[VIDEO] College students who can’t identify Putin, Kerry, know all about ‘Twerking’

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  • Students clueless about world leaders
  • Most students could give detailed explanation of 'twerking'
  • Twerking is a provocative dance form popularized by pop-star Miley Cyrus
  • More students could define 'twerking,' a provocative dance style popularized by Miley Cyrus, than various world leaders.

    Students at George Mason University (GMU) who were unable to recognize prominent world leaders like Vladimir Putin and John Kerry, gave detailed explanations on how to ‘twerk,’ in a new video by the conservative pundit Dan Joseph.

    WATCH: Students describe ‘Twerking,’ but don’t know world leaders

    “Do you know who Vladimir Putin is?," Joseph asked students on GMU's flagship campus in Fairfax, VA, near Washington D.C. 

    “Isn’t he from Russia?” asked one student.

    “Oh no, don’t do this to me,” giggled another student. “Don’t make me look like an idiot.” 

    “It’s ok, you’re so pretty it doesn’t matter,” Joseph, who is a reporter for the conservative Media Research Center, quipped back.

    The  pretty student went on to describe twerking as “bending your body, usually your hands are on the floor or on your knees, um... You are in an up-and-down motion, kind of bouncing, like.”

    Urban Dictionary defines twerking as “the act of moving/ shaking ones ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion.”

    Several other students who seemed to be clueless about John Kerry and Putin also described ‘twerking’ in a similar manner.

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