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UChicago won't recognize grad student members walk out of class

The University of Chicago ignored a student union’s request for recognition, which prompted students to protest.

Kenneth Nelson Oct 29, 2018 at
5:52 PM EDT
Kenneth Nelson Oct 29, 2018 at
5:49 PM EDT

VIDEO: Students say open border to caravan

"I think we should let them in."

Cabot Phillips Oct 29, 2018 at
11:50 AM EDT

Student critical of drag show at CATHOLIC college under fire

"Even though it may be an unpopular view, that does not mean it is not a valid perspective."

Jon Street Oct 28, 2018 at
1:35 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Oct 27, 2018 at
4:09 PM EDT

Augustana College pleads with students to 'pledge' against cultural appropriation

The office also offered a $5 shirt, as well as entry into a raffle to win a “free gift.”

Kenneth Nelson Oct 26, 2018 at
4:28 PM EDT

UC Santa Cruz activism conference addresses 'weaponized whiteness'

Subjects included "anti-blackness," "de-weaponizing whiteness," "police brutality," "gentrification," and the "undocumented community."

Nicholas Sherman Oct 26, 2018 at
12:22 PM EDT
Andrew Logan Lawrence Oct 26, 2018 at
10:57 AM EDT

Pro-life perspective absent from Reproductive Health Week schedule

"[T]here was not much chance of having a balanced discussion."

Ema Gavrilovic Oct 25, 2018 at
5:32 PM EDT
Ben Mcdonald Oct 25, 2018 at
5:13 PM EDT

Cornell prof hashes misogyny and 'himpathy'

“[W]omen are in effect born into an unofficial service industry."

Celine Ryan Oct 25, 2018 at
1:44 PM EDT
Sarah Gass Oct 25, 2018 at
12:00 PM EDT

This is what democracy looks like! (OPINION)

"[S]unlight is still the strongest disinfectant."

Lawrence Jones Oct 25, 2018 at
9:46 AM EDT

Johns Hopkins rejects demand to cut ties with ICE

"[A]n aspect of our more generalized commitment to the principle of academic freedom."

Adam Sabes Oct 24, 2018 at
5:33 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Radio host speaks out after PSU says he can’t concealed carry

“What the university says is, in effect, you have the right to carry, and if you do, we’ll kick you out."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 24, 2018 at
5:21 PM EDT

Petition supporting Clarence Thomas gets 10 times more signatures than opposition

"[A] reflection of the school's commitment to diversity..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 24, 2018 at
11:13 AM EDT

Lawfare, AAUP weigh in on prof who denied student Israel recommendation

Legal experts and the American Association of University Professors have weighed in...

Celine Ryan Oct 23, 2018 at
5:34 PM EDT
Celine Ryan Oct 23, 2018 at
2:33 PM EDT

UVA 'Latinx' students demand more 'Latinx' faculty, 'Latinx' Studies major

“There should be intentional outreach in Latinx communities throughout the country."

Autumn Price Oct 23, 2018 at
11:59 AM EDT

Prof lectures about ‘honorary whites’

"Such groups blur the boundaries of whiteness..."

Celine Ryan Oct 23, 2018 at
9:48 AM EDT

Gonzaga warns against ‘potentially harmful’ ‘cultural appropriation’

“We urge our community to be aware of the potentially harmful impact..."

Ben Mcdonald Oct 22, 2018 at
5:53 PM EDT

Cornell study tackles dating app ‘discrimination’

"[T]hat can lead to systemic disadvantage."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 22, 2018 at
4:58 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: 100 percent of SMU administrators, 98.8 percent of faculty donate to Dems

SMU administrators donated exclusively to Democrat political candidates and politicians.

Grace Gottschling Oct 22, 2018 at
2:11 PM EDT

College scraps homecoming king, queen for gender-neutral titles

"It doesn't take away any opportunities..."

Jacob Floam Oct 22, 2018 at
1:33 PM EDT

Brown University flaunts 'Unlearning Toxic Masculinity' guide

"[I]t's easy to fall back into what you're used to..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 19, 2018 at
4:57 PM EDT

Gonzaga hosts conference only for 'marginalized' students

"[I]t is also about reclaiming our physical space..."

Ben McDonald Oct 19, 2018 at
4:22 PM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: SD lawmakers mount free speech pressure campaign

"[T]he past legislative session witnessed an extensive debate..."

Adam Sabes Oct 19, 2018 at
2:21 PM EDT
Cabot Phillips Oct 19, 2018 at
8:11 AM EDT

NYU hosts Marx birthday bash...during the wrong month

"[T]here will be “readings from the masterworks Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto..."

Andrew Lawrence Oct 18, 2018 at
4:27 PM EDT

Profs develop tool for flagging 'social media prejudice'

"[U]sers often express prejudice..."

Celine Ryan Oct 18, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT

Former sec of state heckled at NYU, told to 'rot in hell'

"Hey, Kissinger, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?"

Grace Gottschling Oct 17, 2018 at
6:16 PM EDT

Calif. Christian school brings back gay relationship ban, students protest

“The changes got out in front of the process.”

Kenneth Nelson Oct 17, 2018 at
3:06 PM EDT

GWU progressive student group demands 'fair jobs'

"These ten demands range from pay to healthcare and concern employees at all levels of GW’s working community."

Abigail Marone Oct 17, 2018 at
12:50 PM EDT

Students ‘queer’ the Bible for credit

"[T]here is a high demand..."

Celine Ryan Oct 16, 2018 at
4:23 PM EDT

University of Chicago pres. slams 'privileging of feelings'

“Some people are trying to keep certain views unexpressed..."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 16, 2018 at
3:58 PM EDT

Ole Miss prof: Senators 'don't deserve your civility'

"Don't just interrupt a senator's meal..."

Adam Sabes Oct 16, 2018 at
1:49 PM EDT
Grace Gottschling Oct 16, 2018 at
10:30 AM EDT
Adam Sabes Oct 15, 2018 at
6:17 PM EDT

University of Colorado plans "geek" masculinity panel

"Diversity for the sake of diversity is foolish."

Celine Ryan Oct 15, 2018 at
4:47 PM EDT
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the U.S. Senate committee. (Photo Credit: YouTube/CBC News)

UNC prof nominates Christine Blasey Ford for award

"This not about partisan politics."

Adam Sabes Oct 15, 2018 at
1:30 PM EDT

Prof offers extra credit for attending Democrat campaign event

"They would like a really big turnout."

Erin Cooke Oct 15, 2018 at
12:29 PM EDT

Judge dismisses claims in UNM due process case

“This result, while disappointing, is not altogether surprising."

Kenneth Nelson Oct 14, 2018 at
4:07 PM EDT
Zachary Petrizzo Oct 14, 2018 at
2:57 PM EDT

Ky. faculty, students try and fail to shut down Trump rally

"[T]hese professors and students feel entitled enough to try and shut down the President's speech..."

Zachary Petrizzo Oct 13, 2018 at
9:44 PM EDT

Students use cupcakes, tie-dye in diversity talk

“[D]ecorating cupcakes likely does not have any effect."

Celine Ryan Oct 12, 2018 at
5:40 PM EDT

College speaker suggests American colonization was 'illegal'

“We project a facade of freedom, truth, and opportunity."

Katelyn Anderson Oct 12, 2018 at
1:30 PM EDT
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