at
4:09 PM EDT

Student op-ed calls white people 'an abomination'

Texas State University’s student newspaper published an op-ed Tuesday telling “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination.”

Celine Ryan Nov 29, 2017 at
2:20 PM EDT

Letter asks UW-Madison to defend student's anti-white comments

A pro-Palestine group accused a pro-Israel counterpart of “racist harassment” for challenging anti-Semitism in the UW-Madison student government.

Adam Sabes Nov 29, 2017 at
12:48 PM EDT

College spending $60k to turn computer lab into 'safe space'

Santa Monica College is planning to spend $60,000 transforming a popular computer lab into a social justice center.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 29, 2017 at
10:16 AM EDT

University shuts down bias reporting system after complaint

Longwood University has temporarily shut down its bias incident reporting system, promising to revise the protocol.

Kyle Perisic Nov 28, 2017 at
1:03 PM EDT

Florida prof insists 'White Racism' course 'not anti-white'

A course titled “White Racism” has sparked intense criticism, but its instructor insists that it is “not anti-white; it is anti-white racism.”

Campus Reform Staff Nov 28, 2017 at
12:39 PM EDT
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Conservative speakers extremely rare at UW-Madison

UW-Madison hosted just three conservative speakers out of 69 politically-oriented events last year.

Kelsey McSorley Nov 28, 2017 at
11:37 AM EDT

Feds spend over $13M on grants for diverse nurses

The federal government has awarded more than $13 million in grants this year for a program intended to promote diversity in the nursing field.

Adam Sabes Nov 28, 2017 at
10:21 AM EDT
The exhibit features paintings of the sea created by Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Pentagon uneasy about college selling terrorists' artwork

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is facing backlash over an exhibit featuring artwork by several current and former Guantánamo Bay detainees.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 27, 2017 at
3:53 PM EDT

Former Berkeley CR prez sues Antifa activist for $100K

The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans is suing an Antifa activist for filing frivolous restraining orders against him.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 27, 2017 at
1:56 PM EDT

Berkeley law prof slams efforts to ban 'hate speech' at Cornell

A UC-Berkeley law prof blasted efforts to censor “hate speech” during a visit to Cornell University, where students want to punish offensive language.

Kyle Perisic Nov 27, 2017 at
1:14 PM EDT

Theology prof writes book connecting Christianity to racism

Fordham University recently touted a professor's new book claiming that Christianity "created the conditions" for contemporary racism.

Celine Ryan Nov 27, 2017 at
11:00 AM EDT

Students: Socialist classmate 'spit on' Thanksgiving display

Conservative students at Portland State University say a classmate spat on them while they hosted a “Capitalism vs. Socialism” display on Thanksgiving.

Mitchell Gunter Nov 27, 2017 at
10:15 AM EDT

Columbia Dems apologize for condemning disruptive protests

The Columbia University Democrats no longer oppose disruptive protests, saying they didn’t realize how much “labor” is needed to shut down free speech.

Toni Airaksinen Nov 27, 2017 at
7:57 AM EDT

Columbia newspaper refuses to publish Republican op-ed

"[The editors] did not find in your piece a new argument that adds this nuance to the current conversation [on campus free speech]."

Toni Airaksinen Nov 25, 2017 at
10:45 AM EDT
Flyers promoting the Thanksgiving-themed event at SUNY Albany.

SUNY Albany event calls Thanksgiving 'a day of mourning'

A peer education program at SUNY Albany recently held a meeting to discuss how Thanksgiving is allegedly a commemoration of mass murder.

Matthew Noyes Nov 23, 2017 at
1:41 PM EDT
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University of Alabama only hosted two conservatives last year

The University of Alabama hosted just 2 conservatives during the 2016-2017 academic year, while at least 9 events featured liberal speakers or topics.

Kyle Morris Nov 22, 2017 at
3:15 PM EDT

Profs blast ‘thin-skulled’ students who demand safe spaces

Two female law profs say colleges should promote a culture of “true grit” to help fight against the “thin-skulled” demands for safe spaces.

Toni Airaksinen Nov 22, 2017 at
2:00 PM EDT

Student charged with grand theft for snatching MAGA hat

A University of California, Riverside student who snatched a “MAGA” hat from a classmate now faces up to one year in jail for grand theft.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 22, 2017 at
11:50 AM EDT

Thanksgiving editorial preps students for 'conservative uncle'

The University of Florida’s student newspaper recently offered advice to help students deal with their “conservative uncle” over Thanksgiving.

Daniel Weldon Nov 22, 2017 at
11:23 AM EDT

Rutgers prez stands up for profs accused of anti-Semitism

At a recent town hall meeting, Rutgers University President Robert Barchi pointedly refused to condemn anti-Semitic comments made by three professors.

Matt Adimando Nov 22, 2017 at
9:48 AM EDT

School apologizes for scolding TA over Jordan Peterson video

A Canadian university has apologized to the teaching assistant who was scolded for showing a video featuring conservative professor Jordan Peterson.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 21, 2017 at
4:08 PM EDT
Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour tapped to join panel for anti-Semitism event

Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour is set to be a panelist at an anti-Semitism event hosted by a private university in New York City.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 21, 2017 at
3:35 PM EDT

Antifa group harasses prof over free speech event

A professor was recently targeted by an Antifa group, which was upset that he was helping to host a debate about free speech on college campuses.

Mitchell Gunter Nov 21, 2017 at
2:51 PM EDT
Vandals even tore down flyers that a student had posted on his dorm room door.

Hundreds of YAF flyers vandalized overnight at GW

Hundreds of posters advertising an upcoming Rick Santorum speech at George Washington University were vandalized within 24 hours this week.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 21, 2017 at
1:48 PM EDT

VIDEO: Students disrupt event on promoting ‘healthy’ dialogue

Student protesters recently shut down an event at UC-Irvine that was aimed at “promoting healthy intergroup communications.”

Anthony Gockowski Nov 21, 2017 at
1:08 PM EDT

University to host panel on 'reproductive justice' activism

UMass-Amherst is slated to host a panel exploring “How Scholars and Activists Can Partner for Reproductive and Racial Justice.”

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 21, 2017 at
12:22 PM EDT

Prof asks faculty to form 'perimeter of protection' at protest

A department chair at Westfield State University asked professors to promulgate a list of social justice demands ahead of a student walkout last week.

Kassy Dillon Nov 21, 2017 at
11:05 AM EDT
The University of Missouri

Prof complains there are 'few liberal havens' in academia

"Many students and staff members regard me as a member of the liberal elite pushing overwrought theories of social inequity on the next generation."

Jeremiah Poff Nov 20, 2017 at
4:30 PM EDT

Prof declares 'political victory' on Clemson LGBTQ center

A Clemson professor claims that his activist group has succeeded in convincing the school to establish a controversial “LGBTQIA+ Community Space.”

Mitchell Gunter Nov 20, 2017 at
1:53 PM EDT
Protesters pose for a photo outside the abortion debate at Cornell.

Cornell students protest pro-life views as 'traumatizing'

Liberal students protested an abortion debate at Cornell University, complaining that the inclusion of the pro-life viewpoint could be "traumatizing."

Neetu Chandak Nov 20, 2017 at
1:05 PM EDT

KU encouraging profs to become 'Social Justice Fellows'

The University of Kansas is recruiting professors for a semester-long program dedicated to “social justice issues” and “cultural competency.”

Toni Airaksinen Nov 20, 2017 at
12:43 PM EDT

UW-Madison student gov reps slam speech by conservative prof

A UW-Madison student government committee ruffled conservative feathers with a recent statement criticizing a recent appearance by Jordan Peterson.

Adam Sabes Nov 20, 2017 at
12:21 PM EDT

College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students

Brooklyn College is advising NYPD officers to use bathrooms on the far end of campus to avoid upsetting students with their presence.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 20, 2017 at
11:12 AM EDT
Linda Sarsour

College to host Linda Sarsour at 'women of color' conference

Mount Holyoke College will host a "women of color" leadership conference next semester featuring known anti-Zionist Linda Sarsour.

Toni Airaksinen Nov 20, 2017 at
10:20 AM EDT

UWSP admin overrules student gov, recognizes TPUSA chapter

UW-Stevens Point has overturned its student government and granted official status to a new Turning Point USA chapter amid legislative pressure.

Celine Ryan Nov 20, 2017 at
9:46 AM EDT

VIDEO: Instructor arrested for attacking conservative students

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested after assaulting two conservative students during an anti-Trump protest.

Andrew Minik Nov 18, 2017 at
2:05 PM EDT
Graduate teaching assistant Courtney Lawton expressing her opinion of Turning Point USA

Lecturer dismissed after harassing conservative student

UNL announced Friday that it will release a lecturer who had harassed and berated conservative students tabling on campus.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 18, 2017 at
12:59 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: @PrincetonUMatter

Princeton issues guidelines for ‘Consent on the Dance Floor’

Princeton University recently issued instructions for obtaining “consent on the dance floor,” such as asking "Do you wanna dance?"

Matthew Penza Nov 17, 2017 at
2:47 PM EDT

Official school email usurped by Dean to lobby against tax reform

The UND School of Graduate Studies recently sent out an email encouraging students to lobby against the Republican tax plan.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 17, 2017 at
1:44 PM EDT

TA scolded for playing Jordan Peterson video in class

A Canadian teaching assistant was reprimanded by her professor for showing students a video featuring University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 17, 2017 at
12:31 PM EDT
The Wisconsin State Capitol Building.

WI state sen. 'confident' admins will overturn TPUSA rejection

A state senator says he is “confident” that UW-Stevens Point will overturn the recent rejection of a Turning Point USA chapter by student government.

Celine Ryan Nov 17, 2017 at
11:50 AM EDT

Student op-ed: Outdoor clubs are too white

A Pitzer College student recently complained that outdoors clubs are “predominantly white spaces” that deny people of color “access to the outdoors.”

Patricio Aguilar and Elliot Dordick Nov 16, 2017 at
2:05 PM EDT

Stanford stands down as students disrupt conservative speech

Protesters staged a walk-out during a Robert Spencer speech at Stanford University, yet overflow crowds were not allowed to take their places.

Anthony Gockowski Nov 16, 2017 at
12:54 PM EDT

RA claims Catholic school tried to make him promote LGBTQ Mixer

Officials at Fairfield University, a Jesuit institution, allegedly required RAs to post flyers promoting a recent "LGBTQ Mixer” in their dorms.

Jeremiah Poff Nov 16, 2017 at
12:18 PM EDT

Pro-Palestine students shout down openly gay Israeli vet

A recent pro-Israel event at the University of Illinois was shouted down by the school’s Students for Justice (SJP) in Palestine chapter.

Andrew Minik Nov 16, 2017 at
10:50 AM EDT

Students attempt to annihilate Aztec mascot

A task force at San Diego State University made another attempt last week to suspend the use of the Aztec mascot.

Brandon Jones Nov 16, 2017 at
10:30 AM EDT

University departments endorse Campus Antifa Network

The Campus Anti-fascist Network was endorsed by at least five university departments, though one has since disappeared from the list.

Nikita Vladimirov Nov 16, 2017 at
9:01 AM EDT
Image via Twitter: @caroncreighton

Prominent Antifa-supporting prof speaks at UC-Berkeley

UC-Berkeley hosted outspoken Antifa advocate Mark Bray on Monday for a lecture on the history of the global anti-fascist movement.

Neetu Chandak Nov 15, 2017 at
3:22 PM EDT
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