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Stony Brook SJP vows to 'eradicate' Zionism, including Hillel

After being condemned for targeting Jewish students on campus, SJP at Stony Brook University is pledging to “eradicate” Zionism.

Jacob Floam May 14, 2018 at
1:26 PM EDT

'Revolutionary' students burn American flag at Beloit College

Members of the Young Revolutionary Front at Beloit College burned an American flag on campus as “revenge against the corrupt establishment.”

Joel Valdez May 14, 2018 at
12:02 PM EDT

College tells students to report ‘hate speech’ to police

The president of Santa Monica College is urging students who witness “hate speech” to file a report with campus police.

Toni Airaksinen May 14, 2018 at
10:33 AM EDT
An Esports team competing in a tournament in Russia.

UCI hiring director to promote ‘social justice’ in ‘Esports’

UC Irvine's Esports program is looking to hire a high-ranking administrator to help promote “social justice” in the competitive gaming industry.

Toni Airaksinen May 14, 2018 at
9:26 AM EDT

Catholic University’s LGBT Center hosts event on polyamory

DePaul University recently hosted an informational event on polyamory at its LGBTQA Resource Center.

Ema Gavrilovic May 14, 2018 at
8:40 AM EDT

VIDEO: Students say Trump doesn't deserve Nobel, but Obama does

Students at UC Santa Cruz scorned the idea of Trump winning a Nobel Peace Prize, but enthusiastically agreed that Obama deserved the 2009 prize.

Cabot Phillips May 12, 2018 at
7:48 AM EDT

Financial aid for illegals likely to cost NJ nearly $5M/year

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation Wednesday allowing illegal immigrant students to receive in-state tuition and financial aid.

Eduardo Neret May 11, 2018 at
6:42 PM EDT
Courtney Lawton expressing her opinion of TPUSA.

Report blasts UNL for dismissing lecturer who bullied student

The AAUP has concluded that political pressure is the only explanation for the dismissal of a professor who harassed a conservative student on campus.

Nikita Vladimirov May 11, 2018 at
3:12 PM EDT

Leftists call cops to report conservative free speech event

Liberal students were driven to hypocrisy when my YAF chapter held a "Change My Mind" event last month on the topic of "Hate Speech is Free Speech."

Peyton Dillberg May 11, 2018 at
12:14 PM EDT

UConn creates Minor in 'social justice community organizing'

UConn now offers a minor in “Social Justice Organizing” through which students can practice "community organizing and political advocacy.”

Celine Ryan May 11, 2018 at
9:46 AM EDT

Iranian Studies prof blames Israel for all the world's ills

An Iranian Studies professor posted a tweet this week blaming Israel for “every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world.”

Adam Sabes May 10, 2018 at
4:29 PM EDT

Prof says 'wealth redistribution' key to 'sexual fulfillment'

A philosophy professor argues that “wealth redistribution” would do more than sex robots to boost “sexual fulfillment” in the U.S.

Celine Ryan May 10, 2018 at
3:01 PM EDT
Image via Facebook: Swarthmore SJP

Students protest refusal to ban Sabra with 'apartheid wall'

The SJP chapter at Swarthmore College created a “mock apartheid wall” after the college rejected its demand for a campus-wide ban on Sabra hummus.

Adam Sabes May 10, 2018 at
12:43 PM EDT

University gets $1 million to fight ‘implicit bias’ in STEM

The University of Texas at San Antonio has received a $1 million federal grant to combat “implicit bias” in STEM disciplines.

Peyton Dillberg May 10, 2018 at
11:30 AM EDT

Banner removed after conservative answers race relations prompt

A Texas college removed a banner inviting insights on racial relations just one day after a student added a conservative response to the prompt.

Toni Airaksinen May 10, 2018 at
10:39 AM EDT

Students 'deeply hurt' by criticism of liberal intolerance

A SUNY-Oswego administrator reprimanded a conservative student for delivering a speech at an “Open Mic” event that "deeply hurt" liberal classmates.

Jacob Floam May 09, 2018 at
3:35 PM EDT

Rutgers trains students to empathize with illegal immigrants

Rutgers recently debuted a program promoting empathy for illegal immigrants, and at least one administrator wants to make the workshop mandatory.

Hannah Scherlacher May 09, 2018 at
2:00 PM EDT
Sen. Kamala Harris delivering a commencement address at UC-Berkeley in 2012.

Dem senator cancels commencement speech to support strikers

At the last minute, Sen. Kamala Harris has cancelled her commencement speech at UC-Berkeley to stand in solidarity with striking campus workers.

Bradley Devlin May 09, 2018 at
12:18 PM EDT

Course critiques 'superficiality' of 'dominant white culture'

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is offering course credit for students willing to become “whiteness” educators in their home communities.

Toni Airaksinen May 09, 2018 at
11:21 AM EDT

Grad students urge STEM workers to boycott US military

A graduate student union is demanding that STEM workers “refuse employment” in the military, and that 90 percent of all military spending be reallocated to “social justice” efforts.

Adam Sabes May 09, 2018 at
10:23 AM EDT

Watchdog takes UMich to court over 'subjective' speech code

Speech First is launching a legal challenge against the University of Michigan over its "fundamentally un-American" speech code and bias response team.

Nikita Vladimirov May 08, 2018 at
4:52 PM EDT
The Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota.

UMN no longer hiring abortionist after student outcry

The University of Minnesota has scrapped plans to hire a "trainer in training" for future abortionists following widespread student condemnation.

Toni Airaksinen May 08, 2018 at
2:55 PM EDT
Leandra Westbrook getting in some target practice at a shooting range.

Student reported to police for talking about concealed carry

A student at Kent State claims she was wrongfully detained by campus police after students overheard her talking about her concealed carry license.

Toni Airaksinen May 08, 2018 at
2:08 PM EDT

Chomsky claims GOP, Christianity trying to 'destroy the world'

Noam Chomsky told students at St. Olaf College that the GOP is engaged in a “unique insanity which is dedicated to destroying organized human life.”

Kyle Hooten May 08, 2018 at
12:37 PM EDT

STUDY: Profs at top schools are ‘overwhelmingly Democratic’

A recently study finds that faculty members at the nation’s top liberal arts colleges are “overwhelmingly Democratic."

Mason McKie May 08, 2018 at
11:56 AM EDT

University rejects demand to ban conservative 'hate groups'

Indiana University of Pennsylvania is refusing to ban conservative “hate groups,” which students demanded last month during statewide protests.

Adam Sabes May 08, 2018 at
10:07 AM EDT

Student hauled in for questioning over 'Come and Take It' flag

South Pasadena High School admins hauled a student in for questioning for donning a “Come and Take It” flag for a pro-Second Amendment walkout.

Ben Kolodny May 08, 2018 at
7:46 AM EDT

Student presents thesis in underwear to resist 'oppression'

A Cornell University student presented her honors thesis wearing only her undergarments after her professor criticized her original attire.

Neetu Chandak May 08, 2018 at
6:30 AM EDT

Students blast UMN's 'disgusting' plan to hire abortionist

Pro-life students are harshly condemning the University of Minnesota’s plans to hire an abortionist, calling the idea “unthinkable” and “disgusting.”

Toni Airaksinen May 07, 2018 at
5:33 PM EDT

School severs ties with ‘Unmasking Whiteness’ conference

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is no longer offering students credit to attend the upcoming “Unmasking Whiteness” conference.

Toni Airaksinen May 07, 2018 at
3:13 PM EDT

Activists target conservative prof with 'white supremacist' flyers

New posters approved by Florida Atlantic University are falsely accusing a conservative prof of having links to white nationalism.

Celine Ryan May 07, 2018 at
1:12 PM EDT

Cornell student gov refuses to outlaw political discrimination

Cornell University’s student government has rejected a proposal to protect students from political discrimination by student organizations.

Neetu Chandak May 07, 2018 at
12:48 PM EDT

Conservative student cries foul after school revokes award

A student claims university officials revoked his academic excellence award due to his vocal commentary on the school’s bias against conservatives.

Toni Airaksinen May 07, 2018 at
10:18 AM EDT

Berkeley College Republicans survive threat to cut funding

The UC-Berkeley student government has rescinded a proposal that would have reallocated all College Republicans funding to the Black Student Union.

Adam Sabes May 07, 2018 at
7:14 AM EDT

Vocal group reported to PC police for mariachi-themed flyer

The University of Vermont’s Bias Response Team sent out a campus-wide alert after a student group featured mariachi musicians in a promotional flyer.

Nikita Vladimirov May 05, 2018 at
5:00 AM EDT

Anti-Zionists aggressively disrupt pro-Israel event at UC-Irvine

Protesters disrupted a College Republicans event at UC-Irvine Thursday, shouting chants to drown out five members of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Ariana Rowlands May 04, 2018 at
4:08 PM EDT

Berkeley task force blames conservatives for leftist violence

A UC-Berkeley task force is blaming conservative students for leftist violence, saying conservative speakers are “likely to incite a violent reaction.”

Nikita Vladimirov May 04, 2018 at
1:43 PM EDT

Bernie backer blasted for Black Lives Matter meme

"You’re not black. Take it down."

Dominic Gregorio May 04, 2018 at
12:28 PM EDT

Marquette forum says 'white community' 'perpetuates racism'

Marquette University held a forum for the “white community” to reflect on how it “perpetuates racism” after a racist photo shocked the campus.

Zachary Petrizzo May 04, 2018 at
11:27 AM EDT

Ivies snub conservatives at commencement for third straight year

In keeping with tradition, none of the Ivy League universities has invited a conservative to deliver the keynote speech to this year’s graduates.

Sandor Farkas May 04, 2018 at
9:25 AM EDT

Gonzaga warns against partying by 'non-Mexican individuals'

Worried that “non-Mexican individuals” might party on Cinco de Mayo, Gonzaga is telling students, “Don’t you dare put on that ‘sombrero.’”

Ben McDonald May 04, 2018 at
8:47 AM EDT

Protesters nearly derail Dave Rubin speech at UNH

Activists at the University of New Hampshire nearly prevented a lecture by journalist Dave Rubin Tuesday by blockading and disrupting the event.

Bradley Devlin May 03, 2018 at
4:40 PM EDT

Students petition to eliminate ‘offensive’ Colonial mascot

George Washington University students have launched a petition demanding that the school change its “offensive” mascot, the Colonial.

Abigail Marone May 03, 2018 at
3:28 PM EDT

School issues warning about 'rumors' of ICE agents on campus

Western Washington University is urging students to contact campus police if they think they have spotted an ICE agent on campus.

Nikita Vladimirov May 03, 2018 at
2:11 PM EDT

Syracuse group preps for national 'Socialism 2018' conference

Members of a socialist student group at Syracuse University are anxiously anticipating this summer’s national “Socialism 2018” conference.

Marissa Gentry May 03, 2018 at
1:08 PM EDT

University of Minnesota to teach doctor to train abortionists

The University of Minnesota is hiring a doctor to learn how to perform abortions and train other abortionists in partnership with Planned Parenthood.

Toni Airaksinen May 03, 2018 at
12:05 PM EDT

Prof compares charter schools to Jim Crow, Bill Ayers agrees

A UIC professor claims that black people “get scraped the most” in “schools and jails” due to the whiteness of law and education.

Ema Gavrilovic May 03, 2018 at
9:32 AM EDT

Gonzaga student gov scales back illegal immigrant scholarship

The Gonzaga University student government has dropped plans to fund a scholarship for illegal immigrants with a tuition increase.

Ben McDonald May 02, 2018 at
3:42 PM EDT

Duke activists want ‘consequences’ for acts of hate, bias

In the wake of two racially charged incidents, students are calling on Duke to create "a standardized set of consequences" for acts of hate and bias.

Adam Sabes May 02, 2018 at
1:20 PM EDT
Photo credit: Kirk A. Bado

Student arrested for dousing Confederate statue with red paint

A student activist at UNC-Chapel Hill has defaced a controversial statue of a Confederate soldier by dousing it with blood and red paint.

Zachary Petrizzo May 02, 2018 at
12:47 PM EDT
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