The Harvard University Medical School has removed portraits of former department chairs from a lecture hall because they are not sufficiently diverse.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 15, 2018

A new study finds that lack of submissions, rather than editorial bias, is to blame for the lack of academic articles by female scholars.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 15, 2018

UConn says a Muslim professor retired after complaints that he required students to remove their shoes and say “Bismillah” before entering his office.

Grace Gottschling Jun 15, 2018

A conservative student claims that Kent State University is covering up for student cadets who falsely reported her to campus police for having a gun.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 15, 2018

The University of Michigan failed to follow proper procedure when it abruptly closed a Title IX probe into allegations of anti-male discrimination.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 15, 2018

A professor of human rights law claims that Venezuelans are “better off” because of Hugo Chávez and are currently enjoying “free and fair” elections.

Grace Gottschling Jun 15, 2018

Cornell is considering “enhanced” penalties for misconduct that is “motivated by bias” in an effort to make campus more “diverse” and “inclusive.”

Celine Ryan Jun 14, 2018
Riot police face off against Antifa protesters at the height of the disruptions at Evergreen State.

Bret Weinstein warned Congress last week that Evergreen State is just the most visible example of a despotic progressive “cult” on college campuses.

Cory Compton Jun 14, 2018

Liberal speakers outnumbered conservatives at Indiana University, Bloomington last school year by a margin of 11-to-1.

Marissa Gentry Jun 14, 2018

Two professors argue in a newly published anthology on “feminist nutrition” that “athletic performance” and “longevity” are simply “Western values.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 14, 2018

Students at Ball State University are suing the school after officials allegedly denied funding to an organization because of its pro-life views.

Autumn Price Jun 14, 2018

A new survey reveals that students overwhelmingly demand due process protections, but aren't getting it at most top colleges.

Grace Gottschling Jun 13, 2018

A report put out by USC frets that film critics are “largely white and male,” advocating strict racial and gender quotas to solve the "problem."

Celine Ryan Jun 13, 2018

After repeatedly insisting that a First Amendment lawsuit endorsed by the DOJ was based on “mistaken premises,” UMich has revised its speech policies.

Grace Gottschling Jun 13, 2018

After heavy pressure, Georgetown University Law School is no longer publicly urging students to donate “time and money” to left-wing activist groups.

Zachary Petrizzo Jun 13, 2018

Despite radical activism, including fasting, Swarthmore College has announced that it will not jeopardize its endowment to fight global warming.

Matthew Stein Jun 13, 2018

Louisiana has officially become the 10th U.S. state to pass legislation protecting free expression on college campuses.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 12, 2018

A Columbia University professor claims that conservatives’ belief in “natural law” is leading to a “radical theocratization of the Constitution.”

Matthew Penza Jun 12, 2018

College students are outraged that the Supreme Court wouldn't force a Christian baker to cater a gay wedding, but what if the roles were different?

Cabot Phillips Jun 12, 2018

Hobart and William Smith Colleges will offer a women’s studies course next year exploring topics such as “feminist nutrition.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 12, 2018

The Department of Justice has filed a statement of interest in a lawsuit challenging the University of Michigan’s controversial speech code policies.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 11, 2018

Northeastern University’s director of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies demands that men “step away” because “we have every right to hate you.”

Grace Gottschling Jun 11, 2018

The University of California recently highlighted a study claiming that opposition to welfare programs is a direct result of “white fear.”

Celine Ryan Jun 11, 2018

A sociology professor at UT-Knoxville recently argued that calls for diversity of thought are, in fact, “a Trojan horse for white identity politics.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 11, 2018

Syracuse University is under fire for issuing lengthy suspensions to 16 students who took part in an offensive fraternity skit earlier this year.

Grace Gottschling Jun 11, 2018

Boston University's official calendar shows that it hosted just three conservative speakers during the 2016-2017 school year, compared to 34 liberals.

Shannon Golden Jun 08, 2018

After a lengthy legal battle, two Christian colleges have won a lawsuit seeking a religious exemption from the Obamacare contraception mandate.

Sandor Farkas Jun 08, 2018

Oral arguments began Thursday in a lawsuit accusing the University of Minnesota of “illegally procuring and using human fetal tissue for research.”

Grace Gottschling Jun 08, 2018

Princeton University offers male students a bi-weekly discussion group about how to “dismantle the institutional privilege that men enjoy.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 08, 2018

Conservative students are accusing Baylor University of intentionally stalling the recognition process for a group they are trying to establish.

Grace Gottschling Jun 07, 2018
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