Duke hikes fees to provide sex-change surgery to students

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Duke University plans to raise its student fees in order pay for students' sex reassignment surgery.

Duke University recently made the decision to raise student fees in order add sex-reassignment surgery to their healthcare plan.

The private university, located in North Carolina, follows Brown and other universities in offering coverage for the controversial operation.

Administrators say they will cover the cost of the reassignment surgery up to $50,000 that will be covered with a 0.3 percent increase to overall student fees.

LGBT advocates on campus immediately celebrated the university’s decision.

“The addition of sexual reassignment surgery with a $50,000 cap makes Duke’s student health care plan one of the most, if not the most, transgender-inclusive plans in the country,” Sunny Frothingham, the outreach chair for Blue Devils United told the Duke Chronicle last week.

The official plan is in-line with a Student Government Resolution passed last March that called upon the school to cover sex change operations. The school previously covered mental health care, hormone therapy and breast augmentation and reduction surgery to students who wished to change their gender.

There are 37 universities in America that cover sex change operations, according to TransgenderLaw.org. Emory University is the only other college in the Southeast, besides Duke, to offer sexual reassignment surgery to students.

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