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VIDEO: Profs bully TPUSA prez while she recruits on campuscx

Hannah Scherlacher Program Manager & Opinion Writer on Aug 25, 2017 at 7:31 PM EDT

  • Several University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors harassed the president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter Friday afternoon while she was tabling on campus grounds.
  • Katie Mullen says an admin came out at one point and told her she had to leave, but campus police intervened and affirmed her right to stay, even escorting her to safety when the bullying became too much.
  • Professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln harassed the president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter Friday afternoon while she was tabling on campus grounds.

    According to chapter President Katie Mullen, at least three professors circled the table while carrying signs and yelling things like “f**k Charlie Kirk” and “TPUSA Nazis.”


    VIDEO: Cultural appropriation worries ruin St. Patrick's Day

    College students traditionally love St. Patrick's Day, but how do they feel after realizing that it's a form of cultural appropriation?

    Cabot Phillips Mar 16, 2018 at
    12:22 PM EDT

    UCSB students demand more resources for illegal immigrants

    A student group at UC-Santa Barbara staged a walkout Monday to demand immigration reform and various resources for illegal immigrant students.

    Sandor Farkas Mar 08, 2018 at
    11:28 AM EDT

    OSU prof goes on anti-Republican tirade in class

    An Ohio State University professor recently slammed the entire panel of 2016 GOP primary candidates in an inexplicable 15-minute rant.

    Bradley Devlin Mar 05, 2018 at
    5:49 PM EDT

    Prof accuses conservative students of being funded by Russia

    A biology professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake told a conservative student group that they are “probably receiving Russian funding.”

    Nikita Vladimirov Mar 01, 2018 at
    2:52 PM EDT

    Megaphone-wielding students disrupt pro-Israel event at UVA

    UVA forcefully denounced the use of the so-called “heckler’s veto” after protesters aggressively disrupted a pro-Israel event on campus last week.

    Kassy Dillon Feb 27, 2018 at
    10:16 AM EDT
    Student senators vote down a proposal to impose mandatory diversity training.

    Clemson senators defeat 'ideological indoctrination' proposal

    For the second time in one year, Clemson University's student government has shot down a proposal to make diversity training mandatory for all members.

    Mitchell Gunter Feb 15, 2018 at
    3:52 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Students afraid to express support for border wall

    Congress remain deadlocked on President Trump's proposed border wall, but Trinity University students made clear that they support "open borders."

    Cabot Phillips Feb 13, 2018 at
    10:58 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Students hate Trump SOTU quotes, but they're Obama’s

    "Well first off, ISIS is fake. It's something the government made up so they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination."

    Cabot Phillips Feb 02, 2018 at
    3:10 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Law prof: says Department of Justice a 'sh*thole'

    More than a dozen of students and professors blasted the Illinois College of Law last week, labeling it a “sh*thole” for hosting an event that featured a Department of Justice official.

    Andrew Minik Feb 02, 2018 at
    1:31 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Students blame both parties for government shutdown

    Republicans may be having more luck escaping blame for the latest government shutdown, at least according to students at New York University.

    Cabot Phillips Jan 23, 2018 at
    2:02 PM EDT

    Communist leader gives MLK Day speech at Florida State

    Former Communist Party USA member Angela Davis appeared at Florida State University Tuesday to deliver a speech trashing the Trump administration.

    Genesis Sanchez Jan 18, 2018 at
    11:08 AM EDT

    VIDEO: 'Anti-fascist' protesters struggle to define 'fascism'

    Opposition to “fascism” is increasingly in-vogue on college campuses, but many students still aren’t sure exactly what they’re protesting against.

    Cabot Phillips Jan 08, 2018 at
    11:38 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Pro-abortion student endorses murdering 2-year-olds

    A student at UT-Knoxville recently advocated “aborting” children up to two years old, citing their inability to communicate as justification.

    Toni Airaksinen Jan 04, 2018 at
    8:05 AM EDT
    Images of a student who stole a peer's MAGA hat at the University of California, Riverside.

    VIDEO: The top 5 triggered campus liberals of 2017

    If 2017 will be remembered for one thing in particular, it might be for all of the craziness that engulfed college campuses around the nation.

    Cabot Phillips Jan 02, 2018 at
    7:35 AM EDT

    Prof wanted to fight Ben Shapiro; students want him promoted

    The prof. stated that he “wouldn’t debate [Shapiro],” and suggested that students, “set up some sort of an MMA thing between me and him.”

    Mitchell Gunter Dec 26, 2017 at
    8:29 AM EDT

    Poll: Who are your top 5 Higher Ed Heroes for 2017?

    2017 has seen several people stand up for freedom of speech, independent thinking, and other principles in higher education. Who are your favorites?

    Campus Reform Staff Dec 22, 2017 at
    2:34 PM EDT

    Alumni implore Trinity College to cut ties with radical prof

    Alumni are upset that Trinity College plans to reinstate a professor whose controversial public remarks about "whites" landed him on paid leave.

    Kyle Perisic Dec 20, 2017 at
    11:45 AM EDT
    Flyer insinuating that the Columbia University College Republicans support sexual assault.

    VIDEO: Republican student smeared as KKK 'Grand Wizard'

    The president of the Columbia University College Republicans was smeared as a “Grand Wizard” of the KKK during a Finals Week comedy routine.

    Toni Airaksinen Dec 18, 2017 at
    3:52 PM EDT

    Campus coffee shop evicts College Republicans from 'safe space'

    Members of the Fordham College Republicans were told to leave an on-campus coffee shop because their MAGA hats violated the shop’s “safe space policy.”

    Kassy Dillon Dec 08, 2017 at
    7:40 PM EDT

    Prof tells class only 'a chump' wouldn't protest Ben Shapiro

    A sociology professor at UC-Merced is urging students to join him in protesting conservative journalist Ben Shapiro when he visits campus in February.

    Nikita Vladimirov Dec 07, 2017 at
    1:21 PM EDT

    Prof tells class he won't debate Shapiro, suggests MMA fight

    A professor at UC-Merced recently told students he wants to rip Ben Shapiro's arm "out of his socket" rather than debate the conservative pundit.

    Nikita Vladimirov Dec 06, 2017 at
    4:21 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Campus cops defend vandalism, destruction of property

    University of Florida campus police officers tried to justify vandalism of conservative flyers, saying they are no longer private property once posted.

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 30, 2017 at
    3:33 PM EDT

    Student charged with grand theft for snatching MAGA hat

    A University of California, Riverside student who snatched a “MAGA” hat from a classmate now faces up to one year in jail for grand theft.

    Nikita Vladimirov Nov 22, 2017 at
    11:50 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Students disrupt event on promoting ‘healthy’ dialogue

    Student protesters recently shut down an event at UC-Irvine that was aimed at “promoting healthy intergroup communications.”

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 21, 2017 at
    1:08 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Instructor arrested for attacking conservative students

    A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested after assaulting two conservative students during an anti-Trump protest.

    Andrew Minik Nov 18, 2017 at
    2:05 PM EDT

    Stanford stands down as students disrupt conservative speech

    Protesters staged a walk-out during a Robert Spencer speech at Stanford University, yet overflow crowds were not allowed to take their places.

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 16, 2017 at
    12:54 PM EDT

    Pro-Palestine students shout down openly gay Israeli vet

    A recent pro-Israel event at the University of Illinois was shouted down by the school’s Students for Justice (SJP) in Palestine chapter.

    Andrew Minik Nov 16, 2017 at
    10:50 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Students say teaching assistant stole pro-life poster

    Pro-life students at the University of Florida allege that the latest vandalism of their promotional materials was perpetrated by a teaching assistant.

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 15, 2017 at
    2:20 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Campus cop takes no nonsense from childish vandals

    Leftist students at Kennesaw State University proudly shredded signs at a free speech event late last month, saying they promoted “violence.”

    Kyle Perisic Nov 15, 2017 at
    1:34 PM EDT

    Vandals repeatedly strike pro-life messages at UF

    Students at the University of Florida have repeatedly vandalized advertisements for an upcoming pro-life event on campus.

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 15, 2017 at
    8:32 AM EDT

    Prof exposes UCLA’s ‘dirty tricks’ against conservatives

    Former UCLA professor Keith Fink recently revealed the “dirty tricks” that he says the school uses to silence conservatives on campus.

    Nikita Vladimirov Nov 14, 2017 at
    3:49 PM EDT

    NKU student facing charges for vandalizing pro-life display

    A Northern Kentucky University student who recently vandalized a pro-life display has been identified by campus police and now faces criminal charges.

    Anthony Gockowski Nov 14, 2017 at
    10:59 AM EDT

    TPUSA chapter denied after being called a 'hate speech group'

    The UW-Stevens Point student government denied a prospective TPUSA chapter official recognition after students called it a “hate speech group.”

    Celine Ryan Nov 14, 2017 at
    10:38 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Parade halted, officer assaulted during protest

    A protest hosted by the University of Illinois Student Government culminated in protesters shoving a police officer against the hood of a car.

    Andrew Minik Nov 01, 2017 at
    11:14 AM EDT

    VIDEO: Yale students love the idea of outlawing Halloween

    Posing as a member of the fictitious “Yale Students for An Inclusive Fall Season,” I attempted to garner support for my cause. I had no idea how easy it would be.

    Cabot Phillips Oct 30, 2017 at
    11:03 PM EDT

    VIDEO: Alleged school employee storms College Repubs meeting

    A College Republicans meeting at the University of Illinois was disrupted Thursday by a woman who is allegedly a university employee.

    Anthony Gockowski and Nikita Vladimirov Oct 27, 2017 at
    5:59 PM EDT
    Clemson University's student government voted in favor of the motion to impeach following an intense three-hour debate.

    Racism allegations fail to stop student gov VP's impeachment

    A Clemson University student senator is being called a racist for proposing a motion to impeach a black colleague accused of sexual harassment.

    Mitchell Gunter Oct 27, 2017 at
    3:39 PM EDT
    A slide used by Jaren Stewart during his presentation defending himself against impeachment.

    Student gov VP calls peeping allegations a 'social lynching'

    Clemson’s student government VP says he is the victim of a “social lynching” following reports that he snuck into women’s rooms to watch them undress.

    Mitchell Gunter Oct 25, 2017 at
    10:36 AM EDT

    SUNY Albany offers safe spaces after 'Sin Awareness Day'

    A crowd of students surrounding the demonstration yelled at them to leave, occasionally saying "f*** you" and chanting "God is gay."

    Matthew Noyes Oct 23, 2017 at
    11:55 AM EDT

    Libertarian student says college is suppressing her speech

    A Flagler College student was prevented from rolling a free speech ball on campus because student government refuses to recognize a libertarian student group.

    Anthony Gockowski Oct 20, 2017 at
    11:05 AM EDT