UConn has decided to restrict public access to Wednesday’s speech by Ben Shapiro, and is offering counseling to students offended by his views.

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 23, 2018

Republicans may be having more luck escaping blame for the latest government shutdown, at least according to students at New York University.

Cabot Phillips Jan 23, 2018
Western Michigan University offers guidelines to help students

Western Michigan University encourages students to avoid the terms "mothering" and "fathering" in order to keep "gender bias" out of their writing.

Noah Mickel Jan 23, 2018

While pro-lifers were celebrating the 45th annual March for Life Friday, one professor took to Twitter to express her disgust with the movement.

Bradley Devlin Jan 23, 2018

Students at UT-Knoxville recently launched a new group to fight “culturally defined masculinity” because it can “hurt our boys and men.”

Toni Airaksinen Jan 23, 2018

A University of Illinois professor was arrested Monday night for allegedly filming the school's unofficial mascot as he was using the bathroom.

The University of Arizona Women’s Center is encouraging students to fight for “reproductive justice” by joining the school’s Planned Parenthood club.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 22, 2018

A former St. Catherine University student is accused of attempting to burn down the school in retaliation for U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 22, 2018
Image via Facebook: Tiger Town Observer

Over Christmas break, vandals lashed out at the school’s conservative student newspaper, strewing torn-up copies on the ground nearby.

Mitchell Gunter Jan 22, 2018

More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy’s mission to support “viewpoint diversity” and “free inquiry” on campus.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 22, 2018

Some individuals resorted to threats and vandalism when the University of Washington College Republicans hosted an event discussing the DACA program.

Mitchell Gunter Jan 22, 2018

Princeton University is offering students up to $10,000 to run “conversation” events on topics of “identity and difference.”

Matthew Penza Jan 22, 2018

A Harvard Law School professor recently criticized supporters of the #MeToo movement for failing to uphold “principles of basic fairness.”

Toni Airaksinen Jan 22, 2018

A student group blasted UC-Berkeley for trying to “take credit” for student-led efforts to support an illegal immigrant student detained by ICE.

Celine Ryan Jan 19, 2018

UCLA is determined to fight global warming by slapping fees on its own air travel.

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 19, 2018

A judge has rejected Pierce College's argument that it should be able to restrict free speech to just 0.003% of campus.

Tyler Cochran Jan 19, 2018

Campus police escorted two Trump supporters from USC's campus when a mob threatened their safety following a gubernatorial town hall.

Sandor Farkas Jan 19, 2018

Columbia University students and professors are calling for a boycott of a local bookstore after it issued a statement affirming Israel’s right to exist.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 19, 2018

A new report argues that the “believe the victim” mentality is compromising “the integrity of our entire legal system.”

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 18, 2018

A team of professors recently blasted K-12 textbooks for their “superficial” and “tokenistic” portrayal of women and racial minorities.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 18, 2018
An iconic mural on Notre Dame's campus reflects the school's Catholic affiliation.

An alumni group says it would be “hypocritical” for Fr. Jenkins to attend the March for Life after ND's recent reversal on contraceptive coverage.

Sandor Farkas Jan 18, 2018

California politics may prevent the Citrus College rocketry club from attending NASA’s annual Student Launch Competition in Alabama.

Anthony Gockowski Jan 18, 2018

Former Communist Party USA member Angela Davis appeared at Florida State University Tuesday to deliver a speech trashing the Trump administration.

Genesis Sanchez Jan 18, 2018

Washington State University pays “Peer Educators” $11/hour to host social justice workshops, but so far Halloween costumes seem to be the only target.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 18, 2018

A course at Salisbury University in Maryland is using a “Pyramid of White Supremacy” to help teach students about diversity and “cultural competence.”

Kassy Dillon Jan 17, 2018

The keynote MLK Day speaker at St. Olaf College used the forum to rail against “anti-democratic” conservatives and advocate for divestment from Israel.

Kyle Hooten Jan 17, 2018

One of Harvard University’s oldest sororities has been dismantled by its own members following threats of sanctions from university officials.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 17, 2018
Image via Twitter: @anthonyzenkus

A Columbia University lecturer recently came to the defense of socialism by blaming capitalism for both world wars and “centuries of slavery.”

Nikita Vladimirov Jan 17, 2018

Pro-life activist and College Republicans leader Brooke Paz took first place in the voting for Campus Reform’s inaugural Higher Ed Heroes competition.

Campus Reform Staff Jan 17, 2018

Following criticism of the recent proliferation of "fat studies" courses, many colleges have begun quietly cutting the classes from their curricula.

Toni Airaksinen Jan 17, 2018
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