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The Nice Terrier
@Bobbyh214 - 15 min ago

White Ivy Leaguers create student group to confront their 'privilege' via @campusreform 2 much time on their hands.

@SCgunner - 28 min ago

@campusreform Tenure strikes again thank the union and the dept of education 4 all they do for us and our country. Gompers=good, Trumka=evil

@gobospring - 31 min ago

@campusreform Don't kid yourself into thinking America's warrior cops only target minorities. check @PolicePoliceACP

GOP Scientists
@GOPscientists - 1 hour ago

@campusreform our data shows that general education is directly correlated to liberalism. We suggest cutting higher edu. until balanced.

@kungfugripma - 2 hours ago

@campusreform our ed system is so agenda driven. I used 2 think libs didn't realize they were destroying USA. I now believe it's intentional

@garysweendogg - 2 hours ago

@campusreform oh goodness! What next? Their going to boycott caviar at lunch? #WhitePrivilege

Shirley Baldwin
@nutjob - 2 hours ago

Another prof. in hot water over tweets http:// via @campusreform

@FotiosT - 3 hours ago

@LadyLiberty94 Someone showed me your @campusreform Kean University/Communist China article last night and I was like "I know her!"

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