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Utah Senator introduces bill to ban ‘free-speech zones’

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah recently introduced legislation to prohibit so-called "free speech zones" at public universities.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
11:59 AM EDT

UCLA students pay $2M+ per year in 'social justice' fees

UCLA charges students a quarterly “Social Justice” fee that provides more than $2 million annually for social justice programming.

Adam Sabes Feb 12, 2018 at
11:26 AM EDT

Diversity efforts cost NC universities nearly $17M per year

Public universities in North Carolina spend nearly $17 million per year on diversity efforts, according to a recent independent report.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
10:27 AM EDT

College panel to call for more women in 'working class jobs'

Smith College is hosting a discussion this week on “diversifying” construction work by incorporating more women into "working class jobs."

Toni Airaksinen Feb 12, 2018 at
7:40 AM EDT

Five arrests after protests at UW Patriot Prayer rally

Five people were arrested Saturday at the University of Washington after protesters confronted a group of right-leaning demonstrators on campus.

Campus Reform Staff Feb 11, 2018 at
7:01 PM EDT

UW-Stout students must appreciate 'social differences' to graduate

UW-Stout has a requirement designed to ensure that its graduates "appreciate cultural, economic, political, environmental, and social differences.”

Kelsey McSorley Feb 09, 2018 at
4:17 PM EDT

Snapchat pic prompts mandatory 'diversity training' at GW

GW plans to implement nine new diversity initiatives in response to a racist Snapchat post, even after absolving both of the students pictured in it.

Sandor Farkas Feb 09, 2018 at
2:25 PM EDT

Former student, alleged arsonist charged with aiding Al-Qaeda

A former student who allegedly tried to burn down St. Catherine University in retaliation for U.S. foreign policy now faces federal terrorism charges.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 09, 2018 at
12:27 PM EDT

Cal Poly wants out-of-state students to fund diversity grants

Cal Poly wants out-of-state students to shell out thousands of dollars per year to fund a grant program aimed at “increasing diversity on campus.”

Celine Ryan Feb 09, 2018 at
11:34 AM EDT

Socialist students protest memorial to fallen police officers

A memorial honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty provoked protest from a socialist student group at CSU-Fullerton this week.

Autumn Price Feb 09, 2018 at
10:01 AM EDT

Conservative group alleges Georgetown redirected its donations

"All gifts to Love Saxa have been identified and are being deposited to Love Saxa’s account..."

Taryn Wolfsohn Feb 08, 2018 at
4:12 PM EDT

Dartmouth student accused of 'violence' for op-ed on diversity

A Dartmouth student’s op-ed alleging gender bias on a trip-planning committee has earned him an outpouring of opprobrium from liberal classmates.

Erik R. Jones Feb 08, 2018 at
2:52 PM EDT

Journalist calls for profs to drown conservative students

A liberal journalist and podcaster recently told Charlie Kirk that professors should drown conservative students instead of just grading them harshly.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 08, 2018 at
1:19 PM EDT

Muslim students want classmate expelled for criticizing hijabs

A freshman student at the University of Central Florida faced a Twitter campaign demanding her expulsion for criticizing a "try on a hijab" event.

Eduardo Neret Feb 08, 2018 at
12:06 PM EDT
Scarlett Johansson

Prof: Zionist 'master thieves' have 'infiltrated' Women's March

A Columbia University professor claims the Women’s March movement has become “deeply infiltrated” by “Zionists,” whom he called “master thieves.”

Adam Sabes Feb 08, 2018 at
10:45 AM EDT

Princeton implores students to report ‘identity’ incidents

Princeton University is asking students to report “problematic experiences based on [their] identity” to help administrators "monitor behavior on campus."

Matthew Penza Feb 07, 2018 at
4:41 PM EDT
Image via Facebook:

University sponsoring 'feminist social justice' conference

The University of Arizona will host an all-day conference designed to engage students in discussions on “feminist social justice” issues in March.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 07, 2018 at
3:00 PM EDT

Northeastern prof says he 'wouldn’t mind' seeing Trump dead

At a public event at Northeastern University, a professor told the audience that he “wouldn’t mind” seeing President Trump “dead.”

Sandor Farkas Feb 07, 2018 at
1:51 PM EDT

Conservative students report 'unfair treatment' at UMass-Amherst

A survey conducted by UMass-Amherst found that conservative students are among the most likely to face ostracism and “unfair treatment” on campus.

Kassy Dillon Feb 07, 2018 at
11:36 AM EDT

UNL lecturers booted from Nebraska 'navy' for bullying student

The Governor of Nebraska has revoked honorary "admiralships" from two UNL instructors who harassed a conservative student on campus.

Adam Sabes Feb 07, 2018 at
9:20 AM EDT
SIUE campus police officers confronting conservative students over their

University pays $10k to settle free speech lawsuit

SIU-Edwardsville has settled a lawsuit with the College Republicans, agreeing to pay the group’s attorney fees and revise its speech policies.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 06, 2018 at
4:16 PM EDT

UC-Merced hiring admin to support feminist ‘activism’

UC-Merced is hiring an administrators to support “student driven" social justice events, “activism,” and “political activities.”

Toni Airaksinen Feb 06, 2018 at
2:48 PM EDT

Prof claims ‘there is no such thing as black racism’

Ted Thornhill, the professor who drew criticism for teaching a course titled “White Racism,” now argues that “black racism” does not exist.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 06, 2018 at
12:40 PM EDT

Students demand college punish profs for 'anti-blackness'

Self-identified “student leaders” want the College of Wooster to punish profs for alleged “anti-blackness” but grant immunity to disruptive protesters.

Thomas Olohan Feb 06, 2018 at
8:40 AM EDT

New Mexico considers forcing students to apply for college

Two New Mexico state lawmakers want to force high school students to apply for college unless they can document an alternative post-graduation plan.

Anthony Gockowski Feb 05, 2018 at
4:37 PM EDT

BOOK REVIEW: Profs say 'victimhood culture' causing violence

Two professors argue in a forthcoming book that "victimhood culture" is fueling the rise of political violence on college campuses.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 05, 2018 at
10:39 AM EDT

Berkeley students panic after ICE vehicle spotted on campus

UC-Berkeley students went into a frenzy following reports of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) presence on campus.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 05, 2018 at
9:40 AM EDT

Nebraska pres of AAUP resigns amid pressure to support embattled lecturer

The President of Nebraska’s branch of the AAUP resigned amid pressure to support a controversial lecturer who harassed conservative students on campus.

Adam Sabes Feb 02, 2018 at
5:31 PM EDT

Title IX ‘crushing insult’ to victims, prof argues

One professor recently argued that the Title IX investigatory system on college campuses is a “crushing insult” to women who have been assaulted.

Toni Airaksinen Feb 02, 2018 at
3:56 PM EDT

VIDEO: Students hate Trump SOTU quotes, but they're Obama’s

"Well first off, ISIS is fake. It's something the government made up so they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination."

Cabot Phillips Feb 02, 2018 at
3:10 PM EDT

VIDEO: Law prof: says Department of Justice a 'sh*thole'

More than a dozen of students and professors blasted the Illinois College of Law last week, labeling it a “sh*thole” for hosting an event that featured a Department of Justice official.

Andrew Minik Feb 02, 2018 at
1:31 PM EDT

CRs attack new school policy for 'combating free speech'

The University of Washington CRs are accusing administrators of trying to “silence all opposition to their left leaning agenda."

Mitchell Gunter Feb 02, 2018 at
12:40 PM EDT

ANALYSIS: One year later, Berkeley hasn't changed

One year later, the University of California, Berkeley is still reeling in the wake of 2017's riots.

Nikita Vladimirov Feb 02, 2018 at
6:19 AM EDT

Cornell editorial board calls ICE enforcement 'federal overreach'

The editorial board of the Cornell student newspaper recently decried the arrest of an illegal immigrant by ICE as “federal overreach.”

Neetu Chandak Feb 01, 2018 at
6:48 PM EDT

Chicago students demand 'diversity and inclusion' grad requirement

A University of Chicago student group issued more than 50 demands, which include calls for a mandatory “Diversity and Inclusion” grad requirement.

Mitchell Gunter Feb 01, 2018 at
6:13 PM EDT

University launches 'dream fund' to help DACA students

The University of Minnesota is now soliciting donations from students and staff to help support immigrant students with “at risk” legal status.

Celine Ryan Feb 01, 2018 at
4:02 PM EDT

Pomona College adds social justice to stats curriculum

The general Introduction to Statistics course at Pomona College has a new addition to its curriculum—the exploration of social justice issues.

Will Gu Feb 01, 2018 at
2:20 PM EDT

Princeton to host 'fat positive dinner' for 'fat identified' students

Princeton University’s health center will soon host a “Fat Positive Dinner” for students who are “fat identified” to discuss their experiences.

Matthew Penza Feb 01, 2018 at
2:07 PM EDT

Suspended male student sues Yale for 'gender bias'

A junior at Yale University is suing his school after a Title IX investigation found him guilty of false allegations of “groping” and “creating a hostile academic environment.”

Toni Airaksinen Feb 01, 2018 at
12:16 PM EDT

Poli-sci syllabus slams Trump as 'white supremacist'

A university syllabus asserted that President Trump was elected by “appealing to hatred and bigotry,” even labeling him a “white supremacist.”

Adam Sabes Feb 01, 2018 at
12:03 PM EDT

OPINION: Sheep for the Slaughter

Every year, colleges and universities across the nation go to great lengths to keep conservatism off campus.

Hannah Scherlacher Jan 31, 2018 at
7:39 PM EDT

Harvard student: Identity politics hurts Black Lives Matter

A Harvard student recently criticized identity politics for “making people feel better about themselves at the expense of productive discourse.”

Toni Airaksinen Jan 31, 2018 at
3:46 PM EDT

School hosts workshop on ‘pleasure’ of ‘touching yourself’

The Undergraduate Student Government of Arizona State University is hosting a workshop on getting “the pleasure you want and deserve."

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 31, 2018 at
1:35 PM EDT

Dems took 100% of donations from Williams College in 2017

Only two Williams College employees have donated to Republicans, but Democrats have raked in thousands over the same period.

Sandor Farkas Jan 31, 2018 at
11:26 AM EDT

'Deplorable' NYU prof slaps colleagues with lawsuit

The NYU professor who launched a Twitter account to attack identity politics on his campus is suing four colleagues and his school for defamation.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 31, 2018 at
9:38 AM EDT

Pro-life student group surpasses 1200 chapters nationwide

The nation’s largest pro-life nonprofit recently surpassed more than 1,200 active student chapters across the United States.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 30, 2018 at
6:20 PM EDT

Conservative students work to defund biased school paper

A conservative group has launched a campaign to help students request refunds for a fee they are forced to pay towards a liberal-leaning publication.

Sandor Farkas Jan 30, 2018 at
4:24 PM EDT

Bannon debate invite draws outrage at University of Chicago

Bannon’s invitation to the university sparked outrage on campus, with students and faculty blasting the school for hosting the former strategist.

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 30, 2018 at
2:07 PM EDT

'Write On!' mandates yearly anti-oppression training

In both the 2016 and 2017 sessions of the training, the leader asked each student to fill out a “Power Flower...”

Daniel Tancredi Jan 30, 2018 at
11:16 AM EDT

Rutgers prof helps librarians avoid virtual microaggressions

A Rutgers University professor is slated to present a webinar next month for college librarians on “mitigating microaggressions in virtual reference.”

Sandor Farkas Jan 30, 2018 at
10:00 AM EDT
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