Conservative Aggies Attend Election Training and Win

Campus Reform Reporter

About three weeks ago, eleven conservative students at Texas A&M University took the Leadership Institute's Campus Election Workshop. Most of them are members of the Texas Aggie Conservatives, a group that is recognized by and has worked closely with the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program for about four years. Six of the eleven ran for student government positions, and two of the six were elected to the Student Senate.

The training was held at the ranch of a supporter of the Leadership Institute and covered the following topics:

  • What It Takes to Win
  • Message Development
  • Building a Campaign Staff and Organization
  • Building Coalitions and Targeting Voters
  • Campaign Tactics and Strategies
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Campaign Timeline

Congratulations to Kristin Bonner and Nicole Heath! These two conservative young women are committed to promoting conservative values at A&M through their work in the Senate. Both are members of the Texas Aggie Conservatives (TAC) and ran on their opposition to in-state tuition for illegal aliens, among other issues. The TAC network, especially among those who took the election training, was very helpful and contributed to their victories.

"I know that I wouldn't have won the student government election without the information and guidance provided by election workshop held by the Leadership Institute." -Kristin Bonner, freshman

"The campaigning tactics provided by the Campus Election Workshop proved to be a vital element in getting elected as one of the top Student Senators. I know I would not have been near as successful running my very first campaign without having gained such valuable knowledge and skills." -Nicole Heath, sophomore 

These two were also running in a very competitive caucus, the Off-Campus Caucus, in which 64 candidates were running for 29 seats. Nicole was the 8th top vote-getter while Kristin was 20th.

Would you like to run for and win a position in the student government on your campus? Contact your Regional Field Coordinator to organize a Campus Election Workshop for you and your conservative friends!


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