Public University offers year of in-state tuition in social media engagement contest

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  • Grand prize is a year of in-state tuition.
  • Winner will also receive one-year meal plan, a $1,000 bookstore credit, iPad.
  • Idaho State University is trying to increase social engagement on campus through a social media contest that would provide one lucky winner with a year of in-state tuition and a raft of other prizes.

    The contest, open to current, transfer, and prospective students, is named the “Ultimate Bengal Challenge” after the school’s mascot. According to Social Media Today, entrants can win the scholarship for themselves or for someone else.

    In order to participate, each entrant must “Like” the contest’s Facebook page. The entrants will then be able to accumulate points, either through following the university’s social media accounts or by sharing the promotion to others through various social media outlets.

    The contest was first conceived over a period of four months by the University Social Media Committee. According to Stuart Summers, Director of Marketing and Recruitment for the Idaho State University College of Technology, the campaign is focused more on qualitative results instead of just sheer numbers.

    Contestants will have through April 25th to try to win the scholarship, which is estimated at a value of $13,000.

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