After state funding lags, public university contemplates hiking student fees

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  • Cal State University, Fullerton receives least amount of state funding from state among all California State University campuses
  • Cal State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is considering hiking student fees in order to make up for years of budget shortfalls and lack of state funding.

    According to the Daily Titan, the mandatory fee would be $240.50 a semester for direct service costs for students. The proposal is coined "The Student Success Initiative," and it is expected to bring in a projected $9.2 million in revenue per semester for the university.

    “In lieu of any other dynamics changing, the institution needs to take control of its own future.”   

    Currently, CSUF receives the least amount of state funding per-student among the 23 campuses that compose California State University.

    “The initiative allows CSUF to take steps to become the university it aspires to be,” Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey Cook said.

    “In lieu of any other dynamics changing, the institution needs to take control of its own future.”

    In fall of 2013, the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) developed a priority list for how to spend the additional money. Items on the list include hiring advisors, expanding library hours, improving cultural centers, offering scholarship support for students, and upgrading campus Wi-Fi.

    Unlike other initiatives, the students will not be able to directly vote on the student fee hike. Instead, the university will work on an “alternative consultation process” so students can have a voice on how the money will be spent.

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