University policy will force students to wear trackable identification at all times

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  • Policy instituted after rash of vandalism and break-ins by people not associated with the university.
  • Failure to wear ID could result in "disciplinary action, student judicial action or removal from University property."
  • A new policy at Tennessee State University (TSU) will force students and faculty to “wear and display” official identification badges — complete with tracking technology — at all times on campus or risk punishment.

    As of March 1, being caught on campus not wearing the new ID “may result in employee disciplinary action, student judicial action or removal from University property,” according to a release published by the school.

    The chips in the cards track who is entering different buildings, according to an article published on News Channel 5, a local news source.

    The school is providing clip-on badge holders and lanyards to help students and faculty comply with the new policy, which also applies to off-campus school events.

    Officials say the new policy is in response to recent vandalism and break-ins attributed to people not associated with the school.

    “Our primary concern is always to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students, employees and visitors,” said Curtis Johnson, associate vice president for Administration.

    TSU did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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    Dee Healey TN4Trump
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    @campusreform Liberals need to learn how to discuss issues! Not everyone has to or will agree.

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    @ArtemisGordon1 @campusreform If Purdue decides to fire Newman, they have every right to do so.

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    @ArtemisGordon1 @campusreform Nobody's freedom of speech is being violated.

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    @campusreform only the progressives are allowed free speech on campuses thru - out the US

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    @gilycham @greenbergae @shim_rational @yitzyy @campusreform Really after they bulldozed the parents house? Such nice ppl they are.

    Bills Folly
    @2centsfrmBill - 31 min ago

    @campusreform Liberal students want to ban Ben&Jerry’s from campus BDS against Israel. Camel testicle kabab, Lefty?

    Dave Coffman
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    @campusreform typical university professor, even if he's the "professor of dance"

    Gina Chambers
    @gilycham - 38 min ago

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    @campusreform While defending a practice which sacrifices human life when at its most vunerable and innocent. What a top bloke!! #auspol

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