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'Credible threats' lead to removal of pro-colonialism article

Just days before Columbus Day, an academic journal pulled a controversial article defending colonialism in response to threats of violence.

Kyle Perisic Oct 10, 2017 at
4:24 PM EDT

Clueless protesters shout down University of Oregon prez

University of Oregon students shut down a speech by the school’s president Friday, forcing him to announce a $50 million donation by video.

Kyle Perisic Oct 10, 2017 at
3:51 PM EDT

Amherst students demand protection from 'hurtful' ideas

Amherst College students recently protested the presence of a conservative speaker, saying students shouldn’t have to “feel afraid for their safety.”

Kyle Perisic Oct 10, 2017 at
2:32 PM EDT

GOP lawmaker accuses university of caving to BLM protesters

A Republican state representative was prevented from speaking Monday by aggressive student protesters at Texas Southern University.

Adam Sabes Oct 10, 2017 at
2:00 PM EDT

Texas State seeks math profs with 'social justice' commitment

Texas State University is hoping to hire two Math Education professors with a demonstrated and longstanding commitment to “social justice.”

Toni Airaksinen Oct 10, 2017 at
1:16 PM EDT
Antifa protesters march through Berkeley, CA on August 27.

Antifa leader to plead ‘not guilty’ to assault, rioting

Prominent Berkeley Antifa leader Yvette Felarca says she will plead not guilty to assault, rioting, and incitement charges at an upcoming hearing.

Sandor Farkas Oct 10, 2017 at
12:49 PM EDT

Georgetown student paper begins documenting ‘bias’ incidents

Georgetown University’s school newspaper is teaming up with a national non-profit to share stories of students who have experienced "bias" incidents.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 10, 2017 at
12:19 PM EDT

Prof suggests 'toxic masculinity' caused Las Vegas massacre

Mass shootings, including the recent Las Vegas massacre, are caused by “toxic masculinity,” according to a professor at Columbia College Chicago.

John Hasson Oct 10, 2017 at
11:56 AM EDT

Virginia Tech RAs forced to attend LGBTQ event

RAs at Virginia Tech are being instructed to attend and document their attendance at LGBTQ+ events on campus to celebrate LGBTQ+ History month.

Jeremiah Poff Oct 10, 2017 at
11:13 AM EDT

Republican posters vandalized to make ‘them feel unwelcome’

An Antifa-supporting student tore down humorous signs belonging to a College Republicans chapter because he wanted to make the group feel “unwelcome.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 10, 2017 at
10:56 AM EDT

How students can help advance freedom on their campuses

The first line of defense against these violations of constitutional principles is the student body...

Casey Mattox Oct 10, 2017 at
10:35 AM EDT

BLM, SPLC vow to protest Republican events at Columbia

Black Lives Matter of Greater New York and the Southern Poverty Law Center have vowed to pressure Columbia University into cancelling College Republicans events.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 10, 2017 at
9:36 AM EDT

Ball-buster handcuffed, questioned by UCSD police

A UCSD student calling himself "Karl Marx" was detained and questioned after stabbing a free speech ball.

Jordan Setayesh Oct 09, 2017 at
4:06 PM EDT
Columbus Day vandalism Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

University vandalized with ‘f*ck Columbus,’ anarchist symbols

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’ campus was vandalized Monday with phrases such as “f*ck Columbus” and “decolonize.”

Anthony Gockowski Oct 09, 2017 at
3:20 PM EDT
Image via Bwog on Vimeo

Columbia students storm classroom to harass Title IX admin

A group of Columbia University students barged into the classroom of a Title IX administrator to protest her alleged mishandling of sexual assault.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 08, 2017 at
1:42 PM EDT

Hannah Scherlacher pushes back against SPLC hate labels

"It's a memorandum to their supporters that I am the enemy."

Hannah Scherlacher Oct 07, 2017 at
4:06 PM EDT

VIDEO: UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump

Just five days after the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, a University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor told her class that President Trump is to blame.

Mitchell Gunter Oct 06, 2017 at
9:34 PM EDT
The Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C.

Justice Department confirms Harvard affirmative action probe

The Justice Department has formally launched an investigation into whether Harvard University uses discriminatory policies when admitting new students.

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 06, 2017 at
4:01 PM EDT

Profs brag of tricking students into social justice classes

Two Canadian professors have developed an approach they call “Trojan horse pedagogy” to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 06, 2017 at
3:37 PM EDT

'Diversity educators' fear 'burnout' from 'microaggressions'

A group of professors is warning that “diversity educators” risk “burnout and compassion fatigue” from “the emotional weight” of their jobs.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 06, 2017 at
2:48 PM EDT
A Turning Point USA mural after it was hit by Antifa vandals at the University of Minnesota.

Republican student accused of 'violence' for stopping vandal

A member of the UMN College Republicans was accused of “verbal and physical assault" for stopping a classmate from vandalizing a mural.

Neetu Chandak Oct 06, 2017 at
1:21 PM EDT

Profs: 'white male privilege' to blame for STEM gender gap

Two physics professors say it is necessary to redefine science itself to combat "white male privilege" and encourage more women to enter STEM fields.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 06, 2017 at
11:56 AM EDT

UNM prez: Players meant 'no disrespect' by kneeling for anthem

UNM’s interim president is standing up for several football players who took a knee for the national anthem during a game against Air Force Academy.

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 06, 2017 at
11:22 AM EDT

Columbia PhD student bemoans 'asexual microaggressions'

A Columbia University student argues in her PhD thesis that “asexual microaggressions” are a form of “discrimination” against people who don’t date.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 06, 2017 at
10:52 AM EDT

Scholar: 'Diversity component' trivializes college rankings

Richard Vedder, a scholar who helped develop the Forbes college ranking model, recently blasted modern rankings for including a “diversity component.”

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 06, 2017 at
9:53 AM EDT

Emails reveal UMich president's undisguised disdain for Trump

The University of Michigan has finally agreed to release emails exposing President Mark Schlissel’s anti-Trump sentiments as part of a legal settlement.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 05, 2017 at
4:08 PM EDT

Scholar laments 'thin privilege,' calls for 'fat acceptance'

“Stop laughing at fat jokes. Stop judging people for their food choices. Stop criminalizing food.”

Toni Airaksinen Oct 05, 2017 at
3:47 PM EDT
A scene from Lil Dickey's music video for

Students outraged by event featuring 'racist' Jewish rapper

A group of Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) students condemned the invitation of Jewish comedic rapper Lil Dicky.

Sandor Farkas Oct 05, 2017 at
2:54 PM EDT
An unidentified individual being confronted after he was caught vandalizing TPUSA posters at UIUC.

Conservative students catch liberal vandals in the act

Several students have repeatedly vandalized advertisements for Charlie Kirk’s appearance Thursday at the University of Illinois.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 05, 2017 at
1:53 PM EDT

University prez personally tried to 'stop' Trump, Jr. speech

The president of the University of North Texas personally attempted to cancel a speech by Donald Trump, Jr. in response to faculty complaints.

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 05, 2017 at
1:19 PM EDT

Cornell grad students seek 'sympathy' with strident ultimatum

Cornell University grad students recently issued an extensive list of demands to the school’s president in response to "social injustices" on campus.

Natalie Bao Tram Le Oct 05, 2017 at
11:19 AM EDT

Amherst course puzzles over how women become conservative

Amherst College is offering a course this semester exploring why “some women become right-wing leaders” while others “fight for the rights of women.”

Kassy Dillon Oct 05, 2017 at
10:24 AM EDT
Image via Facebook: Black Lives Matter W&M

BLM protesters shut down ACLU free speech event

BLM protesters shut down an ACLU discussion on free speech at the College of William and Mary last week before it even began.

Sandor Farkas Oct 05, 2017 at
8:32 AM EDT

More than 1,500 sign petition demanding free speech on campus

A student-led petition in support of “campus free expression” has garnered more than 1,500 signatures, including some from prominent professors.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 04, 2017 at
3:16 PM EDT

Liberals account for 86% of political speakers at UVM

Campus Reform has found that the University of Vermont hosted only two conservative speakers during the 2016-2017 school year, compared to 44 liberals.

Campus Reform Staff Oct 04, 2017 at
2:09 PM EDT
Chelsea Manning's defiant tweet after Harvard rescinded an invitation for her to serve as a visiting fellow.

Yale student asks Buckley Program to honor Chelsea Manning

A Yale student wants the William F. Buckley Jr. Program to extend an invitation to Chelsea Manning for its upcoming “Disinvitation Dinner.”

Toni Airaksinen Oct 04, 2017 at
1:30 PM EDT
Image via Twitter: @OwenBenjamin

Comedian loses UConn gig after comments on transgender toddler

Comedian Owen Benjamin was recently disinvited by the University of Connecticut (UConn) after making controversial comments about transgenderism.

Kassy Dillon Oct 04, 2017 at
12:48 PM EDT

Mizzou warns against 'exclusionary' colors, ‘triggering’ events

Mizzou released guidelines for hosting inclusive events, asking students to consider having “a counselor present” for “potentially triggering” events.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 04, 2017 at
12:05 PM EDT

Harvard prof calls NRA a 'domestic terrorist organization'

A Harvard University professor called the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” Tuesday morning, adding that “Congress must act” on gun control.

Emily Hall Oct 04, 2017 at
11:14 AM EDT

UW Regents propose substantial new free speech protections

The University of Wisconsin system’s Board of Regents will vote Friday on a policy that would punish students who deliberately disrupt free speech.

Adam Sabes Oct 04, 2017 at
10:45 AM EDT

Judge dismisses conservative lawsuit against UC-Berkeley

Lawyers are vowing to renew their efforts after a judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing UC-Berkeley of denying free speech to conservative students.

Sandor Farkas Oct 04, 2017 at
10:03 AM EDT

College Republicans cry foul after SDSU cancels Milo event

San Diego State University has cancelled a speech by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, saying it is not "doable" to provide adequate security.

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 04, 2017 at
8:28 AM EDT
Anonymous flyers blasting the

Flyers blast 'h8ful' UCLA admins for ousting conservative prof

Anonymous fliers recently appeared at UCLA accusing 8 faculty and administrators of conspiring to oust a conservative professor.

Sandor Farkas Oct 03, 2017 at
4:10 PM EDT

Students mad that econ profs promote 'capitalist ideologies'

Tufts University students say economics profs focus too much on “capitalist ideologies” while neglecting to sufficiently demonize President Trump.

George Behrakis Oct 03, 2017 at
3:27 PM EDT

Prof points to surprising source of radicalism in academia

A sociology professor speculates that the increasing political radicalism among academics might be traceable to the alienation of adjunct scholars.

Nikita Vladimirov Oct 03, 2017 at
2:22 PM EDT

Prof calls for ‘repealing the Second Amendment’ after Vegas

An adjunct professor has called for “repealing the Second Amendment” after the tragic massacre in Las Vegas.

Anthony Gockowski Oct 03, 2017 at
11:28 AM EDT

School paper smears Columbia Republicans as 'far-right'

Columbia University’s student newspaper recently blasted the school’s College Republicans chapter as “far-right” for hosting controversial speakers.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 03, 2017 at
10:59 AM EDT

Kent State students #TakeaKnee against 'oppression'

"America deserves more respect."

Ezra Katz Oct 03, 2017 at
10:34 AM EDT
Image via Twitter: @UMBC_BSU

Women's Lacrosse team called 'racist' for liking Trump tweet

The UMBC Women’s Lacrosse team has been labelled “racist” and “ignorant” after the team’s Twitter account “liked” a tweet by President Donald Trump.

Mitchell Gunter Oct 03, 2017 at
10:07 AM EDT

Prof says 'violent or destructive' protests are justified

A professor at Loyola Marymount University recently praised “violent or destructive demonstrations” for their ability to gain public attention.

Toni Airaksinen Oct 03, 2017 at
9:39 AM EDT
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