Prof says Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Cuccinelli sees women as ‘sperm recepticles’

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  • Professor fired off numerous anti-Cuccinelli Twitter rants
  • Said a Cuccinelli win would mean 'there wouldn't B a gay, a woman, or a mountaintop or any sex left'
  • NFL star Mike Vick would support Cuccinelli, tweeted prof
  • Virginia republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli pictured holding a puppy with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)as part of a recent publicity stunt.

    A journalism professor at Virginia Commonwealth University claimed on Twitter last month that Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R) thinks women are “simple sperm recepticles [sic] and birthing machines.”

    Professor Mary Ann Owens made the remark in an October 15, tweet, discovered by Campus Reform earlier today. She reiterated her views again in a tweet on October 16, “Just wondering Y a woman would campaign for #Cuccinelli when he wants 2 limit women 2 sperm recepticles[sic]  and birthing machines.

    Owen’s twitter account “mao2u2” frequently sends out anti-Cuccinelli messages and has also attacked the famous socially conservative Duggar family of reality TV fame for supporting his gubernatorial campaign.

    Owen’s also tweeted that a Cuccinelli victory would mean “there wouldn’t B a gay, a woman, a mountaintop or any sex left if VA.”

    On October 17 she claimed to another account “Disagree. Virginia needs a gov that respects women, minorities and science. #Cuccinelli doesn’t do any of those things.”

    She also criticized a recent publicity stunt by the Cuccinelli campaign which involved puppies and stated he probably won the vote of NFL quarterback Mike Vick, who was found guilty of numerous animal abuse charges.

    “Gist of Va. debate: #Cuccinelli wouldn’t take a puppie w/o a plan. But he refused 2 vote against puppie [sic] mills. Think #Cooch got Vick’s vote.”

    An email from Campus Reform requesting comment from Owen’s was not returned in time for publication.

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    @SteveDeaceShow @campusreform @AGockowski Foundations of our country mired in quicksand, getting sucked down fast

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    . @campusreform reports: Students are clueless about American govt #history. We're in trouble! #PJNET

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    @campusreform @AGockowski Very Sad . Only Pro Choice people are allowed to vent per the rules of the left . Our country keeps dividing more

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