UC professor hosts explicit race-themed ‘porn, & sex’ Tumblr blog

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A female professor at the University of California - Santa Barbara (UCSB) is the host of an explicit Tumblr blog, which focuses on nude and sexual photographs of mostly African-American women.

Image from UCSB professor Mireille Miller-Young's blog, “Brown Sugar.” 

The blog, entitled “Brown Sugar, " a “race, porn, & sex image collection,” contains dozens of images of naked women in various poses. It is curated by Mireille Miller-Young, PhD,  who is an assistant professor of feminist studies at UCSB.

For example, a post from 2:43 a.m., on June 11, includes a spread-eagle frontal of a young African American woman with the Tumblr tag “vintagechicks.”

Other posts include photos of naked women swimming, showering, and relaxing as well as video GIFs of women performing sexually suggestive maneuvers.

Miller-Young, is the author of an upcoming Duke University Press book, "A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women, Sex Work, and Pornography," which aims to examine “women’s representations, performances, and labors in pornographic media from the 19th century to present.”

In an article published in Women’s News on Sunday, Miller-Young, along with three co-authors, argued new technologies are empowering pornographers and sparking “moral panic-driven fears.”

“With the emergence of new technologies that allow more people than ever to both create and consume pornography, the moral panic-driven fears of porn are ratcheted up once again,” they wrote.

That article was part of a promotion effort for the “Feminist Porn Book” by Miller-Young and the three co-authors which was published in February by the City University of New York.

That 432-pages book is available used or new for $17.14 on Amazon and ranked #1,305,408 in book sales.

Neither the UCSB or Miller-Young returned requests for comment in time for publication.

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