Student paper portrays crucified Christ as joint smoking Obama supporter

Caleb Bonham

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A controversial cartoon published in The Miami Student, the oldest campus newspaper in America, portrays what appears to be the crucified Jesus Christ as a pot smoking Obama supporter in Friday’s editorial section.

The comic, authored by student Chris Curme, was meant as a critique of Oxford Ohio’s Miami University Greek system. The art mimics a Christ-like figure, with a marriage equality tattooed wrist, wearing an Obama v-neck tee while a spear representing the university’s Panhellenic Association is stabbed into His ribs.

Three stakes, labeled F, S, and B, for the Farmer School of Business, nail Him to the cross. A sign at the top of the crucifix reads “G.D.I.,” slang for “God-Damn Independent,” a person who is unaffiliated with a Greek organization.

The crown of thorns reads “Over 21 — Brick Street,” a reference to the Brick Street bar, the self-described biggest bar in Oxford, Ohio. A ticket advertises a show at the same bar for “Barabbas!”

The Christ figure is also portrayed smoking what appears to be a joint.

In the background, university president Dr. David Hodge plays the role of Pontius Pilate and declares that he washes his hands of the deed.

A hand casts lots for Christ’s clothes with dice labeled A,S, and G for the Associated Student Government.

“Miami, Miami — why have you forsaken me?!” reads the caption.

“I think it’s just poking fun at students at the school in a very distasteful way. There was no incident that provoked this,” one Miami student told Campus Reform.

Curme, in a post explaining the comic, clarified it "[i]n no way is it meant as a critique of religion."

"In fact, the individual on the cross is deliberately not Jesus, because that would make no sense," Curme writes.

"As the letters on the cross indicate, he is a G.D.I. Please, consider the piece for its social implications."

The Miami Student newspaper, in a tweet about the controversial cartoon, denounced claims that the image is religious in nature.

“Today's cartoon reflects ARTIST'S opinion of Greek system by using religious allusion-is not religious critique-doesn't reflect views of TMS.”

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Caleb Bonham

Caleb Bonham


Caleb Bonham is the Editor-in-chief of Campus Reform.

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