UNC-Charlotte, Planned Parenthood sponsor new 'Sex Week'

  • UNC-Charlotte, along with outside organizations like Planned Parenthood, is co-sponsoring the school's first-ever "Sex Week," featuring events like “f*** like your life depends on it” and “cookies and condoms.”
  • Other events scheduled for the week of February 18-23 include "Talk Dirty To Me," billed as a "student conversation about sex," and a discussion of the "stigma" of "slut shaming."

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte will soon host its first-ever Sex Week, featuring events such as “f*ck like your life depends on it” and another with “cookies and condoms.”

The weeklong series of events, taking place from February 18-23, will be sponsored by several university departments, including the Title IX office, the Student Government Association, and the Multicultural Resource Center.

"Stations will be set up for you to explore condom use, from learning their history to putting them on dummy objects."   

In addition, several outside organizations, including Planned Parenthood, are also listed as “partners or sponsors.”

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The week will kick off with a “student conservation about sex” called “Talk Dirty To Me,” where students will have the opportunity to ask “questions about sex you may not feel comfortable addressing with adults,” with the description noting that “no topic is off limits.”

Another discussion will focus on fighting the “stigma” of “slut shaming,” where Lecturer Kelly Finley will speak on the “practice of criticizing women for engaging in behavior judged to be sexually provocative.”

The program also includes several "intersectional" identity-based events, such as a "Friendly Peer Training & Queer Q&A" intended to help undergraduate students "walk away with a better understanding of the queer population," and a presentation about "Black Women and Sexuality in Literature."

The highlight of the final day is the “F*** Like Your Life Depends On It” event hosted by Professor Tierney Lorenz, who “often examines the intersections of sex and sexuality, physical health, and mental health in women.”

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“For example, can a woman’s sexual proclivity have an affect on how her immune system responds to challenges?” the teaser asks, elaborating that Lorenz “also plans to discuss how studies measure sexual arousal and orgasms in a lab setting.”

One hour later, there will be a “Cookies and Condoms” event where “stations will be set up” for students to “explore condom use, from learning their history to putting them on dummy objects.”

According to its website, the “Sex Week UNC Charlotte” group was founded by four students last fall, and is intended “to encourage an environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and talking about sex.”

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