Prof tells class only 'a chump' wouldn't protest Ben Shapiro

  • A sociology professor at the University of California, Merced recently told students that anyone who doesn't join him in protesting Ben Shapiro is "a chump."
  • Calling Shapiro a "white supremacist" and a "fascist," the instructor predicted that the protest he is organizing will eclipse even the riot at UC-Berkeley, boasting that "people are going to remember Berkeley fondly."

A sociology professor at the University of California, Merced is urging students to protest a conservative journalist Ben Shapiro ahead of his upcoming event in February.

The professor, identified by multiple students as sociology lecturer Fernando Cortes Chirino, repeatedly accused Shapiro of being a “white supremacist” and a “fascist” while urging students to oppose Shapiro’s schedule appearance on campus in February.

"If you sit by and treat this like a non-thing, you are a chump."   

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“This fascist is going to come to come to UC Merced in February because the College Republicans on their own were able to raise over $40,000,” the lecturer told students in an audio recording obtained by Campus Reform.

“As a professor at the UC’s most diverse campus…we are going to start organizing some kind of protest and welcoming committee for these assholes,” he continued. “I just wanted to let you all know that the fascists are coming.”

In his call to students, the professor urged demonstrations against Shapiro, arguing that those who decide to “sit by” are “chumps” for not opposing the conservative speaker.

“Now we get to see your character,” he said. “If you sit by and treat this like a non-thing, you are a chump. The way you act now is the way you act in the future. If you stay in line now, you will stay in line in the future.”

Chirino also warned that the slated event is likely to spark widespread demonstrations against Shapiro, implying that the effort will eclypse the violent protest that engulfed the University of California, Berkeley’s campus when Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to speak there earlier this year.

“I think, there is going to be a lot of organizing because we’ve already been talking not just on campus, but off-campus to community,” he said. “I have a feeling, if this happens, Berkley is going to be…people are going to remember Berkley fondly.”

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In a separate audio recording obtained by Campus Reform, the professor also asserted that while he would not be willing to debate Shapiro, he would be open to an MMA-style fight with the conservative commentator, telling students that he would enjoy popping Shapiro’s shoulder “out of his socket.”

“I am completely down for this charity match,” he said. “Oh I am completely down with that. I got all day. I wouldn’t enjoy ripping this fool’s shoulder out of his socket? Oh my god, you all don’t know. You all don’t know. For charity!”

Harry Duran, President of the UC-Merced College Republicans, condemned Chirino's remarks, warning that advocating violence against guest speakers and labeling Republican students as “white supremacists” ultimately “destroys the fabric of our intellectual space.”

Neither Chirino nor the university have responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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