Females for Firearms Hopes to Attract New Members With Halloween Shootout

Campus Reform Reporter

Females for Firearms, a group that teaches students about how to properly operate a gun, hopes to attract new members and educate their fellow peers by hosting a Halloween Shootout.

The themed event will allow participants the opportunity to shoot zombie targets, scarecrows, and pumpkins. Additionally, in honor of the Halloween spirit, other targets, such as water bottles and balloons, will be filled with fake blood.

The shootout has become quite popular among the student body at the University of North Dakota, forcing the club to place some interested individuals on a waiting list.

"If we can get even one of those women to join the group and continue to learn about firearms, then the event will be a success," said Samantha Sutherland, Vice President of the group.

However, while this one particular event has become popular with students, the Females for Firearms are often met with hostility.

"Several professors on campus disagree with our group and what we stand for," said Samantha. She added that last year campus security requested for the members participating in Open Holster Week to inform their professors of their choice to do so. "Two of my professors responded and told me they could not support firearms on campus, did not agree with our silent protest, and asked I not wear my holster in their classroom."

Nevertheless, the club plans to continue to further their mission of educating their peers about firearms. This year they have seen their group grow to 20 paid members and are optimistic that new students will continue to join.

Ultimately, Females for Firearms hopes to prove to students that shooting can be a fun and safe recreational activity.

"Shooting is fun," said Samantha. "As long as you know how to handle a gun, there is no reason to be afraid of it."

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