[UPDATE] LSU apologizes for removing Christian cross from photo of students

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Administrators at Louisiana State University issued a formal apology on Monday for circulating a tampered photo in which they removed images of the Christian cross worn by several students at a football game.

The apology came after the school received a barrage of negative media attention in response to a story published by Campus Reform and other outlets revealing that the photo had been altered in an ill-fated attempt to keep from offending students.

Administrators at Louisiana State University have apologized after digitally removing the Christian crosses from this photo.

“We erred in our judgment and we have communicated our apologies to the group of young men represented in the photo whose school spirit is second to none,” an LSU administrator acknowledged in a Facebook post on Monday.

“We did not intend to offend anyone by the editing of this photograph and in the future we will use another photo rather than make a similar edit.”

The controversial photo featured a group of LSU football fans known as “The Painted Posse and was digitally altered by LSU Athletics to remove the crosses the students had painted above their hearts.

The university originally told Campus Reform last Friday that they stood by their decision to edit the photo. LSU only issued a formal apology after the controversy made national headlines over the weekend.

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