Professional engineers are expressing befuddlement over unsubstantiated scholarly accusations that the field’s licensure exam is biased against women.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 17, 2018

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is opening a new clinic that caters exclusively to “transgender health.”

Celine Ryan Aug 17, 2018

Yale University has bestowed its highest faculty honor on a professor who just a few years ago was nearly driven from campus by student protesters.

Emily Hall Aug 17, 2018

A UCLA research institute has issued a report estimating that "strict" voter ID laws could disenfranchise about 78,000 transgender voters.

Celine Ryan Aug 17, 2018

UMN has removed a disclaimer from its LGBTQ program “Tongues Untied” that instructed non-LGBTQ and racial minority “allies” not to attend.

Grace Gottschling Aug 17, 2018

A rhetoric course at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs features reading assignments that describe Trump supporters as loud-mouthed bigots.

Grace Gottschling Aug 16, 2018

The UC-Davis Humanities Institute is running a multi-year research initiative regarding “Racial Capitalism,” but has yet to actually define the term.

Celine Ryan Aug 16, 2018

Twitter has recruited a team of professors to fight “intolerance” and promote “healthy conversation” among users.

Stone Washington Aug 16, 2018

This fall, students across the country will attend courses on “Queering the Bible,” “Queering Childhood,” “Queering Theology,” and similar topics.

Celine Ryan Aug 16, 2018

The journal behind the viral article on “rape culture” in dog parks has been unusually quiet amid mounting concerns that the article was a hoax.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 15, 2018

Vanderbilt University has quietly changed the name and description of a workshop that accused “white women” of "fake allyship."

Celine Ryan Aug 15, 2018

A Harvard University professor says universities should not give “respect or deference” to Trump administration officials.

Grace Gottschling Aug 15, 2018

Two professors speculate that women in engineering are less likely than men to pass a professional license exam due to “biases in the exam itself.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 14, 2018

A recent academic journal articlealleges that Asian Americans indirectly help promote “meritocracy” in STEM, thus “perpetuating racism.”

Zachary Petrizzo Aug 14, 2018

Three researchers recently created a psychological survey to help therapists gauge how often atheist clients may suffer from microaggressions.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 14, 2018

Quinnipiac University has removed Matthew Fantastic Loter from its website after the professor allegedly assaulted a popular YouTuber.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 13, 2018

The University of New Mexico has banned a professor from conducting fetal tissue research after finding that she violated university policy.

Grace Gottschling Aug 13, 2018

President Trump has signed the new National Defense Authorization Act, which bans funding for Chinese-run Confucius Institutes on American campuses.

Grace Gottschling Aug 10, 2018
Image via Flickr (Andrew Rusk;

The University of Arizona will pay Noam Chomsky $62,500 per year to teach a general education course for undergraduates titled “What is Politics?”

Cory Compton Aug 14, 2018

A recent survey finds that most sociology professors agree with “Marx’s dictum to change the world” and that “sociology should transcend oppression.”

Toni Airaksinen Aug 13, 2018

Professors of subjects such as Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies earn significantly more than those that teach subjects like math and science.

Celine Ryan Aug 13, 2018

The academic journal article on “rape culture” in dog parks is still selling for $260, despite editorial concerns about the integrity of the piece.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 13, 2018

A College of Charleston professor received a Fulbright grant to research “reproductive justice activism” in Ireland.

Celine Ryan Aug 13, 2018

"Oberlin College sought in October 2017 to pay students $8.50 an hour to become “Social Justice Education Facilitators,” who would be dispatched across campus to facilitate workshops on social justice issues."

Toni Airaksinen Aug 10, 2018

"At the end of the semester, if the student completed the specific work they said they would, at the satisfactory level, they receive the grade they planned to receive."

Celine Ryan Aug 10, 2018

A former professor and Antifa activist has avoided jail time for beating multiple Trump supporters with a metal bike lock at a 2017 free speech rally.

Grace Gottschling Aug 09, 2018
Image via Twitter: @BerkeleyUAW2865

The UC-Berkeley student workers’ union staged a sit-in Tuesday to demand higher wages, free tuition, and financial support for illegal immigrants.

Grace Gottschling Aug 09, 2018

The AAUP and the entire Ivy League have sided with Harvard University as it faces a lawsuit challenging its affirmative action policies.

Celine Ryan Aug 09, 2018
Loter sporting a shirt with the popular Antifa slogan

A Quinnipiac University gaming professor allegedly assaulted a popular YouTuber at an Indianapolis bar for being an outspoken critic of social justice.

Toni Airaksinen Aug 08, 2018

A Virginia Commonwealth University student is campaigning to push the Young Democratic Socialists of America even further to the left.

Zachary Petrizzo Aug 08, 2018
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