Professor: Traditional history teaching replaced by identity classes

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  • Professor K.C. Johnson attributes shift in emphasis to Bowdoin College.
  • American history is being mistaught thanks to social identity crowding out traditional history, Professor K.C. Johnson of the City of New York Graduate Center said on Jan. 15.

    Johnson made his argument as a speaker in the school's “Uncomfortable Learning at Williams” lecture series, according to The Williams Record.

    The professor opened his talk by giving a short summary of higher education in Maine, where traditional history is being supplanted by niche classes focusing on the study of gender, race, sexuality and other types of identifiers.

    Johnson attributed this transformation to Bowdoin College, a left-leaning school. As social identity courses proliferated, classes were cut in business, military, and constitutional history, in order to make room. Instead of “expanding knowledge” of traditional history, he argued, universities are contracting it.

    While talking about the increasing politicization of American universities, Johnson explained how some universities were tailoring their programs in order to attract certain political demographics, such as Brigham Young University and Hillsdale College, both of which offer a more conservative bent. In addition, he held that state legislators have seized upon their universities’ curricula in order to further their own causes.

    The lecture may be seen below in its entirety.

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