A school-supported organization at the University of Cincinnati shared a video on its Facebook page claiming that the national anthem is racist.

Kevin Fairchild Today at 3:53 PM EDT

Ohio State University is expanding a course on “microaggressions” taken by the student who wounded 13 people in a terrorist attack on campus in 2016.

Toni Airaksinen Today at 3:24 PM EDT
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Temple University prof Marc Lamont Hill wished Assata Shakur, a convicted murderer and wanted terrorist, “safety and protection” on her 71st birthday.

Grace Gottschling Today at 2:56 PM EDT

A New York university was found guilty by the state Supreme Court of denying a student due process during disciplinary hearings “devoid” of facts.

Grace Gottschling Today at 12:34 PM EDT

Biology professor Heather Heying argues that viewing men as "inherently toxic" merely for being male is a form of “toxic femininity.”

Grace Gottschling Today at 10:00 AM EDT

A Seattle University professor says debating whether "unconscious bias" deters women from entering STEM fields is like "debating if the Earth is flat."

Toni Airaksinen Today at 7:25 AM EDT

Members of the Yale Law School community are pushing back against attacks on alumnus Brett Kavanaugh following his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Grace Gottschling Jul 16, 2018

Professors at Johns Hopkins University are petitioning the school’s president to “end the partnership of Johns Hopkins University with ICE.”

Zachary Petrizzo Jul 16, 2018

Professors from universities across the country are joining a petition demand that Microsoft end its partnership with ICE.

Grace Gottschling Jul 16, 2018

The University of Minnesota is considering a new policy that would mandate the use of “preferred pronouns” under threat of expulsion or firing.

Nikita Vladimirov Jul 16, 2018

An associate dean at a Texas university claims that the election of Donald Trump is responsible for an uptick in microaggressions on college campuses.

Toni Airaksinen Jul 16, 2018

A Campus Reform survey of the official SUNY Albany events revealed that the school only hosted two conservatives last year. 

Matthew Noyes Jul 13, 2018

Ever since the Campus Correspondent program launched in 2014, it has been a smashing success.

Sterling Beard Jul 13, 2018

Antifa groups across the country are calling the GOP lawmakers “fascists” for proposing the “Unmasking Antifa Act.”

Nikita Vladimirov Jul 13, 2018

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is condemning KU's “superficial” response to the controversy over a desecrated American flag flying over campus.

Grace Gottschling Jul 12, 2018

The University of Kansas has moved a paint-spattered American flag from a prominent flagpole to a publicly-funded art museum on the same campus.

Grace Gottschling Jul 12, 2018

A new Stanford University study warns against claiming that “girls are as good as boys at math,” saying this may “unintentionally perpetuate bias.”

Celine Ryan Jul 12, 2018

ADF is urging Fresno State University to reveal the results of disciplinary actions against a student who vandalized pro-life fliers on campus.

Mason McKie Jul 12, 2018

Students, faculty, and alumni say they are “ashamed” that Yale Law School congratulated Brett Kavanaugh, a 1990 alumnus, on his SCOTUS nomination.

Emily Hall Jul 11, 2018

Major universities are pledging to continue their affirmative action policies after the Trump administration rescinded federal support for the idea.

Grace Gottschling Jul 11, 2018

The University of Kansas is flying a blackened American flag on campus that is intended as a commentary on “the current political climate.”

Grace Gottschling Jul 11, 2018

A Marquette University student was expelled after coming forward to apologize for accidentally sharing a photo that sparked fears of racism on campus.

Zachary Petrizzo Jul 11, 2018

Cal Poly is looking to initiate dozens of “diversity” projects in an effort to decrease the percentage of white students on campus.

Nikita Vladimirov Jul 11, 2018

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has now given out $57 million to help colleges “advance inclusive excellence in STEM.”

Celine Ryan Jul 11, 2018

A federal court has ruled in favor of a student accusing the school of violating his due process rights during an ongoing sexual assault investigation. 

Cory Compton Jul 10, 2018

The AAUP is urging its thousands of members to challenge campus free speech legislation, which it calls “problematic” and “unnecessary.”

Toni Airaksinen Jul 10, 2018

SJP is demanding that Tulane University forego partnerships with Israeli universities because it would alienate Muslim and Palestinian students.

Grace Gottschling Jul 10, 2018
Practitioners of

Portland State University is hiring a professor with experience in “reproductive justice" activism, but denies that this entails supporting abortion.

Toni Airaksinen Jul 10, 2018

UMass-Amherst has agreed to lift restrictions on the location and duration of speech to settle a lawsuit brought by a conservative student group.

Zachary Petrizzo Jul 09, 2018

Activists are protesting Northeastern University’s multi-million dollar research grant from ICE, calling the affiliation “irresponsible and immoral.”

Grace Gottschling Jul 09, 2018
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