Colorado Democrat fires gay aide allegedly for visiting Republican office

Caleb Bonham

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  • Tyler Drum was allegedly fired after visiting the office of a fellow aide, a Republican
  • When he was fired, he was only told that Democrat leadership was uncomfortable with him befriending a Republican
  • Working as an aide was Drum’s first job after graduating
  • Tyler Drum, a 21-year-old homosexual aide to Democrat state Senator Irene Aguilar, was fired on the spot from his position in the Colorado Senate because he allegedly visited the office of a fellow college aide who happens to work for a Republican.

    Drum, a 2013 graduate of Colorado State University, told Campus Reform that Aguilar did not explain why he had been fired.

    “I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat.”   

    “She just said leadership was uncomfortable with me befriending Republicans,” Drum said.

    Drum took the aide position after completing Colorado State University's capitol internship program, a class designed to teach students about the legislative process.

    “Partisanship runs much deeper than I thought,” Drum said. “There is no real interest in compromise.”

    Now unemployed, Tyler joins the over 12% of 20-24 year olds unable to find employment.

    “This was my first job after graduating, [the Democrats] don’t care about my situation, they don’t care to know who I am.”

    Drum, who is a registered Democrat, is disappointed in his firing.

    “I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat,” he said.

    Senator Aguilar, the Democrat’s Assistant Majority Leader in the Colorado Senate, did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

    First reported by Colorado Peak Politics.

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    Caleb Bonham

    Caleb Bonham


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