Campus Reform rounded up five of the most outrageous instances...

Grace GottschlingDec 18, 2018

"Voicing of perspectives...without social penalty is integral to a healthy society"

“It produces organizational dysfunction...”

Grace GottschlingDec 18, 2018

"It looks like policy. It is NOT policy."

Adam SabesDec 18, 2018

Earned badges do not carry any college credit.

Celine RyanDec 18, 2018

“He’s been standing up for his First Amendment rights every day since"

Celine RyanDec 17, 2018

"Institutions have a responsibility not only to promote a lively and fearless freedom of debate...but also to protect that freedom..."

Adam SabesDec 17, 2018

"When diverse faculty members teach underrepresented students, these students achieve at significantly higher rates."

Sergei KelleyDec 17, 2018

Both the AMCHA director and the student group believe that this is a matter of academic freedom.

Cory ComptonDec 17, 2018

The course will cover topics such as “transcendental primitivism,” “modernist orientalism,” “chocolate women on the edge..."

Matthew PenzaDec 15, 2018

"A new model for, addressing diversity..."

Cory ComptonDec 14, 2018

"This fails to pass Constitutional muster"

Rob ShimshockDec 14, 2018

“Doing [yoga] for the physical reasons is okay…but not using it as a cultural tool.”

Emma MeshellDec 14, 2018

"Ridiculous façade of an excuse"

Adam SabesDec 13, 2018

“Most colleges impose burdensome conditions..."

Cory ComptonDec 13, 2018

An extensive Campus Reform investigation found several contradictions.

Grace GottschlingDec 13, 2018
(Photo Credit: YouTube/Move Silent Sam)

He contrasted the protests at UNC with the uprising experienced at his own former institution, Evergreen State.

Adam SabesDec 12, 2018

“So what happens the next time..."

Adam SabesDec 12, 2018

"It’s a totally different time now."

Cabot PhillipsDec 12, 2018

"People just don’t say that people made terroristic threats..."

Ben McdonaldDec 11, 2018

"Students and faculty members should feel freer..."

Adam SabesDec 11, 2018
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