Public university to refund students that were billed for nonexistent services

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  • University said charges were used for a reserve fund for future services.
  • Most students will receive refund of greater than $50.
  • University of Hawai'i West Oahu students are getting a surprise refund after a student spotted fees for nonexistent services.

    Over $100,000 will be refunded to students who were billed for services that were not used, according to KHON.

    The investigation into the false charges was sparked by a student who saw his bill climb from $5 to $120 per semester. He had been charged for transportation services and a clinic. Neither of those two services exists yet.

    When pressed by KHON about the charges, the university said they were used as a reserve fund for services that might be incurred in the future.

    On January 14, the university promised to refund the students for their mistake.

    By and large, each student can expect to get a $64 refund: $26 for transportation, $30 for health, and $8 for technology. The refund doesn't count for students who already owe the university for services they otherwise incurred.

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