Report: New Jersey community college students struggle to find health insurance under Obamacare

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  • Administrators yanked low cost policies which will be illegal under the Affordable Care Act
  • A low-cost health insurance program offered to students enrolled in New Jersey community colleges has been eliminated by the Affordable Care Act.

    Students at community colleges throughout New Jersey have found themselves in Health Insurance in limbo after administrators cancelled low-cost "bare bones" policies that became unlawful under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

    While many have attempted to replace their previous low cost plans by signing up in the health care exchanges on, the site's now infamous disfunction means most have not succeeded, CBS New York reported last Thursday. 

    Administrators like  Union County Community College Vice President of Administrative Services, Stephen Nacco, suggest they were forced to cancel the low cost programs, or pay thousands of dollars more per student, a price they could not afford.  

    “More than a thousand dollars per student and that is dramatically different,” Nacco told CBSNews.

    Carlos Arias, a current student, told CBS New York he used to participate in the inexpensive health care program and is concerned about his how this will affect him the next time he becomes ill.

    "I’m kind of healthy right now but I am worried that when something happens I’m not going to go to the hospital,” Arias said.

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