Poll: Youth say American Dream unobtainable

Lauren Clark
Arizona Campus Correspondent

More than half of young adults ages 18-34 say the American Dream is impossible to achieve, according to a new CNN Money poll.

The figure reveals a total of 59 percent of respondents found the American Dream impossible, while 63 percent thought they would be worse off than their parents.

With student loan debts hitting the $1 trillion mark and the youth unemployment pushing 16.1 percent, many young adults have dismal views on their future prospects.

Economic mobility expert, Erin Currier, says this response from young people has a clear connection with their current realities.

“The pessimism is reflective of the financial realities a lot of families are facing. They are treading water, but their income is not translating into solid financial security,” said Currier.

In an attempt to help the students with looming college loans, President Obama is expected to issue an executive order on Monday, capping loan repayments to 10 percent of the borrower’s income.

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Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark

Arizona Campus Correspondent

As a Campus Correspondent, Lauren exposes liberal bias and abuses at Arizona’s colleges and universities for Campus Reform. Lauren is a junior studying journalism at Arizona State University and is working towards a joint-four year bachelor's and master's degree with a minor in political science, and an emphasis on business reporting.

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