[VIDEO] Students show they know more about Justin Bieber's arrest than the State of the Union address

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  • Only one student watched the address.
  • Students guessed Obama spoke about raising the minimum wage "by force," said "something about teachers."
  • Multiple students at George Mason University revealed they know more about Justin Bieber’s recent arrest than what President Obama spoke about in his State of the Union address.

    The Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph visited the Fairfax, Virginia school and asked students if they knew what Bieber had been arrested for and what Obama had said in his address.

    Few knew the president had spoken and fewer knew that it was the State of the Union address.

    WATCH: Students reveal they know more about Bieber's arrest than the State of the Union address

    “I think he was probably talking about…maybe…the situations on [sic] Syria,” one student said.

    The student admitted that he had watched the State of the Union address last year but he had been bored and didn’t bother to watch this year’s.

    Other students guessed that Obama had talked about raising the minimum wage “by force” or had said “something about teachers.”

    “I go to George Mason pretty frequently for these types of videos but this trip was more depressing than usual,” Joseph told Campus Reform. “Typically there are at least a few students that I talk to that are informed and knowledgeable on the news item that I'm asking about. But this time, there was only one guy who had actually watched the speech. Everyone else either didn't know that the State of Union address had actually occurred or had heard about it but didn't have any idea what issues the president spoke about.”

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    Sterling Beard

    Sterling Beard

    News Editor

    Sterling Beard is Campus Reform's News Editor. Previously, he worked as an Editorial Associate at National Review Online and a Staff Writer at The Hill.

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    @jhill7697 - 26 min ago

    @campusreform @K_Schallhorn black folks bought into the lies. And still are.

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    Boise State University revises speaker policies after student pressure http://t.co/DCZLuh6TOo via @campusreform

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    @_EricCJohnson @CalebBonham @FoxNews @campusreform And we thought the dumbing down ended in Public sewer schools>guess not.

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    "The first assignment basically condemned my demographic (white male)." http://t.co/7tLGovtbur via @campusreform

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    @campusreform CAMPANHA ajude O Time19 Sub11 no Campeonato Paraense de FUTSAL 2014 / 2ª FASE. http://t.co/qoh8znRZTA

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    @CalebBonham @campusreform @LettyBurgin @John_Thrasher . Come on cobservatives. Let Sen. Thrasher know that we stand behind him.

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    Had a great time on @foxandfriends this morning talking crazy college classes and @campusreform #BetterWithFriends

    Caleb Bonham
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    Watching @CalebBonham on @FoxNews talking about stupid college classes as reported by @campusreform. Does college still mean anything?

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