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VIDEO: Evergreen protesters hold admins hostage over demandscx

Anthony Gockowski Investigative Reporter on Jun 01, 2017 at 2:33 PM EDT


  • Video from inside Evergreen State College continues to leak, showing that protesters had at one point held administrators hostage until they agreed to comply with their demands.
  • Video from inside Evergreen State College continues to leak, showing that protesters had at one point held administrators hostage until they agreed to comply with their demands.

    The incident took place during the second day of demonstrations demanding the resignation of Professor Bret Weinstein, who angered many students when he challenged the school’s decision to ask white people to leave campus for a day of diversity programming in an all-staff email.


    Panel on ‘civil discourse’ shut down by uncivil protesters

    A panel on “civil discourse” Tuesday at UCLA was shut down by protesters who refused to vacate the auditorium, forcing the event to be relocated.

    Anthony Gockowski Today at
    1:59 PM EDT

    Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting

    A College Republicans meeting at UC-Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the group’s existence is a threat to the safety of students.

    Celine Ryan Oct 18, 2017 at
    3:27 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Cops cuff vandal for throwing paint on pro-life display

    Portland State University’s pro-life club has faced repeated harassment from classmates, most recently with the vandalism of an on-campus display.

    Anthony Gockowski Oct 18, 2017 at
    11:12 AM EDT

    Prez ‘surprised’ and ‘shocked’ that UF must allow free speech

    The University of Florida is struggling to come to grips with its First Amendment obligations ahead of a visit by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

    Eduardo Neret Oct 16, 2017 at
    1:56 PM EDT

    VIDEO: UNH prof tells class that US should ban all guns

    Following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, a UNH professor told her students that that the U.S. should ban private ownership of firearms.

    Kyle Perisic Oct 13, 2017 at
    3:44 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Conservative activist attacked by protesters

    A Leadership Institute employee was allegedly assaulted and had his cell phone damaged by a protester at Wednesday night’s Charles Murray lecture.

    Anthony Gockowski Oct 12, 2017 at
    4:00 PM EDT

    Prof tells students 'racist, capitalist system' makes them poor

    A CSULB “teach-in” charged that America "was founded on white supremacy and racism," and "built on a racist capitalist system, meant to weaken the minority."

    Jael Sierra Oct 12, 2017 at
    12:21 PM EDT
    Student protesters disrupt an event at Columbia University.

    VIDEO: Antifa, students shut down College Republicans event

    Student protesters blocked the entrances to Tommy Robinson’s speech at Columbia University Tuesday, then stormed the venue to shut down his address.

    Toni Airaksinen and Anthony Gockowski Oct 10, 2017 at
    11:48 PM EDT

    Ball-buster handcuffed, questioned by UCSD police

    A UCSD student calling himself "Karl Marx" was detained and questioned after stabbing a free speech ball.

    Jordan Setayesh Oct 09, 2017 at
    4:06 PM EDT

    VIDEO: UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump

    Just five days after the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, a University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor told her class that President Trump is to blame.

    Mitchell Gunter Oct 06, 2017 at
    9:34 PM EDT
    An unidentified individual being confronted after he was caught vandalizing TPUSA posters at UIUC.

    Conservative students catch liberal vandals in the act

    Several students have repeatedly vandalized advertisements for Charlie Kirk’s appearance Thursday at the University of Illinois.

    Anthony Gockowski Oct 05, 2017 at
    1:53 PM EDT

    VIDEO: students admit bias against conservative women

    "I was seeking a community of women who felt left out by the feminist movement in the same way I did."

    Caroline Hakes Sep 29, 2017 at
    12:48 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Cornell 'takes a knee' to protest racism

    Hundreds of students, staff and faculty members gathered at Cornell University’s Arts Quad to “take a knee” to address white supremacy, racism and support the recent NFL protests started by Colin Kaepernick.

    Neetu Chandak Sep 28, 2017 at
    3:02 PM EDT
    Images of a student who stole a peer's MAGA hat at the University of California, Riverside.

    Angry student steals MAGA hat, demands victim be punished

    A Trump-supporting student had his MAGA hat stolen by a peer who demanded that administrators ban him from wearing it because it "represents genocide."

    Anthony Gockowski Sep 28, 2017 at
    2:26 PM EDT
    Protesters assemble outside the venue where Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of Utah on Wednesday.

    VIDEO: Punches thrown outside Shapiro event in Utah

    Violence erupted Wednesday when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro delivered a speech at the University of Utah.

    Nikita Vladimirov Sep 28, 2017 at
    1:25 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Student senators sit down during Pledge of Allegiance

    More than 10 student senators on Clemson University’s student government sat in protest during the Pledge of Allegiance at a Monday session.

    Mitchell Gunter Sep 27, 2017 at
    3:53 PM EDT
    Antifa leader Yvette Felarca being arrested in Berkeley on September 26.

    Antifa leader arrested after scuffle in Berkeley

    Prominent anti-fascist leader Yvette Felarca was arrested Tuesday following a rowdy Antifa “Victory March” in Berkeley, California.

    Nikita Vladimirov Sep 26, 2017 at
    6:30 PM EDT

    Cops tell activists their ‘free speech ball’ ‘scared’ students

    Video footage shows conservative activists at SIU-Edwardsville being told by police officers that their “free-speech ball” was “scaring” students.

    Anthony Gockowski Sep 26, 2017 at
    2:52 PM EDT
    Cornell University students hold a sit-in on campus.

    Cornell student gov passes 'hate speech' resolution

    Cornell University’s student government passed a resolution condemning “hate speech” after two incidents sent the campus into racial turmoil.

    Neetu Chandak Sep 22, 2017 at
    2:26 PM EDT

    VIDEO: 'Beating up fascists is good,' students say

    As acts of political violence in America increase in regularity, a new poll shows that many college students have no problem with it.

    Cabot Phillips Sep 19, 2017 at
    11:38 PM EDT

    Freshmen say Clemson safe space is 'divisive,' 'misguided'

    Some Clemson freshmen are calling the “safe space” portion of a mandatory diversity course for first-year students “misguided" and "divisive.”

    Mitchell Gunter Sep 13, 2017 at
    3:38 PM EDT
    An unidentified individual removing flags from the College Republican's 9/11 memorial.

    Mysterious man trashes American flags from 9/11 memorial

    Members of Columbia University College Republicans walked out of class Monday afternoon to find a man removing the flags from their 9/11 memorial.

    Hannah Scherlacher Sep 11, 2017 at
    7:14 PM EDT
    Protesters gather at Harvard University in opposition to Charles Murray's speech.

    Harvard students call Charles Murray a 'white nationalist'

    Harvard students braved a light drizzle Wednesday to protest a speech by Charles Murray, dubbing the conservative intellectual a “white nationalist.”

    Natalie Bao Tram Le Sep 07, 2017 at
    12:01 PM EDT
    Signs protesting the

    CSULB students protest their own mascot

    "The Prospectors were Murders [sic]."

    Jael Sierra Sep 05, 2017 at
    3:53 PM EDT
    Graduate teaching assistant Courtney Lawton expressing her opinion of Turning Point USA

    VIDEO: Profs bully TPUSA prez while she recruits on campus

    Several University of Nevada-Lincoln professors harassed the president of the school’s TPUSA chapter while she recruited new members on campus.

    Hannah Scherlacher Aug 25, 2017 at
    7:31 PM EDT

    Berkeley Republicans crash meeting of anti-conservative group

    “By Any Means Necessary,” a progressive activist group, refused to allow College Republicans members to attend a public meeting at UC-Berkeley.

    Nikita Vladimirov Aug 25, 2017 at
    3:12 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Nikita talks course lamenting 'American whiteness'

    The course is from Grinnell College in Iowa.

    Campus Reform Staff Aug 16, 2017 at
    10:07 AM EDT


    VIDEO: Cabot talks Trinity's '#LetThemF****ingDie' prof

    Campus Reform's Media Director Cabot Phillips joined Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday to discuss the latest insanity on America's college campuses.

    Campus Reform Staff Aug 14, 2017 at
    11:29 AM EDT


    VIDEO: Cabot joins Cavuto to talk direction of Dem. Party

    Will the Democrats' "Better Deal" help them gain the support of more Millennials? 

    Campus Reform Staff Jul 25, 2017 at
    5:42 PM EDT


    VIDEO: Students love socialism!...whatever that is...

    Ask most college students, and they'll tell you that socialism is a wonderful thing. Just don't ask them to define it, because you'll get the same answer.

    Cabot Phillips Jul 15, 2017 at
    11:36 PM EDT


    EXCLUSIVE: Diversity chiefs drowning in dough

    America’s flagship universities are doling out an average of $175,088 per year for administrators tasked with leading their diversity efforts.

    Anthony Gockowski Jul 12, 2017 at
    8:38 PM EDT


    VIDEO: Saying 'Radical Islam' is 'definitely wrong,' students say

    Last month’s terror attacks in London killed dozens and renewed the debate over the use of the term “Radical Islam.”

    Cabot Phillips Jun 21, 2017 at
    4:49 PM EDT


    VIDEO: Antifa thugs attack free speech rally at Evergreen State

    Antifa protesters once again turned violent, this time attacking a free speech rally at Evergreen State College in Washington.

    Dan Jackson Jun 16, 2017 at
    1:19 AM EDT


    VIDEO: Young voters to Hillary: stop blaming others for loss

    Young voters want Hillary Clinton to “move on” from her recent repudiation, saying she should “stop blaming other people, and take responsibility.”

    Cabot Phillips Jun 06, 2017 at
    9:46 AM EDT


    VIDEO: people can't remember a time conservatives rioted over a liberal speaker

    an you ever remember a time where conservatives rioted at the presence of a Liberal speaker?

    Cabot Phillips Jun 02, 2017 at
    8:46 AM EDT


    Former cop emphasizes free speech in congressional campaign

    Retired police officer Kevin Cavanaugh is making the issue of free speech on college campuses a major focus of his campaign Congress.

    Shanna Nelson May 31, 2017 at
    2:43 PM EDT


    Yale honors students who mobbed prof over costume controversy

    Two students who angrily mobbed a Yale professor for supporting free speech in 2015 have been awarded for “enhancing race and/or ethnic relations.”

    Justin Caruso May 30, 2017 at
    8:23 AM EDT


    VIDEO: lawsuit filed over conservative activists' arrest

    Kellogg Community College is being sued for arresting three conservative activists who were distributing pocket Constitutions on campus last year.

    Anthony Gockowski May 24, 2017 at
    12:12 PM EDT

    Image via YouTube: Gary Fouse

    SJP shuts down another pro-Israel event at UC-Irvine

    Pro-Israel students at UC-Irvine Students have once again had an event disrupted by members of the school's Students for Justice in Palestine chapter.

    Anthony Gockowski May 15, 2017 at
    3:51 PM EDT