[VIDEO] Professor praises Stalin, claims he never committed ‘one crime’

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A professor at a public university recently denied Soviet Union Leader Joseph Stalin was responsible for the murder of millions, saying he has “yet to find one crime – one crime that Stalin committed.”

“I know they say he killed 20, 30, 40 million people,” continued Grover Furr, a professor in Medieval English at Montclair State University.

“It’s bullshit.”

Professor Grover Furr of Montclair State University said he has yet to find “one crime that Stalin committed.”

Furr made the comments at a campus debate featuring three individuals supposedly representing conservative, liberal, and libertarian political views.

Following the debate, a student pressed Furr on his comments reminding the professor that most historians believe “100 to 150 million people [were] killed by communist regimes.”

The professor, however, doubled down on his original comment.

“What you said is bullshit,” said Furr.  “It’s wrong. It’s a lie.”

“The history of the Soviet Union is the most falsified,” he added.

WATCH: Professor says "it's bulls**t" that Stalin was responsible for the killing of millions

The consensus among most historians whether liberal or conservative, is that Stalin was responsible for the persecution and execution of millions in the Soviet Union.

A Soviet weekly newspaper put the total dead as a result of Stalin’s repressions at about 40 million people. A recent book authored by Stanford Professor of History Norman Naimark even argues that Stalin committed multiple genocides.

“It’s a horrific case of genocide,” said Naimark. “In some cases, a quota was established for the number to be executed, the number to be arrested.”

Furr, who has authored several books on the topic of Marxism, also insisted that the United States has the lowest standard of living among industrialized developed countries.

Furr, nor a university spokesperson, could be immediately reached for comment by Campus Reform.

Other panelists included libertarian professor Yuri Maltsev and conservative professor David Tubbs. The debate was sponsored by the Young Americans for Liberty.

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