VIDEO: Students shred Social Security cards to receive in-state tuition offered to illegal immigrants

Gabriella Morrongiello

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  • Campus Reform asked out-of-state students at UVA and UMD if they would be willing to give up their U.S. citizenship to become “undocumented students.”
  • Out-of-state students at both universities pay nearly double in tuition than what in-state students and illegal immigrants pay.
  • As recently as 2014, illegal immigrants in 22 states are eligible for lower-cost, in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.

    While students residing illegally in states such as California, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia are eligible for in-state tuition, legal immigrants, international students, and U.S. citizens continue to pay out-of-state tuition, often costing several thousand dollars more.

    For instance, out-of-state tuition at the University of Virginia (UVA), a public institution in Charlottesville, Va., ranked second highest in the nation in 2013, according to Daily Progress. The annual cost of tuition for out-of-state students attending UVA is currently $36,720, more than double the in-state tuition rate of $10,016 offered to Virginia residents. Similarly, tuition at the University of Maryland (UMD), a public university in College Park, Md., costs out-of-state students $20,145 more annually.

    Campus Reform asked out-of-state students attending UVA and UMD–both of which offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrants–whether they would consider renouncing their U.S. citizenship to become “undocumented students” eligible for in-state tuition.

    WATCH: Students shred their social security cards, become "undocumented" for in-state tuition

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    Gabriella Morrongiello

    Gabriella Morrongiello


    Gabby Morrongiello is a White House reporter for the Washington Examiner. Previously, she served as a Campus Correspondent, where she wrote stories about liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform. She graduated from George Washington University with a degree in political science and journalism. 

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