Obamacare to force Northwestern U. to buy maternity coverage for its football players

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  • Coverage includes spouses and families.
  • Northwestern University will have to pay for maternity coverage for any of its football players who enroll in Obamacare.

    Northwestern became the first school in the nation to deem its players full-time employees last Wednesday. Because the school team has more than 50 employees, it also qualifies as a “large” employer, and therefore must offer pregnancy-related care to the all-male team, according to an article in Rare.

    As full-time employees, the team will also be able to vote on whether or not to unionize.

    “In the world President Obama lives in, college football teams are now unions, and the government is paying for maternity coverage for 18-year-old boys,” Nebraska senatorial candidate Ben Sasse said in a promotional video called “Pregnant Football Players.”

    “It might be funny if it were not such a blatant attack on the American idea of a private sector,” it continues.

    The coverage includes spouses and their families.

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