A Thanksgiving “toolkit” created by the University of Colorado Boulder provides “talking points” and “conversation guides” for students on the Dakota Access Pipeline, environmentalism, and Native American-themed school mascots. 

Celine RyanNov 17, 2018

"If we were using a dartboard analogy, it hit the wall and fell to the floor.”

Adam SabesNov 17, 2018

"[R]eligious student organizations should be free to choose their leaders..."

Mason McKieNov 16, 2018

"[C]reating a campus climate of inclusion is necessary..."

Celine RyanNov 16, 2018

"Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often framed as a time to be thankful. However..."

Celine RyanNov 15, 2018
Screengrab:YouTube/Fox News

[I]t remains unclear what impact college administrators and faculty could have had...

Grace GottschlingNov 15, 2018

“To dislike Acosta’s and CNN’s reporting is President Trump’s prerogative, but..."

Grace GottschlingNov 15, 2018

[T]he university is a signatory of a policy “which condemns administration policies..."

Kenneth NelsonNov 15, 2018

"I'm writing to let you know how sorry I am..."

Marissa GentryNov 14, 2018
Screengrab: YouTube/History Channel

"[W]e must focus on our strengths, prioritizing those programs that best help the communities..."

Grace GottschlingNov 14, 2018

"[T]he course 'examines the history of gender in video games...'"

Blair NelsonNov 14, 2018

“The goal...is to help educators recognize and disrupt systems of oppression by helping to foster and create equitable learning environments."

Adam SabesNov 14, 2018

The Michigan State Department is investigating Schoolcraft College for potential campaign finance violations...

Kenneth NelsonNov 13, 2018

“Stereotypical and racist portrayals of Native peoples fill U.S. elementary schools..."

Andrew LawrenceNov 13, 2018

"We're taking them because they're inaccurate."

“[H]ate speech should not be protected..."

Megan OlsonNov 12, 2018
Screengrab: YouTube/Fox Business

An Ivy League university is hosting a lecture on “racism” and “sexism” in the Trump era.

Kenneth NelsonNov 12, 2018

"Some may interpret as an intention to endorse violence."

Arik SchneiderNov 12, 2018

“Distributing published materials in...classrooms...is prohibited.”

Megan OlsonNov 09, 2018

"Tolerance is a two-way street."

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